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Big European Convention


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Some german rpg companies consider doing a bigger german convention at the moment - maybe even a GenCon.

Is there any need for something like this?

If it would be located in germany, would gamers from france, england, netherlands, belgium, poland, austria etc. etc. attend it?

Was/is Gencon Paris a success? Is GenCon Paris sufficient for europe?

What are your thoughts about that?


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I'm from Denmark and I probably would - I speak German, but not French and Germany's closer than Paris, so it would be good.

And if you got one or more German mittelalterrock bands to play... :)


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I would probably attend, depending on two things:

1) Where in Germany it is. I go to 'Spiel' in Essen every year, but that's about as far as I'll go for a convention :) So, the Ruhr-gebiet would be ok...

2) If it is going to be an international convention. So not just the German RPG publishers, but also a bunch of US publishers. The reason I don't attend GenCon Paris is just the fact that it's only Wizards and French companies attending...


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I'd go there. Since I live very much in the geographical center of Germany, I wouldn't care much where it would be.


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It could be good. Important things would be try and get a city that's got cheap flights to rest of Europe and reasonable costs. If its meant to be a european con then material needs to be in multiple languages (increasing costs).

Phil Masters

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What, bigger than Essen?

(And yes, I'd consider going, cost and date permitting - but as I don't speak German, I'd take a bit of persuading.)


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@Ranger7: Don't do. You'll be hard-pressed to find German roleplayers who don't speak English. Ok, some will only do so broken, but the majority will be conversationally fluid (if with a slight Oxford-English bent, thanks to school. ;) ).

It would be nice to have something during the summer, perhaps in Cologne or Düsseldorf (international airports there). The Rhine-Ruhr area is pretty cool if you've got a car OR are able/willing to use public transportation.

I'd support it. :)

[The first paragraph also goes to Mr. Masters]


@Phil Masters: You were at Spiel?! Damn, when?


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If there was going to be plenty of stuff in English (games, events and traders), then I would definitely consider going.


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That shouldn't be a problem. Just ask Jackob (If I'm not mistaking you horribly, now), he organized a con in Denmark, and got everyone to run their games in English. Even this one weird German dude... ;) *g*
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