Atlanta, GA - Mage - GM - Seeking a couple more players


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Play Location/Method: Face to face, in Atlanta GA (Marietta or Chamblee area, depending on which house we wind up playing at most).
Game/System: Mage: the Ascension Revised
Player or GM? GM
Time/Frequency: Once or twice a month, depending on player availablility, on Friday or Saturday nights. Starting sometime within the next month, hopefully.
Genre: Gritty, plot-heavy, low combat, investigation-type game set in modern London with flashback mini-chronicles to earlier historical eras that are involved in the plot.
Current needs: 1-3 more players to round out my current group and spice up the group dynamic of a set of four people that have been playing together for a while now.
Accept Drop-In Players? No
Accept Spectators? No
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): Your characters are members of a proactive chantry in central London, seeking to use the post-Reckoning lull in the Pogrom to make some headway on forwarding their paradigms amongst the sleepers. This makes them the obvious choice for all sorts of missions that the other mages in the area would rather not be associated with. Yet is this the only reason why your characters are involved in these plots, or are you fated to repeat the past if you can't remember it?

Count Spamula

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I am possibly interested. I admit once a month is more attractive to me than twice...but I at least would like to try it and get a flavor for the group and have never had the chance to do a table top mage game before.

What is the starting character level? Standard or something else?

Count Spamula

Bringer of Anvils
Please note

I do not consider myself a 'drop in player' I merely want a chance to get a feel for the group. Obviously, if there are personality conflicts (something that rarely happens I feel) then I would be most interested in a long term campaign.
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