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Art of 'unattractive' and kickass women!


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Because it was admittedly phrased awkwardly, as sort of touched on in the first and sixteenth posts (as well as a few others).
Or, alternately: that's not a Boolean "and." :p

Back on topic, I could swear I found a few images that fit. But now, I can't recall where they were. So here's a steampunk orc. Whether or not she qualifies should be left up to the viewer's discretion. (I'd trust the artist with my three-eyed ladies, anyway.)
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You can fight like a Krogan, Run like a Leopard but you'll never be better than Commander Shepard...

Keep in mind that everyone wears form fitting armor in ME and this looks like the "light" variant intended for Biotics, Engineers and the like, not the heavy stuff worn by Soldiers.
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