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Are you ready for some football?


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Vikes will go with a rookie long snapper and traded for the place kicker from Baltimore.

This after incumbent Dan Bailey had some...dubious practice kicks:

"Bailey has yet to have a perfect camp practice, missing at least one field goal each outing. He missed two field goals Sunday, hitting the right upright from 47 yards away and pushing the next attempt wide right from 48 yards. He went 5-for-7 on the day, all with Beebe holding.
Bailey, a ninth-year pro, was escorted off the practice field Sunday by a team spokesman and was not made available to reporters. An interview with Wile, who confirmed he did not hold Sunday, was quickly shut down by a team spokesman."

Being 'escorted off the field' has a very ominous sound to it.

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The Pats are a mixed bag this year. We've got some talent on the offense, and a lot of the defense stuck around, but there have been a ton of changes, and we'll really have to see how it all shakes out. Without Tom Brady passing to Gronkowski, my fandom for the team has waned, but I'll still be watching, most of the time.


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Interesting and probably good for the Chargers to go with an experienced starter as backup with Tyrod Taylor than a just drafted deep round rookie. Otherwise, Gordon staying out gives more attention to our running backs which aren't so bad.


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Every year the Pats make chicken salad from chicken feet. How much more can they get out of Edelman as the #1 receiver? (as I don't know who any of the other receivers will be this year :))

Sony Michel and James White were huge for the Pats last year, with Sony as a standout surprise. Belichick will find a way to win with whatever leftover chicken parts he has on the bench, but Brady could use a new WR/TE.


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Reports are Luck's calf is screwed up worse than expected. I'm hoping he decides to pull the plug before one of these injuries leaves him crippled.

AB lost his helmet appeal, before it came out said piece of equipment has had some illegal customizing done at some point which means it didn't meet safety standards before the NFL upgraded. All of which makes me think Gruden's strategy isn't going to be any more effective this year.
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