Board games with character sheets.

Hello there, i'm watching a bit of help with some blog research. Apart from fantasy flight games products, are there any other board games out there that have character sheets. I'm thinking of things like Arkham Horror and Decent.

Just reply here, and I'll keep checking back. Cheers everyone.
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Off the top of my head (there may be more)

Arkham Horror and Descent qualify, as you've mentioned, and at least one more Fantasy Flight game: Mansions of Madness.


Last Night on Earth
A Touch of Evil
Fortune and Glory
Frag (may not qualify - as there are no set characters as in the other games mentioned, but every player gets a sheet they can fill out with a name of their choosing and use it to keep track of their stats, wounds, kills, etc.)
Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel
Hero Quest

Probably a ton more, but that's a start.


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When you play with the expansion, Space Alert has character sheets for your ongoing characters.

Talisman, though it's made up of tokens and stuff, and you don't physically write on it (just like with Gears of War).

Eclipse's little "Empire Consoles" are actually quite a bit like character sheets.
I own Betrayal, and managed to completely forget about it. Would people consider Robo rally to have character sheets, even though all the robots are the same in game terms?

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Well, most naval wargames I've played have ship record sheets of some sort, which are much like character sheets, so that's an enormous number of games. Similarly, some sci-fi ship games, like Star Warriors.

Most of the D&D sorts of games I'm familiar with also have character sheets/cards of some sort, so that includes Hero Quest, Dragon Quest, Dragonstrike, and so on. I think Dark World might have had some, but I'm less certain with that one.

X-Men: Under Siege had cards detailing stats, powers, and health for all of the X-Men. Heroscape has cards for each character or squad.

How do you define a character sheet?
As a minimum, stats and powers on an individual card for each character, but hopefully with a bit of background info too. If you've played Arkham Horror, they are the closest to a perfect example of what I mean.
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