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BBC America Greenlights "The Watch", a Discworld TV Series


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Peter Capaldi as the Patrician.
He’d be good. He’d be very good.

But if I’m casting an ex doctor it’s got to be Tennant. He’s done enough villains now that he’s got an Oh Shit aura when he’s on the screen being even vaguely menacing, and he can get the Vetinari Snark in too, while still being basically a good ruler.
There's a lot of roles in this show that would be perfect for Doctor Who stars. How about John Barrowman as Carrot? Or Freema Agyeman as Angua?


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Let's not forget this isn't the first time some of these roles have been cast. Charles Dance made a superb Vetinari in Going Postal.


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I would nominate Christopher Eccleston. He's played both heels (Claude in "Heroes") and heroes (oh c'mon, do I have to say it?), and Vimes at his best is a bit of both. He also can pull off a weathered, not too pretty appearance that would be ideal for Vimes.
Iain Glen could work as Vimes, but putting him in another fantasy production might cause too many GoT associations.
I wanted to nominate the first, but both would be excellent!

It's a shame Charles Dance is getting a bit old, he'd be great to reprise his role as the Patrician (he did the best version, IMO).
He never looked quite like Vetinari should, but in every other conceivable way I must agree.
(and he would be the one with the problematic GoT associations, IMO)


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so many iconic characters, so many difficult choices... but ok, one time I will get used to it that my head cannon for book characters always differs from the move/series adaption...maybe...

it's almost as if it's different medias

still, casting speculations are fun. Some ideas:
Charles Dance would be actually not that far from my image of vetinary. Maybe too tall and broad shouldered.
Carrot certainly is one of the most difficult characters...you need someone reasonable young, physical impressive, but not too concious of his body, who can be very open and genuine friendly. Maybe one of the MCU Chrises could work (Hemsworth / Evans, although they are a bit old already and are way out of the scope of a BBC production)
what about Detritus? for me he is a part of the core team. One of the Thanos or Hellboy actors + CGI?


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Honestly, y'know who I think could do a great Vimes?

Idris Elba.

Just don't let him shave for a couple of days, and there you go.

(Admittedly, this may fall into the 'too pretty' category, but Idris Elba is still great).
Exactly who I was thinking would make a great Vimes
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Idris Elba is too tall,muscular and good looking for Vimes. There wouldn't be enough of a contrast with Carrot. You need someone wiry, someone who really looks like they missed too many meals as a kid and have been beaten up every week of their working life.

Getting away from the main cast, for either Lupine Wonse or Drumknott, how about Tom Hollander?

Though that makes me think of The Night Manager which brings me to Hugh Laurie as the Patrician. Ideally with cameos from Stephen Fry's Ridcully.


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Carrot I think needs to be someone with charisma, but also a decent physical actor - someone who can adopt the physical mannerisms of a dwarf (habitual slight stoop even once he's out of the mines), transition into an Honest Copper, then drop into The Once and Future King (and back again) when appropriate.


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I'd be a sad if they glossed over the early days of the Watch- I can understand skipping Guards, Guards! (Dragons are expensive) but Men at Arms is legit one of my favourite ever books and I'd love to see it on the screen.

That and Vimes' principled down and out routine is priceless.
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