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Austin, TX - Mutants and Masterminds 3e - Earth Prime Needs Heroes!

Jim Hague

Foreign Agent
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The Pantheon Is Dead!
One year ago, the world's greatest heroes sacrificed their lives to end an invasion from beyond the stars. The destruction of the aliens' ships unleashed strange energies across the globe - the Silver Storm. In its wake, a new generation of powerful, dangerous superhumans have emerged - the Stormers.

Now new heroes must rise, for the threat of the Storm and its pawns remains. But the Storm isn't the sole threat facing the once quiet Emerald City - super-powered gangs, a distrustful public, deadly secrets hidden for decades, and the menace of SHADOW all threaten the peace and safety of the citizenry!

Are you prepared to take up the awesome power...and awesome responsibility of the Pantheon's LEGACY?

We're looking for some heroes to join an ongoing Mutants and Masterminds campaign in Austin, Texas! We meet on Friday nights around 6 and play until 11.
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