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Best Mods for Morrowind?


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The time has come for me to once again forsake all other videogames in favor of Morrowind for the next month - this time with the added twist of making it a goal to complete the main quests of both the base game and expansions. Does anyone have any mods they'd recommend? I'm looking to play a stealthy-shooty-stabby-stabby build, if that helps at all.

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If your computer can handle it, I'd get the Morrowind Sounds and Graphic Overhaul. It makes the game look absolutely beautiful.

I'd also get Better Bodies to replace the hideous vanilla character models. It doesn't fix Khajiit and Argonians, though, so those get separate links for their own mods.

There are lots of other tweak mods, I could spend hours recommending them, but at the end of the day my strongest, most glowing recommendation is for Julan Kaushibael, a super in-depth, well-written companion mod that adds so much to the game. He'll help you in battle, he'll offer opinionated commentary on quests and areas, he'll get too drunk, he'll make fun of your headgear... everything you could ever want!
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