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The out of character thread for this Blades recruitment thread.

In general, Blades proceeds through a period of free play where you poke around at options for different Scores until you settle on one, zoom in on a tighter view until you finish it and get your payoff before taking downtime actions to clean up some things before going back into the bumping around for leads and info. However, to kickstart things the first session has you getting right into the meat of a score.

So, let's do a quick roll call check-in here and in the next little bit I'll put up the IC thread. Ahead of that, some framing:

It is the 847th year of the Imperial Era, with the dismal excuse for a spring well entrenched at the start of the month of Suran. With Leviathan season soon approaching, it is active recruitment season along the Docks, which also makes Silkshore even fuller of new faces than usual. All that activity means plenty of opportunity, and trouble.

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IC Thread Here

OK, as I mention there you've got two key choices. First which Score to take: do you go after the book or do you go after the vagrant who had it? In both cases the agreed payoff is 5 Coin—which is 4 Coin if you pay up the food chain (the Grinder's offer is actually only 4 Coin but they've already made arrangements about paying the local crime boss). If you go with the book, you'll be able to look at it before handing it over for the payoff. If you go with the vagrant you'll be able to speak with her before handing her over.

Once you pick which score you want, you can decide who you're doing it for but unless you want to say you made a promise ahead of time, it is OK to do one essentially on spec and pick after or during a flashback. Picking via flashback constrains the options, but it would definitely be worth a discount on the stress cost.

What's actually needed is deciding the nature of the plan, and the detail. The detail in this case you get for free as if you'd gathered info. Still provide it so we can have some concrete bits. Don't worry about making things up here—there are only a few rigid pieces of what's going, and none of the details of the operation will contradict those. The options are (with the detail):

Assaultthe point of attack
Deceptionthe method of deception
Stealththe point of infiltration
Occultthe arcane method
Socialthe social connection
Transportthe route & means

It is fine if not everyone is an expert in the core nature of the plan; think of it as the broad stroke summary, but which may need support from other areas. You just give the type and the detail, and then we go to engagement rolls. The plan itself is revealed in the engagement roll and flashbacks as the score is performed.

An example from a game I ran in person (so as to not overly influence the choice). Say you're in a turf war with a group of vampires, and decide to literally seize some turf from them. The group decides to go with a straight up assault, literally hurling in barrels of ghost dissolve fluid rigged to spray into the vampires' layer (the point of attack). We don't worry about anything else besides that rough outline. The engagement roll is made after tallying up various factors, and play proceeds from there. Determining how potent the fluid turned out to be / how well the dispenser worked / etc. is all handled in the moment of deployment and through flashbacks and so on. In this case the engagement roll went poorly, so a flashback was made to show that really highgrade dispensing of potent fluid was secured so that even if we couldn't get a clean throw in, we could do some damage. It would have been viable to use Stealth, to sneak the damn things in through the ghost field, or Occult to call down doom on them, or whatever.

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An addendum, I'm not dropping you in a particular place so that you have time to sort out here what you're doing—ideally quickly. Once there is anything roughly resembling a choice (of which there is no wrong one as it is explicitly figuring out what angle you want to look at things from), I'll frame a specific place to be.
I'm kinda a novice on the play-by-post etiquette so I may be a little quiet on the IC thread till I see how it operates better.

As for the target, I aim for springing the vagrant and NOT handing her over to the Grinders. I would come up with a long thesis of why the Grinders need a good beat-down and anything they want is something we DON'T want but instead I opt with the "They have an ugly face and smell of bad cheese" argument. If this vagrant got this book we can question her about where she got it and maybe will find MORE items.

As for why we would be best for springing her out of there, I am sure Bottles and maybe a few more of us have spent time in the cooldown tank more than once. I think one of us could easily convince one of the bluecoats to "lose the paperwork" and let us take this problem off their hands. Bottles can retrieve the prisoner as any other interested parties might want her as well and she may need some Tyger protection. I guess that puts me in as the Assault or Transportation.

Is that about right? Course, I may get overruled :p

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Right now isn't about getting overruled, it's about throwing out a ton of ideas, and THEN we decide which are crazy.

But you answered why the Tygers are a good choice (we've got varied skills and resources, between Bottles and the Slides in the Crew). I would also point out that if we like taking a hammer to the status quo, embarrassing some Bluecoats in charge of a holding tank isn't exactly out of character. As for why getting her out would be a bad idea, well... pissing off the cops is as bad for one's health as it is entertaining. Also, if we're not handing her over to the Grinders (SPLITTERS), what are we going to do with her?

As for how we know about the Tycherosi Book of the Dead, Bone Meal could have heard about it from the priestess he goes to for his faith vice. Alternatively, Lock (William's Slide) could have heard about it, because Lock hears about everything. If we go trying to get the book, my vote is we give it to Tesslyn, cuz going after the book means we're pissing off one of the heavy hitters of magic in the City, and we'll need friends.
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