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Blood & Treasure


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The series premieres tonight with its first two episodes back-to-back, followed by one hour episodes for the next several weeks.

The show seems like something in the vein of the Indiana Jones movies, National Treasure, Uncharted, etc. Maybe even a modern-day version of Tales of the Gold Monkey without the seaplane?

Considering that the two leads are apparently ex boyfriend-girlfriend, hopefully the show won't eventually devolve too much into rom-com territory.

In any case, is anyone else here planning to watch this series? Will it survive past this summer? What do you all think?


Craig Oxbrow

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As the writer of the "archaeology mercenaries" and "international art thieves" groups for The Trinity Continuum I'm certainly curious.


Twin Son of the Bright Prince
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That looks like it's worth a watch. And wouldn't you know it, I heard about it five minutes before the pilot started. Quite a close call for the DVR.


In 'Tia and Luna's Army
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That was certainly a fun romp. I'm in and intrigued. I loved the part where the parachuted into the Vatican City and were immediately caught. I laughed my head off, and then suddenly stopped. I thought "Wait, does the Vatican have extradition treaties?" And things made so much sense. And then the one hiccup got answered. Smart, show. Smart.


Brother Jim

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I wanted to watch it, but it was on at the same time as The 100 last night.
But it looks like it's getting repeated on Sunday at 8PM.
Does anyone know what night it's new episodes are supposed to air on? zap2it is confused about future episodes.
I just checked the shows website, it says Tuesday at 10PM.


Strange Apparition
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One good thing I saw the showrunners say is that the mystery will be solved by the end of the season. If there is a second season it will be another mystery with the same main characters. Any show where they promise the mystery will be solved by the end of the season is already good in my book.

Mr. Kent

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I got through most of the 2-part premiere before I had to run, and it seemed decent. Matt Barr is gorgeous and I pretended he was playing the long lost twin of his Sleepy Hollow character. Always nice seeing Oded Fehr in action too but the Medjai would not approve of your behavior, sir! 😛
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