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Austin, TX - various - GM/Player - seeking players/new group

Tom B

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Play Location/Method: North Austin, Cedar park, Pflugerville, Round Rock area

Game/System: Open to suggestions. If I'm GMing, probably CORPS, Torg, Exalted, HARP, Harnmaster. If I'm playing, pretty much anything.

Player or GM? In our current group, we have two primary GMs. Both are more than willing to take a break and play for awhile, though. Alternately, if there is an existing group with one or two openings for players or GM(s), I would definitely be interested in talking to you.

Time/Frequency: We meet every other weekend on Saturday at about 4 pm-10/11 pm, and Sunday from noon to about 6 pm. This way we have every other weekend free. If joining another group, contact me. It would need to be on or near the weekend.

Genre: Various. In our current group, likely fantasy or SF. We tend towards rather cinematic/epic campaigns, but definitely not monty haul. We prefer long-running campaigns rather than one-shots or short scenarios.

Current needs: Either a new player or two, or a game to get into.

Accept Drop-In Players? Preferably no, but we have in the past.

Accept Spectators? Not too many as space is limited, and contact first.

Short description of the setting/campaign: We're actually somewhat between campaigns at the moment, and so would be open to discussion with new players. I'm likely to start running a Torg campaign soon, but our other GM is still discussing what we would like to play. We're currently leaning towards SF, in a galactic-scale setting.

For additional information, we are a small group, currently four players (35-40). We would like another player or two. Alternately, one or two of us are willing to explore the idea of splitting off and joining a new group.

PM me if you would like to know more, or if you have any suggestions.
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