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B/X Misadventures: Fellowship of the Bling Volume II


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Volume 1 of The Fellowship of the bling may be found here


A few months ago my gaming group asked, "what would happen if The Lord of the Rings occurred in Gary Gygax's basic/expert dungeons and dragons." The answer is that it is dangerous, exciting, brutal, triumphant, and sometimes tragic.

Dozens of incredible adventures have already occurred, so if you are new to the Fellowship of the Bling, click the above link and avoid spoilers and begin the adventure.

The link goes to the part in the thread where the Fellowship begins, so just scroll down a couple of posts and you will find the first entry.


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B5: Return Again To The Horror On The Hill Part 1
A real nasty dungeon from Douglas Niles and TSR

The Fellowship of the Bling is:

Strider--Thief1. 6 HP
Gandalf--Magic User 1. 5 HP
Merry--Halfling 2 11 HP
Arwen--Elf 1. 8 HP
Eowyn--Cleric 1. 4 HP
Thorin Oakenshield--Dw1 6 HP
Saruman--Magic User 1. 4 HP
Fatty Bolger--Halfling 1 2 HP
Archade--Warrior Retainer. 6 HP
Umbru-Katu--Charmed Ogre. 21 HP

Gandalf's Treasury: 4,231 Gold

Next Morning, Gandalf, Fatty, and Archade return with 4 live goats. Umbru-Katu is already famished and grabs one of the goats by the horns--snapping its neck and rending it with claws and teeth. The feast is disgusting to behold and most of The Fellowship looses their appetites for the morning's Lemba bread, though Fatty Bolger remains un-phased and spreads a hearty jam all over his Lembas.

They spend the next three days in the Abandoned Garrison Quarters allowing Umbru-Katu to recover. The gnawed wounds on Umbru-Katu's forearm and thigh scab over and heal well. (Umbru healed back up to 20 HP)

"How long do you think the charm will hold up?" Gandalf ask.

"With a lummox like this one it could easily be a month or longer. " Saruman responds.

The Fellowship then returns to the Ruined Monastery, moving through dining room, library, and into the garden chamber. They pass quietly into the secret room, moving quietly through the corridor near the Hobgoblin guardroom.

An Ogre rounds the corner and stops short when seeing Umbru-Katu and the Fellowship standing in the corridor. It's mouth goes slack-jawed and it lets out a confused groan.

"Hit him, Saruman!" Gandalf yell.

The Fellowship moves into defensive position as Saruman speaks the words of dominance. The Ogre's big, saucer-shaped eyes go wet and soft. It looks at Saruman and Umbru-Katu and knows that it has found true friends. 125 XP

And then the door to the Hobgoblin guardroom opens--two goblins investigating the chanting and rattle of mail outside the door.

"Bree-Yark!" The Goblins bark. "Bree-Yark!"

In the Gaurdroom, Goblins and Hobgoblins scramble for weapons and charge for the corridor to deal with the intruders.

Enjoy Part 2 of B5: Return Again to the Horror on the Hill (and a really big fight) tomorrow...
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1 Lone, wandering ogre.
1 successful Surprise Roll
1 1st level Wizard with a charm spell

That's pretty much all you need for a wild weekend in Vegas.


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Whoo hoo! New thread. I can see Saruman has great plans for his army. Almost ready to storm Rivendell, errr...Mordor. Right, Mordor.

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Mostly making this post just to make sure I can easily follow the thread, but I have to say:

Mailer, this is the best thread I've seen on RPG.net to date. It inspired me to pick up Adventurer, Conqueror, King. It helped me appreciate the high-lethality, paranoia-ridden, dungeon-crawl, while at the same time, somehow, helping me appreciate the higher-powered, tactical-combat systems of later editions of D&D (by giving me something to compare them to, and showing me a thorough, accurate example of their heritage).

Also, thanks for the tips on speeding up play: the card system you described in the original thread was particularly inspired.

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Wow 2 ogres. I have never seen such majesty in action. If I were them I would go on a cocky rampage straight for that dragon at the bottom.

Best adventures ever. Hats off.
...Mailer, this is the best thread I've seen on RPG.net to date. It inspired me to pick up Adventurer, Conqueror, King. It helped me appreciate the high-lethality, paranoia-ridden, dungeon-crawl...
Quoted for truth. You also prompted me to buy ACKS for the exact same reason, and I'm very excited for my upcoming game using random dungeons.
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