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Bronx, NY - Various RPGs - Seeking Another Player

Thor Olavsrud

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Play Location/Method: Bronx, NY, near Van Cortland Park (1/9 train).

Game/System: Exalted, Buffy/Angel, MURPG, The Riddle of Steel, others

Player or GM? I'm one of two rotating GMs. Looking for players but open to another GM if you want to do both.

Time/Frequency: Alternate Saturdays or Sundays (we're flexible), generally from 1 p.m. until 4 or 5 p.m.

Genre: any. Current games include fantasy, modern, and superhero.

Current needs: One or two additional players to join existing group of two players.

Accept Drop-In Players? Yes

Accept Spectators? contact first


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Bronx game

I'd be interesting in hearing details, particularly for Exalted. I used to play White Wolf games a whole lot, back in the day. Exalted looks interesting, and I've been looking for a casual game to join. Send me an e-mail: moldawer at mindspring.com
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