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Artist galleries

Ed Cha

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Is it possible to have a sticky thead with links to all of the artist galleries? This would be of great help. Direct links would be nice. I find intros a bit annoying and prefer immediate connections to sample art.

fil kearney

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I think that would be something cool for the rpg.net supporters.. If you area member, you can add your gallery to the "supporting artists" sticky?

I've procrastinated becoming a member for a long time. Even the idea of a "members only" sticky I could be a part of made me sign up.

-- more support to rpg.net
-- immediate accessibility for potential clients to peruse the members' portfolios

If we do it this way, lifetimers should be listed first, followed by annual members.
within that separation, I think folk should be listed in order of "member since" dates. posts are artificial.... the member since date shows true longevity.

What do the Mods think about this? would RPG.net support this officially?

it could be done separately for publishers, writers, and other categories I can't think of.

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Certainly a human
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I'll sticky this thread for that purpose just now, unless admin decide otherwise :)


3D/Cartographer Guy
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I am available for freelance work. Some examples of my work can be found here:

My Gallery
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Jason J. McCuiston

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I don't know if I'd call myself a newbie, but I'm certainly not an "Old Pro". But I'll stick my stuff here for as long as they'll let me:D .

I tend to do mostly B&W interiors, more out of time constraints than anything else, but I do have some color pieces in my portfolio. See them all here:




Noel Murphy

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Been about for a couple of years and I too am still waiting for that elusive cover work. Links below

btw eric your work says "I'm awesome" in a loud voice
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