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[BBC TV] Being Human

Five Eyes

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He seems to be the only flatmate who doesn't have to live with his problem 24/7.
Pretty much just the transformation. George is pretty uniformly more hampered by his perception that his curse precludes a normal life than he is by the curse itself.

He gets more personal-use mojo out of being a man of faith than he does from being a werewolf, in terms of "utility in dealing with supernatural issues*"

* Read, vampire issues**
** Read, things which are probably*** Mitchell's fault
*** Read, definitely


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Or the 'So shit it was never aired' American version of Ultraviolet
Which was still probably better than the "So Shit It Never Aired" American version of Spaced.

Haven't caught Series 2 yet, being both American and without Cable, but I loved the Pilot and the First Series.

And yes, George is one of the best werewolves evar :D
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