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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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I keep finding more and more references in the game. I watched a speedrun of SotN recently, and realized that the Dian Cecht Cathedral isn't just an homage, it's literally the chapel area from Symphony. It's got the sword enemy in the open pulpit area, the hanging bells you use as platforms, and the 100 mph clouds in the background.


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Yeah, Riga Storaema could use a bit of a nerf. After you cram 4 rubies into it to get the full screen wall of death, you're pretty much set on spells for the rest of the game.
I preferred the one that does the incineration field. It hits fairly hard with the initial cast, and the field hangs around for extra damage for quite a while.

I always seemed to be short on rubies, though, so I didn't upgrade Storaema much.


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...and I finally got around to finishing off the item list, and thus Platinum. Strider Belt took me a while.
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