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Best Chase Scene Mechanics


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I'd have to second the old TSR Indiana Jones RPG, it had really nice mechanics and a rather cool chase flow diagram with nifty random encounters and obstacles!

It was pretty swift and easy...



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WEG d6 Star Wars, 2nd Edition has some good rules for vehicle chase scenes. It takes into account the types of manuervers a character might take as well as a nice set of mishaps if a roll is failed, which can make it easier for a slower pursuer to catch up to a faster "runner".

Mishaps include things like losing slight control, getting in a slight to major crash, having to fight to stabilize the vehicle and takes into account speeds over certain types of terrain.

The rest of the rules work well to support foot chases as they cover things like climbing/jumping, stamina checks and similar movement abilities, based around the base movement rate.


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Savage Worlds uses an abstact positioning system where relative positions change every round based on card draw, but long-term goals (i.e., losing your pursuer) happen based on an accumulated number of successes.

I like the system a lot, because the constantly shifting positions really capture the essence of a good chase scene where everyone is constantly shifting around--the bad guys get close, the good guys turn a corner and throw them off for a round, "oh no! they knew a shortcut and are waiting for us!" kind of a thing. I ran a great chase scene in my sci-fi game that was essentially the forest speeder scene from Return of the Jedi, with the serial numbers scratched off and a few extra mechs. It worked great.
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