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Boston MA area GURPS "gritty" fantasy game -- accepting new players


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Play Location: Runs will take place in Quincy, MA, within walking distance (and easy multiple bus route access) of the Quincy Center MBTA Red Line train station.

Game System: GURPS, building on 125 pts. Character creation guidelines and comprehensive skill, advantage, disadvantage and race lists will be sent to players as part of the e-mail package.

Player or GM? I'm the GM. I've been gamemastering for 27 years now, and was one of the original GURPS playtesters. I've authored numerous gaming sourcebooks, including GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel.

Time/Frequency: Biweekly, either on Saturdays or Sundays, roughly 1 PM to 7-8 PM.

Genre: I run slightly gritty, realistic urban fantasy, with a healthy dollop of nautical adventuring.

Current needs: Already have two, need up to four more players. I already have one group, and this is the startup to the second one.

Accept Drop-In Players? No.

Accept Spectators? I'm afraid not; this isn't a large enough apartment for a peanut gallery.

Short description: The players are natives of or immigrants to the city of Haven, the glittering cosmopolitan jewel of the South and the capitol of the far-flung Principality of Indris. The sprawling docks of the riverfront are the gateway to far-off lands, but with the wealth of empires scattered across its streets, the silken warfare of the Orchid City is peril and adventure in abundance.

Please PM me for more information.


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And once more, with feeling. I've been running with four, but one player had to drop out, and I'd like one or two more.
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