Barsoom-esque RPGs


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Hollow Earth Expedition has a mars book coming out (Revelations of Mars), with luck this year. Not enough info as to how "Planetary Romance" it is, but I've already used the system for a Carter'esque style game and it works realy well.

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I ran a few adventures based on John Carter of Mars using Adventure!
Mind you, I would try to run anything with Adventure! Pulp, contemporary action heroes, low level supers, planetary romance.
I still haven't had a chance to run a western using Adventure! :)
I have. Works just fine and dandy (though the general genre level is roundabouts Silverado rather than Tombstone). :)


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Savage Mars is designed to be exactly that. I own a (pdf) copy of it, but haven't run a game with it. It seems like a fine effort to me.
I might suggest you try the D20 version of this.
I've heard multiple negative reviews of the Savage Worlds conversion.
The fluff seems like its good stuff though. I'm suspecting it plays better in the original D20 version


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I would use a tasty melange of FATE-powered Starblazer Adventures + Legends of Anglerre. Everything you could possibly need, plus you could stop *2* bullets with the books if they're doubled up like that!


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There is Space 1889 and Slipstream for Savage Worlds. Though, Slipstream is more Flash Gordon than Barsoom and Space 1889 is more steampunk.

Pulp Hero and Space Hero both have some brief notes for running sword and planet games.


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If you want something cheap, there is always the pdf version of Under the Moons of Zoon.
I've downloaded it and, imo, not perfect, it is easy to 'port over to your favorite system. I'm slowly working on bringing it over to BotA.
If you need to spend money for a hardcopy, you can buy it from LULU. I don't know if there is any changes in the print version from the pdf. I'd love to know it anyone has the print version and can tell me if there are any changes.

Edit: sorry but the first link does not seem to be working correctly. Do a google search for, 'Under the Moons of Zoon' and if will bring up the link.
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