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Autochtonian Dragonblooded


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Instead of them being competition with the Alchemicals, why not make them an earlier draft that Autocthon resurrects (with a few changes) after the Locust Crusade begins (or any of the major adventures at the end of Autocthonians resolve positively for Autocthon) as supplemental forces for Autocthonians. Of course, Autocthon is mightily surprised to discover they re-emerged amongst the reach dwelling tribes.

Or perhaps the spawn of Noi (above) are a protoype run.

Whatever the case, we need a better name than Autocthonian Dragon Blooded though.


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I like the idea of them becoming a new subversive element. Sure they aren't as powerful as an Alchemical, but they're soon going to be more numerous. They start out (Perhaps in Nurrad, as someone suggested), and multiply, acting as good citizens, but their naturally more powerful nature soon sees them relegated to similar roles to Alchemicals. Soon enough they are trying to subvert important roles. Gain access to the Vats to start bringing the Alchies into their sway...

And then they rebel and create a nice little aristocracy of their own. And soon one nation is under their control, and they're sending out agents to others to spread their righteous need to rule.

Or perhaps they are seen by the general populace as being impure. Or they tried a rebellion and failed sometime in the distant past. As such when someone Exalts, they get sent out of their nations... And either die or find other outcasts to band together with. Eventually founding their own nations. Smaller, but they've been breeding, and literally everyone but some of the newest outcasts of mortal blood have DB (OR perhaps we should change the name, Mechanical Blood) in them. And at least their craft charms enable them to survive more easily...

They've enslaved tribes of Gremlins in some cases, others try to remain true to their roots. Both are powerful. The former less numerous in 'Bloods' but they have the advantage of their Gremlin Allies (They also tend to have a disproportionate number of Smoke Castes). The latter more bloods and tend to be more similar to mainstream society.

Secretly, the leaders of the nations in Autochton know they are out there. And they dread the coming of them, as they're unsure they can withstand their onslaught should the 'tribes' band together. Thus it becomes the Moonsilver and Soulsteel's secret duties to hunt the more charismatic leaders down... and make sure they don't unite them.

A final twist on the above would be: What if the real leaders of the Tribes are Adamant Caste Alchies. They keep the tribes small, but they support them all in preparation for something only they know...

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Possible names:

Forge blooded is cool sounding and about right. I want to say 'fire blooded' or Acid Blooded. That sort of thing. Vitriol is already assigned as something else, sadly. Forged works.

So, so far:

During a war between the 8 Nations, a poorer nation (Nurrad fits) develops Forge Blooded as an answer to Alchemical Construction. With the help of some of the more fecund/creative sub-gods.

Their procreation is strictly limited. They're fed contraceptives and bred like beasts. Still life finds a way. Because of the war, they've spread to most of the nations.

They get ideas above there station/rebel due to cruel treatment and are almost wiped out because of it. A fair few escape to The Reaches. Stricter taboos about god-bloods are put in place, and the unlucky few Forge-Blooded who exalt in one of the Nations are instantly taken to a vat a mechanised/made slaves/akuma'd.

The escapees form tribes of their own, using their superior power. Over time, the Great Tribes become unique and distinct as the Houses in creation, and stark contrast to the order of the Nations.

The Alchemicals strive to wipe out the free-forged from existence, claiming that unbound forged are a threat to Autocthon itself.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, the Smoke Forged do jobs for their Adamant masters, keeping the machine god save in their own, special way...

Crunch wise, I'd say an extra Essence battery for the Bound Forged Blooded, and DB style character creation rules. Lost Egg style character creation for the Tribes, but they have their freedom..
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This all looks great, but as was mentioned at the beginning it needs a wiki page so thoughts and final results can be better organized.

Also prior to seeing the post about a better name, "Machine Blooded" popped into my head and it didnt sound too bad, well just thought I'd throw it out there in case..

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Glamourweaver said:
Well actually we know that his Souls are not Elemental Dragons, but he does have some further down the Divine Chain of His Being. All indications are that Autochthonia doesn't have 6 Top "Elemental Dragons" like Creation's Five (who may or may not be Gaia's Souls).

I imagine that the "Dragonblooded" (though they don't call themselves that) of Autochthonia arose by members of Terrestrial Bloodlines being taken with the original human mortals into Autochthonia. Most of those who would have Exalted did not in this alien environment lacking the elemental essence they're alligned to, but some adapted. Those closer to the elemental poles (i.e. those in the Reaches) changed over generations until they adapted to the elemental essence in abundance around them and Exalted to channel that power instead.
But, come on. man.



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*-Blooded makes the Dragon-Blooded analogy obvious, but it's not the only choice.

"Children" or "Born" can fit too.

I like "Machine Children," though some might have a problem with calling full-grown warriors "children."

Forgeborn? Heirs Of The Forge?

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Lord Kelvin said:
*-Blooded makes the Dragon-Blooded analogy obvious, but it's not the only choice.

"Children" or "Born" can fit too.

I like "Machine Children," though some might have a problem with calling full-grown warriors "children."

Forgeborn? Heirs Of The Forge?
I get too much Thief: The metal age form Machine Children (which might or moght not be a bad thing.

And as much as I like Frogeborn it sound like something created in a forge and so would far better suite alchemicals.
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