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[Blast from the Past] I just played a Game of WarpWar with my dad!

Verenes Aoene

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Do any of you remember that old Microgame about spacebattles? I’m trying to design a spacebattles game with similar mechanics, and he thought it might give me some inspiration. (As well as being a fun way to spend our evening.) I really had a ton of fun, it was very well balanced. I thought all you grognard types out there could get a laugh out of my young self playing an old Microgame, so I decided to type my experience up here.

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After reading the rules, I told my father I wanted to start on advanced, jump into the deep end. We both started with 20 Build Points, getting 10 more every turn. I start with a Warpship with a strength of 15 Drive, 7 Beam, and 8 Screen. (Had to wait until the second turn, but it was worth it.)

There’s some initial skirmishing, my Warpship doing well for itself with it’s beam and screen, but retreating after some minor damage to it’s systems, myself learning the basics of Speed and Tactics mechanics. Not the importance of the mindgames around that though. That comes later. I get it back to one of my home systems, but wait on the repair, as there’s another ship I wanted to make. My new Warpship is T1, with 20 Drive, 7 Beam, and 8 Screen. This newer one was built to have some speed, but but I still have not learnt my lesson. No, that comes a bit later.
The new Warpship zooms forward, I think lashing out at a fleeing enemy ship, before going to the middle enemy homeworld to wreck face. I guess the speed of the enemy ship correctly, I blast it into smisthereens, and my ship stands triumphant. Then the Broadsword flew in from an adjacent homeworld. My father made up names for all of his ships, and I don’t quite remember all of them, except that one. In the battle, I take a devastating hit to my ship from well aimed missiles, cutting right through my screen to force me to take enough damage to cripple my Beam and Screen. I retreat, speeding off at nearly maxed Speed.

A few turns pass. I evade an attempt to finish off my newer Warpship, managing to get back to one of my homeworlds. My father makes a few more ships, taking advantage of my defeat to capture two of my three homeworlds. Both Warpships, new and old, group in my last untaken homeworld. My father rallies his ships at the captured homeworld adjacent to mine. It’s clear that this world will be my empire’s last stand, with three or four enemy ships nearby, including the Broadsword that dealt such a heavy blow to my Warpship. But my Build Points are stacking up... and I have an idea.

I’m out of time right now, but I’ll write out the last battle when I get some more.


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Gah - such a tease! :)

WW was an amazing game for its time. Glad you're enjoying it - give your Dad a Xmas hug from another old-time grognard!

Verenes Aoene

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My apologies for the wait, holiday stuff distracted me.

So there I was, trying to figure how I was going to win this. And then I realized two things.

First, all I needed to do to survive this is keep my homeworld alive. That meant that the ship I built would never need to actually leave this system. So, I could just build a Systemship, and use five more points on actual combat systems.

Secondly, my father moved in on turn 12. That meant, since we were using the Tech rules, that there was another tech advance, placing my ship in T3, at least one above all of his ships.

So, on turn 12, I write up my first Systemship. 46 BP spent. T3. PD 22, Beam 10, Screen 10. And, 1 Tube and 9 Missiles, just to be unpredictable.

In the same turn, I send my second Warpship to the other homeworld my father left unguarded, just to make sure that if my Systemship died, it would not die in vain. And then my father sent his attack on turn 13.

The first salvo of missiles hit the antique Warpship and missed the systemship. I hit the Broadsword, for a small amount of damage. The second round, my Warpship got slammed for most of it’s structure, and my systemship got hit for a good hit of damage, but the Screen took most of it. I guessed correctly and hit the Broadsword for major damage. The third turn my Systemship rerouted most of it’s power to Speed, with a point to power a Tube. The Missile would have probably been quite effective, but the Broadsword instead retreated at an incredibly high speed, dodging the missile.

It was at this point my father conceded, as it was getting late and he was out of missiles.

All in all, A wonderful game.
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