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Basic Fantasy Hexcrawl - Interest?

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My third world truth: In aeons past, the elves felt threatened by the newly encountered human race, who came seeking conquest from unknown lands. Tapping into the sorcerous powers of their demon patrons, they created the halflings and imbued them with an insatiable sexual desire before setting them upon the human invaders to inter-breed and contaminate them. The later creation of the dwarves by the halflings was merely an unforeseen result.


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Mimond Ard, 3rd level Neutral Magic-user

Str 12
Int 11
Wis 9
Dex 10
Con 10
Cha 5

Starting gold Starting gold x 10: 3d6 10 100 gp

*1st level spells (cast 2/day): Read Magic, Sleep
*2nd level spells (cast 1/day): Web

Spell rolls: http://orokos.com/roll/747147: 10#1d6 4 4 1 2 2 3 6 4 4 4 So, interpreting your rules, it looks like I only get my first two spells? I'm not quite clear on how you wanted that to work.

*2 daggers
*50' rope
*One week iron rations
*5 flasks of oil
*3 small sacks
*tent, small
*5 sheets of paper
*pony, named Gertrude

7 gp
HP roll:: 2d4+4 7
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