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Bajjutsu Master as a parlor larp combat mechanic?


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For those of you interested in non-live-combat larps...

Daniel Solis just invented a new game called Bajjutsu Master.


It's sort of like a modified rock paper scissors game. But with a heck of a lot more room for interesting strategy and tactics. At least, it looks like you could do a lot more with it. I haven't tried it out yet.

Check it out. See what you think.

I think there's definitely a strong possibility that this would make a very fun parlor game combat mechanic.

And it seems like it would scale up to multiple people really well, which is something most non-live-combat systems handle poorly.

Of course, if you were using it for an larp game, you could tweak it a little. Start people with slightly different numbers of hit points and either exactly 1 or a limited selection of special moves. Like you could give one character more hit points but no special powers at all. And you could give another one really good special powers to use but fewer hits. Things like that.

Check it out. I think there's a lot there, given how quick and simple the game is.


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Don't know about it being a LARP-effective system but it looks fun.


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I played the game with my son and some other cub scouts this past weekend during a campout. They had a good time with it.

We added a penalty if you mess up and throw the same pose twice - lose a hit point and your pose has no effect. They all agreed it was fair and made sense.

Which leaves room for another technique - the ability to throw the same pose multiple times in a row. You could have it as a single technique, or one technique for each type - one that let you threw as many Attacks in a row as you wanted, for example. I haven't tested to see how those balance, but they seem not to be totally out of whack.

Though I suppose you can't let someone do unlimited Blocks, or they could just turtle and it would be dumb.

The key to the game seems to be successfully blocking a charged attack. At least in small games, that's pretty key. If you pull that off more often than your opponent while keeping your attacks going, you win. If you waste a block or two when your opponent is not attacking, you lose. Which is fun. It has everything that's good about rock paper scissors, but with a much stronger tactical element.

And the rather strong possibility of a double KO is an interesting outcome that would have interesting ramifications for a larp mechanic design.
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