ArM 5 shot in the dark

've been wanting to try Ars Magica for years but could never find a group. I know this is a long shot but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone here is willing to run/is running an online game and wouldn't mind having a greenhorn as a player (I've already tried the official Atlas forums and got nowhere). I have read the 5th ed corebook cover to cover and listen to the games from folktales podcast religiously, but I couldn't justify buying a bunch more of the books, since I never got a chance to use them. I do have a fair bit of experience with white wolf systems though, which are fairly direct descendants of Ars

As far as the historical angle; I am a history major and a theology nerd so that stuff does interest me and I have some background, but the Middle Ages was never my primary area of interest (I prefer the 60s, as you can probably guess from my screenname) so I don't know enough to get super pedantic about it either.

As far as timing, my schedule's pretty open currently, as school is out for the summer, but I will probably have to drop out when term starts again on August 21. I realize that may be prohibitively short time frame but, again, it can't hurt to ask, right?

Oh, and, also, I'm a trans woman. I know that won't matter to most people and it kinda came out of nowhere, but I figure better to bring it up now than spring it on people later.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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I have played Ars Magica before and would like to play again with you. I too dislike the medeival period for magic, and the 1960's sounds cool to me. I am in Eastbourne Sussex in the UK. Where are you? Would you like to play by skype?
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