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Blogger/DM/GM looking to raise profile via podcasts


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Good morning,

I'm a long time DM (been playing since 1982 but had a long hiatus between 1994 and 2016). I blog at https://returnofthedm.com/ where I try to approach things through the eyes of a reborn Dungeon Master. I run weekly games on Fantasy Grounds and also dabble in Roll 20 and in person games.

I'm really keen to raise my profile in the gaming community and wondered if any podcasters would be interested in me providing that perspective in a segment in their podcast or such like. I may be able to add a different perspective as a gamer who is also a father, digital DM and perhaps even a uniquely Scottish perspective.

Obviously it goes without saying that I don't expect payment for any of this.

Get in touch if you want to talk further, either on a PM here or I can be found on Discord as caledoniaman#0222

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