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Best published Supers Adventure


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I'm a big fan of the Savage Worlds' Necessary Evil campaign. Plot Point based, lots of cool twists and turns, but still feels like a four-color supers adventure.

Old Man Vegan

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Fainting Goat Games has a series called Improbable Tales that feature a wide variety of superhero adventures that are all under $3 (they have a bundle, too). My current fave is Helicarrier Heist, because that sounds like either a great one shot, or something that you could either kick off a campaign with or easily splice it in.

Craig Oxbrow

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The initial run of short adventures for Golden Heroes published in White Dwarf was pretty much all gold too. The first issue I ever got (67 in the original numbering) included "Peking Duck" by Phil Masters, in which the PCs are one of at least three sides of a chaotic super-brawl in the confines of a busy restaurant. Issue 73 featured "The American Dream" by Simon Burley, a highly ambitious adventure which included an army of twenty low-level supers as one encounter even though it only ran for six pages.

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Grande Nuit La for french rpg Brigade Chimerique has 191 pages with 10 scenarios in which the PCs must save the world from the future apocalypse with the help of a cryptic time traveller. Apparently its very highly regarded as a supers rpg campaign with the best part at the end.
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