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OOC [Blades in the Dark] Orc's Tygers

Nick the Nevermet

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  • Stress (All PCs have up to 8 stress before trauma)
    • Bottles: 3
    • Miller: 1
    • Lock: 0
  • XP
    • Miller: 1 prowess
  • Harm: No harm
  • Loads
    • Bottles: 1/3 (Light)
      • Pistol (1)
    • Lock: 1/3 (Light)
      • Documents (1)
    • Miller: 2/3 (Light)
      • Lantern (1)
      • Burlgary tools (1)
  • Clocks
    • Prison Transfer arrives: 1/4
    • It Wakes Up 1/4

Note to self: Stress saves your ass.
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That's why I am liking this mechanic. It's pretty much written in that you want to take stress which makes sense cause we are doing things that are stressful :)

BTW- if you wanted to send me a message to help you out it only costs 1 stress *cough* Course I am just watching the street. If you need me to delay the Spirit Wardens I can do that as well.

Nick the Nevermet

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Ok, I do not know how to get out of this situation in a semi-rational way, and I would like suggestions.

Miller's stress is up to 2.

The Tim

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Yes, now would definitely be a moment where another PC dealing with some of the situation would be helpful as you have minimal ways of tracking those up above looking around and being taken by surprise by them is probably not good.
Looks like I am still retired. Gonna see if I can find another entrance over where the infiltrator was scanning the walls. Also how many floors is this building?
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