Bruno Balixa's illustrative artwork

Bruno Balixa

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Hello everyone.
I'm an artist working in a local video game studio.
Parallel to my professional work, I've been working in improving my conceptual and illustration skills.
I am actively searching for opportunities to develop my style further into the fantasy and sci-fi illustration field, here is a showcase of my most relevant efforts of 2010.
If there is interest in any form of collaboration or if you just want to comment, please drop me a line.


David Hamilton

dangerous artist
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Very impressive work.

I don't think you will have much trouble picking up freelance work, if that's what you're looking for!

Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more!

Tim Gray

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Some great stuff there! And an interesting range of styles. For instance that spider-dragon (!) one looks very like Jon Hodgson's pieces for Dragon Warriors and others.

Bruno Balixa

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Thank you David, yes, to be a freelance fantasy artist is pretty much my goal.

Tim: thank you for the input! What can I say about Jon Hodgson's influence, except that I still have a long way to go before I'm in any way as brilliant as Jon is! Also, I will keep trying to find my own voice in every piece I make.
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