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Hi! My name is Marzio, I’m an emerging author from San Marino (an ancient independent republic inside of Italy) and a member of a small italian label called Acchiappasogni.
The label produced some game in the last years, two of which in both italian and english (Musha Shugyo, Darkmoor). Today I’m here to spread some news about
Augusta Universalis, my first full successful Kickstarter project with more than 300% founding with the Italian-only Edition, soon on Kickstarter again for its first internataional english edition!

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"A Common Leap of Greatness"

Augusta Universalis comes from a successful Italian KS, and it’s going to be launch internationally on 15 April 2019.
It’s a game about the Roman Empire in an uchronia (alternate history) in which it never fell.
Thanks to early alien contact, the Empire could improve its technology and reached the stars, colonizing the solar system.

We play in the year 2771 a.U.c. (2018 CE).
The Empire controls Earth and has colonized the solar system. The technology helped the Empire to stand several attacks from enemy aliens.
A new syncretic way of thought, called Logos, extinguished the religious wars.
The entire Empire is controlled by a council of Caesars from all over the world —they compose the Imperial Senate, ruled by an Augustus chosen by the previous emperor.
You play the Praetorians, an elite body of soldiers equipped with a Technolorica — an advanced biomechanical implanted armor.

The Empire use groups of Praetorians to repress rebellions and fighting the enemies from the space, some of which are terrifying and sinister.
Each Technolorica is composed of Systemata, pieces of technologies and tools that you will choose, according to your style of play.
It is also important the place in which you attach the Systemata into the armor: changing the Assectum of your Technolorica can change the boosts you have to the actions — from attack mode to defend or to support...

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Two are the main menaces the Empire is standing, one internal and one external.
The last emperor leaves two sisters and they are struggling to become the Augusta: Anastasia Eracliade is the rich and powerful Caesar of Byzantium, allied with the Soviet Tsarist Empire; in Rome, Livia Akiko Augusta, originally from the Chrystanthemi Empire, has gathered support from the techno-theocracy of Kaiser Otto from the Holy Roman Empire.
Both sisters are using their most faithful Praetorians to lead political missions and trying to obtain power.
Meanwhile, from the depths of the Cosmos, the Dark Thrones appeared: they are nightmarish, gargantuan creatures that bring death and destruction.

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Augusta Universalis uses Dark Destiny 2.0 system, the same engine of the Italian tabletop rpg Nights of Nibiru!
The system has been designed to support the Demiurge (the Storyteller) and helps him or her manage the adventure of the Playing Characters.
The engine is light and quick, focusing on the depiction of actions.
The Tests works with three key questions: what do you do, how do you do it (this will help the Demiurge to choose the appropriate Virtutes Attributes and Peritiae Skills for the roll, based on the Player's description), and why do you do it (the Player can use many extra resources from emotional traits, trainings and backgrounds, to get bonuses of various kinds).
The sum of Attribute, Skill and the result of two eight-sided dice will give you a degree of success or failure, avoiding to be stuck in the middle of the action: each degree gives the Demiurge suggestions and rules to impact the fiction in the right way!

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In this way, players will have real mechanical advantages from their descriptions and will be encouraged to make the game more enjoyable and immersive for themselves and for everyone else at the gaming table.
Beside the Character Sheet, you will have the Technolorica’s Tabula Systemis, an additional play aid on which you will place the Systemata (in poker cards format) freely — creating various Assecta and boosting your power.
The Systemata are fully customizable thanks to the Emblems System, a bunch of “runes” that represent micro-effects: you can put together different Emblemata to achieve different effects.
Last but not least, you will be able to feel the inner conflicts of your character thanks to the specific Attributes of Logos, Pathos & Deimos, using them to get many mechanical bonuses or maluses too!
If you want more news about the game, comment this post and I will glad to give you all kind of information. ^_^
Thank you for reading this!

Please, feel free to enjoy our Free Quickstart Guide: your opinion on the game is very important for us!
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