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Basic Fantasy Hexcrawl - Interest?

King Hellfire

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In having a blast in OMG's AD&D game here, and that awoke my old DM-ing urge. So I thought about an old fashioned hexcrawl with OSR rules (Basic Fantasy is as good as any, and it's free - available here). Wondered if there was any interest?

A little about my DM-ing style:

* I don't go overboard with worldbuilding, we do it together as we go along
* Some background is established by players in chargen - if you tell me your character is a member of the King's Rangers, then she is, the King's Rangers are now an established fact in the world, and it's reasonable to assume therefore that there is a King.
* If you play a cleric, don't ask me who the God of War is, tell me! Similarly, if there are 2 PC clerics and they worship different Gods of War, then that is also established fact in the world.
* After chargen, each player gets to state 3 truths about the world. The other players (including me) can veto this with a majority vote
* Once characters and facts are established, THEN I will do my DM bit and sketch out more of the world, prepare a map and populate some hexes and dungeons.
* I use reaction, loyalty and morale tables A LOT and expect you to have henchmen and hirelings on the go.
* And I like to start campaigns in media res.

I'd like 6-8 players. Interested?

King Hellfire

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Oh yes, I'm in the British Summer Time zone if that makes a difference to anyone, and I think 1 IC post a day (excluding weekends) is reasonable.


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I now want to play in a campaign wherein each PC is a cleric of a different god of war with the mission of stopping a massive jihad brewing under the auspices of a heretic god of war.

Hrm. Probably won't get that game, but mark me down as tentatively interested nonetheless.

Game document says 3d6 for each attribute. Do you want those rolled in order. It also has hp rolled. Do you want that your some variant of max/average hp? Are we starting at level 1? (you mentioned henchmen and the like).

Dwarf or Human Cleric would be my preference. Though a Dwarven Cleric/Thief if such a thing were allowed would be tempting.
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