Battle royale of the sword & sorcery RPGs!

What is your favorite sword & sorcery RPG?

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Bruce Redux

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Other: Fate Accelerated, Risus, or Over the Edge, with a particular emphasis on OTE 3rd edition for its emphasis on the quality of the character being tested in play.

Of the listed options...Modiphius Conan, most likely.


Yoritomo Tsuma
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I like various BRP/Mythras/Percentile Systems for Sword and Sorcery the most. If I was going to keep it super light or one shots Barbarians of Lemuria is good, just not enough crunch for me for long term campaigns. Followed by various OSR possibilities for some of that old school feel, but normally if going to crunch i prefer the BRP/Mythras choices.


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MOD EDIT: Link goes to The Code of Warriors and Wizardry on DriveThruRPG.
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Homo Ludens
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From the pits of oblivion I hereby summon Sorcerer and Sword, Atlantis: The Second Age and Elric!/Stormbringer 5e.


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I also voted for Elric/Stormbringer and Sorcerer and Sword (even better with Dictionary of Mu). And also Trollbabe, which I think my be overlooked, but is the perfect sword and sorcery game.


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BoL. Career system is amazing, and I love that you can get "Tower of the Elephant" Conan and "Ill-Met in Lankhmar" Fafhrd and Grey Mouser as starting characters out of the box.
Another good reason why I voted BOL.
With a little work you can also play Dying Earth with BOL IMHO.


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I voted for DCC but now I think I should have picked other for Sorcerer and Sword plus The Latter Blue Tome of Amaxathroth the Cursed. The latter supplement (which is free on Drivethru) is the closest rpg material to Clark Ashton Smith's work I have ever read.
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