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Best introductory game for 11 year-olds


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It's been over a decade since I did any gaming. Now we are thinking my son and some of his friends might be interested in playing something like D&D with me DM ing.

What would be a good introduction game that's easy for 11 year olds. Could be a mixed rpg / board game with focus on fun over rules. Is there an entry level D&D.

My son has aspergers and one of his obsessions is Zelda so most likely he'd want to play something that looks like Link so anything that allows this to easily happen would be great.



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There is an excellent Starter Set for D&D 5th Edition. it includes pre-generated characters, and enough rules to play it, tokens, maps, and dice, etc.,
I bought the 4th Edition equivalent for my nephew as a 13th birthday present. I also bought him 13th Age (which is a D&D like game that I play myself).


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I've used Warrior, Rogue, and Mage to great effect in similar situations. It's in a similar niche to D&D, and is a lot lighter, and making something like LoZ happen in it is pretty easy. There's lots of options though, D&D but lighter is well trod design space.


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Beyond the Wall is easy, super charming, and designed to emulate the kind of fantasy fiction written for adolescents. Plus character creation is fast enough/easy enough that kids that age will find it fun and be biting at the bit to start playing. The scenarios written for it are also designed for "pick up and play" too, so you can literally go from character creation to immediately playing without any trouble, though I would recommend actually have read through the scenario a couple of times first.
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