Avengers: Endgame Trailer # 2


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To me, it really doesn't give away much more than the previous one did.

Does feel like there might be a couple time jumps during the movie.

Qwa'ha Xahn

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I honestly liked the first one better. The black and white and red thing felt a bit... artsy for the sake of being artsy. I do think Hawkeye might end up being a real standout in this one. And I love that little half smile Larson does as Carol. Really looking forward to how she plays with everybody.


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so, apparently even marvel trailer have post credit scenes now.... but I like this one

two small points:
- a young female bow shooter? will we see a new Hawkeye?
- Jeremy Renner in mohawk/punkish look seems quite ironic to me - if I remember correctly he tends more to the conversative site of the political spectrum


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I LIKE how this trailer in itself feels like a continuation of the first one.

the first one seemed to wallow in its bleakness, until scott shows up at the end.

now you have this one, where things are still grim, but now there's determination to stand up, and make reality Tony's words from so long ago

"We may not be able to protect this world, but we can sure as hell avenge it."


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That is pretty good and also interesting in that everything is about gearing up to do something, but not really even a clue about what they then do.


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I understand what they are doing with the trailers, but these trailers don't really excite me as previous Marvel or Avengers trailers. I think they are being way way too coy about the whole thing.

Granted, I am most excited for the Godzilla 2 trailers, but they provide a lot more reason and action and *&^% Yeah moments. I understand they don't want to give things too much away in the trailer, but give us some more especially now that Captain Marvel scenes are out of detention.

I am going to see the movie, but these trailers seem to me to be more perfunctory than actually excitement generating.

Qwa'ha Xahn

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Watched it a few more times and I’ve changed my mind. I like this one too.

Man! I might actually do an opening night showing on this. Only ever done that for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. It took a literal lifetime of anticipation to get me to do that for those movies.
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