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What are some different approaches taken to basebuilding in Pnp RPG's? I really only know d&d 4e (and just reading the books and experimenting myself) but there are a lot of things I don't like about it--one of which is how players basically become gods. I'm sort of interested in having players gain political power or other alternatives.


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Take a look at Reign - it has an abstracted stat system for organizations, including political organizations, rating them in Influence, Territory, Sovereignty, Treasure, and Military, on a 0-5 scale (except for Sovereignty, as that largely represents internal cohesion). It doesn't really focus on basebuilding in the architectural sense, but political power and the like is built right in.

As for the PCs becoming gods that's pretty much a D&D quirk. Most other games have much flatter progression, and while there are some where they effectively start as gods (Exalted, Mythender, Nobilis) the range starts at well below your typical human and puts the highest concentration in the general action-hero pulp-hero range.


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There are several rules for bases in the Faction system in Stars Without Number, which is a free OSR game.
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