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OOC BFRPG - Morgansfort


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Second Level Arcane Spells
1 Alter Self trn
2 Continual Light*
3 Deathless Minion nec
4 Detect Evil*
5 Detect Invisible
6 Detect Secret Doors
8 Glitterdust elm(fire)
9 Gust of Wind elm(air)
10 Hypnotic Pattern enc
11 Inaudibility ill
12 Invisibility ill
13 Knock
14 Levitate
15 Locate Object
16 Mirror Image ill
17 Necromantic Potence nec
18 Ogre Power trn
19 Phantasmal Force ill
20 Stinking Cloud elm(air)
21 Summon Hero
22 Uncanny Gyration
23 Web
24 Wizard Lock


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Yes, Chuk, that platform was explored. It was just a raised portion of the dining hall. Nothing otherwise notable about it.


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Poke for this room.

Also: a reminder that I will be away from August 11-18. I won't be able to post during that time.


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Sorry, rpg.net decided not to notify me of new posts in the IC thread for some reason. It didn't even show the red new notification when I logged in to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'll read over the posts and get the map caught back up hopefully later today.
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