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Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]


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Reading Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space. Having a bit of trouble getting into it, to be honest. Haven't even gotten paste the first 50 pages yet. There's cool ideas in there, to be sure, but none of the characters introduced so far are likable in the least. I'll keep at it as I've got a deadline of 12 januari for the book club. :)

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Finished Gary Krist's City of Scoundrels, which was wacky. A whole bunch of bad shit happened in 12 days in Chicago a hundred years ago and no permanent solutions were found for much of any of it, although the guy who murdered the little girl was executed for doing it. Also, I wasn't aware that Bill Thompson won election and re-election as that much of an ignorant blowhard. It also may explain some of where Daley got his "just build stuff, people won't criticize you as much for being a crook or swindler if you're building stuff all the time" schtick.

Not sure what's next. Possibly The Five Royal Governors of North Carolina, because I've owned that for years without reading it.


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I’m rereading Ioan Couliano’s Eros and Magic in the Renaissance for the first time since he died. It’s as dense and difficult and fascinating as I remember.

I had forgotten how misogynistic the Renaissance Neoplatonists were. Ugh. Interesting concepts, though.


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New year, new thread!

I am currently working on DYNASTY by Tom Holland.


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I'm working through The Desert War Then and Now which is a gigantic glossy book about the war between the Allies and Axis in North Africa in WW2. Its chief merits are tons of photographs, many of which I've never seen, and the efforts of the author to travel in the area to take colour photos which match up with the original locations of period B&W photos. It does bring everything much more to life.
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