BBP/UP OSRIC™ Hardback (SECOND Printing)


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BBP/UP OSRIC™ Hardback (SECOND Printing)

Wichita, Kansas and Everett, Washington—28 June 2012: Black Blade Publishing and Usherwood Publishing are pleased to announce that the SECOND PRINTING of the Black Blade Publishing/Usherwood Publishing OSRIC™ hardback is now in stock and available for ordering.

The Old School Reference and Index Compilation, or OSRIC™, is the first retro-clone published in the old school renaissance movement, and clones the rules of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ First Edition game published by TSR, Inc., in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Initially released in 2006, OSRIC was one of the first retro-clones to hit the gaming scene and garnered a great deal of attention from the larger gaming community. OSRIC paved the way for other retro-clones such as Labyrinth Lord™ (retro-clone of the Moldvay Basic/Expert D&D™ game) and Swords & Wizardry™ (retro-clone of the original 1974 Dungeons & Dragons™ game).

This SECOND PRINTING is a case-bound hardback release of OSRIC and contains the latest version of the OSRIC rules - version 2.2 - and has fixed all currently-known errata.

Gold Piece (GP) values have also been added to the tables in Chapter 6, “Treasure.”

In addition, the Black Blade Publishing & Usherwood Publishing imprint of OSRIC includes these features:

- Eleven new full-page, black & white illustrations from artists such as Peter Mullen, John Bingham, Peter Fitzpatrick, Peter Smzer, Brian Thomas, Steve Robertson, Mark Allen, and Jim Holloway.

- An expanded, four-page OSRIC index, developed by Jason Zavoda.

- An Index of Tables, also developed by Jason Zavoda.

- Heavy, 70# grade of interior paper stock, giving the OSRIC hardback a 3.1 lb. heft.

- Cardinal (red), 80# endpage stock, giving OSRIC an old school finishing touch.

Retail Price of the 400 page hardback is $26.00 USD.

Monsters of Myth

We’d also like to mention that we have copies of Monsters of Myth, a hardback book of over 150 new monsters designed by the authors, editors, and supporters of OSRIC to enhance your old school gaming adventures. Monsters of Myth also features new monsters designed by Stephen R. Marsh (creator of the classic ixitxachitl and sahuagin aquatic monsters). Monsters of Myth is a 128-page, case-bound hardback and retails for $29.00 USD.

OSRIC First Print $5 Off Sale

Lastly, we still have a supply of OSRIC first print hardbacks with which we’d like to pique your interest. These are brand new, never been used OSRIC hardbacks from the first print run that we did in 2011. The first print OSRIC hardbacks have sold for $26.00 for the past year. With the release of the second print hardbacks, we’re reducing the price of the first print hardbacks $5.00, for a retail price of $21.00.

All orders for first print OSRIC hardbacks will include a copy of the latest errata incorporated into the second printing, as well as a reprint of the entire Chapter 6 “Treasure” from the second printing. That’s a great price for the first print OSRIC hardbacks as it’s below our cost!

To order, please contact Black Blade Publishing by emailing Jon Hershberger at to arrange your order (and, yes, we’re still having issues with our online store processing payments and calculating accurate shipping charges—gah!—so please contact us by email).
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