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Blood & Treasure


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It feels like they are setting up a team for next season Danny, Lexi, Father Chuck, Gwen, Shaw and probably Simon.

Spoiler: Show
I would have thought Doctor Castillo was going to be part of the continuing team, right until Reece killed her.

I agree with Ficino's spoiler thoughts. As to Farouk, he might have been distancing himself from Reece until his family was killed. When that happened he blamed Reece and the US so he started using a name that might mean something to Reece.



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Spoiler: Show
According to Danny, Lexi's mother was apparently descended from Cleopatra and thus Lexi is as well.
Well I think Lexi is a bit more rocked than she is acting about the revelations about her Mother and her connection to Cleopatra.
Well, I guess I don't have to keep my comment in spoiler quotes...

My response to anyone saying that they are amazed at how they are part of this multi-thousand-year family history is: Well, no duh! We all are, or else we wouldn't be here. :p
Father Chuck for the win! He really is the best thing about this show.
It feels like they are setting up a team for next season Danny, Lexi, Father Chuck, Gwen, Shaw and probably Simon.
Looks like it to me too, though I really think Simon is going to end up more of a problem than anything else.
Season finale tonight. :(
So, in about 2-weeks I will be able to see it.
At least it's been renewed for a second season. And it'll be interesting to see how they tie up all the plotlines tonight.
Excellent. I was hoping this was the case.


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Thanks to the weeks-old squabble keeping CBS off of DirecTV 😠, I had to wait until I came home today to watch the season finale on CBS All-Access.

It was definitely worth the wait, though. Very exciting with a satisfying ending, made all the better knowing that there'll be a Season 2. (y)



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I admit, I did not see that swerve with Simon coming.


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Me either. In hindsight, it was pretty clear, and it resolved some of the problems that seemed to exist after the previous episode or two (the name of 'Karim Farouk' and the need for Reece to get ahold of Cleopatra for the gala).

On the whole, I was quite happy with the show. Each episode was fun and the overall arc was more tightly plotted than the early episodes led me to suspect--things that seemed silly (like Lexi's special forces skills) ended up being explained. A nice example of misdirection by the writers; they had me assuming that this was the sort of show where it would not be worth thinking deeply about the plot and mystery, so I didn't bother. And then they pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

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Yeah, this went from being, "let's watch this guilty pleasure summer series," to, "Ohmygosh, did they actually just reference that movie?", to, "This is a genuinely fun show with writers who know what they're doing," over the course of a season.
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