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💯 {Staff Pick} [Board Policy, PLEASE READ] Excessive Negativity in Other Media

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The staff has noted an endemic of excessive and destructive negativity in Other Media and intends to take measures to counteract it. We are presently discussing it in this thread in trouble tickets. We encourage you to read the first post of that thread closely if you are a regular participant in OM. After that, you may decide you have useful input for the staff.

We will be posting this guidance text block in multiple threads in OM. Users should feel free to copy and paste it(unedited and in its entirety) into any thread they feel it is warranted, if we haven't caught it yet. We want the board as a whole to have notice of what we're doing.

People may ultimately not agree with our aims or means, but we don't want anyone surprised by any new policies.

Meaningful commentary doesn't belong in this thread, that's what the trouble tickets thread is for, but we might keep it bumped up for a couple days so more people see it. My personal feeling is that our eyes are mostly trained to glance right past the stickied threads, so if I really want people to see something new, I don't sticky it.


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Hey, it got my attention, and maybe if it looks like something's going on here, it will get read more.


[EDIT] And now I'm stuck here in a sticky. Oh well. [/EDIT]
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