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 [Baseball, Ray] Welcome to the 2019 Season!


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So, Washington let failed wunderkind Bryce Harper slip through their fingers into free agency, where he found his way to hated division rival Philadelphia, who are possibly the chief threat to their hope of making it into the wild card game so they can claim to have made it into the playoffs this season. Now they have acquired relief pitcher Hunter Strickland, whose local 15 minutes of fame consists of hitting Harper with a pitch in order to start a bench-clearing brawl, which incidentally brought to an abrupt end the dwindling career of local fan favorite Michael Morse. Strickland's ERA this season is *checks* 8.71, which puts him below even the Nats' dismal bullpen average of *checks again* 5.90.

I can only assume that the team isn't interested in Strickland's conventional pitching abilities at all, and that they have brought him on as some sort of secret weapon against Harper.


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At this point the Braves should just have their starters pitch all nine innings. Even if they get tired, they probably can't do any worse than the bullpen has of late.

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Would Maddux work as a pitching coach, or was he mainly drawing on winning the genetic lottery in his ability to locate pitches and keep people off balance?
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