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🎨 Creative [Brainstorm] Homebrewing Science Fantasy: Messing with Technology

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So, I am looking to do a homebrew again. And again I am looking at Science Fantasy as my favorite Genre. I already have one which leans heavily into Transhuman Space operatic stuff, it was really high tech. This time I was looking to go a bit more subdued when it comes to technology.

More precisely I want it to supplement, not overshadow PC capabilities. And I also want to make High Tech less easily available, average Tech level should be early modern era, upper end would be near future Sci Fi, but with distinctly worse communications and without computers. And I also want parts of the world to still be unknown. I am planning for fairly common magic and a lot of magical beasties. Actual play should be planet-based.

For this to work, I have to essentially mess with a bunch of concepts. I think I have some solutions, but I don't know if they're good. Anyways:

- Weapon systems that essentially telekill PCs need to go
- WMDs are not appreciated
- Individual Fabrication should be better than industrial manufacture
- I'd like to get rid of modern sensor systems, computation and communication, ideally even radar

Anyways, some solutions:

- No fissables or fossil fuels: Whatever keeps the planertary core active just works but the lack of fissables or fossil fuels should have a bit of dampening effect on early industrialization and development of WMDs
- Magic does interfere with Technology in fairly specific ways: Namely, the common magic field tends to induce currents. The nervous system is protected by individual magic fields. Upside: you can recharge your batteries out of thin air. Downside: no advanced electronics. Would that be enough to interefere with Microchip techology without impacting cruder Electronics? Would that be enough to get rid of guided weapon systems? Would this also mess with radar and radio communication?
- Magic does enable some form of Technology: Matter Magic is a thing you can learn, and if you get good at it, you essentially can have eventually great mechanical precision, but mainly manipulate small items up to ca. 30 kg. Stuff from assembly lines cannot keep up with the quality of these. Which would result in highly individualized technology.
And here I need help because I don't feel that this is solid reasoning. I mean if you think this through, you can use your high end matter magic to build precise tools for your assembly line machines. I mean I could use social inertia as a reason (because your father managed to magick his Gauss Pistol into being, from scrap in a cave, and so should you) but I don't find this satisfying. Does anybody have a better idea?

I am basically looking for input about my ideas and possibly better solutions than the ones I have.
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