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(Buffy Actual Play) The Watch House Season Five

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The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Pre-credits

The Watch House 5.03: What You Don't Know

Milli: The prodigal daughter of a Watcher family saved the world by killing the man she loved after her attempt to restore his soul went horribly wrong. Now, she wants to try and make amends.
William: The best Watcher student in the college survived Jacques's reign of terror, although he now walks with a limp and carries a cane.
Matthew: The born sorcerer continues to practice with his gift despite his guilt over the spell going so far wrong.
Andy: The inheritor of a lycanthropic curse he can control is in mourning for his friend.
Lucian: He seems to be of good family but lacking in money, and to have an interest in something the Watch are involved in...
Simon: His sister murdered by a demon, he joined the Watchers' hunt for the killer and was unable to find it.

Natalie: Gifted with visions by a descendant of the shamans who created the Slayer, she has returned to Africa to find out why...

Escher: The Watchers' Invigilator holds himself partially responsible for the disaster of the summer.
Charlotte: William's girlfriend wants to support him, but would rather not have to do so from the front line, or in sight of Milli.

Helen: A semicompetent dabbler in transformative magic who once split Andy into two beings by accident and was politely warned to stop that.

Timothy: Matthew's father, a senior archivist in the Council's main library.
Abigail: Simon's mother.

Previously on The Watch House:

Helen: What was taken I now will back...

As she turns from a model-like blonde into a not-unattractive brunette.

Helen casting a spell on Andy.

Helen: Draw his burden from him…

Andy splitting in two.

Milli rounding on Helen.

Milli: Don't do that again.

Simon finding a humanoid figure with a monstrous face standing over the body of his sister.

Simon: Why did she die?
William: The only connection we've been able to find is a report of a minor healer's assistant fighting off a similar-sounding creature two streets away...

Milli: This is the way it is for us. This is why we do what we do. Why we fight... You're... more than welcome. If you want.

Lucian delivering a book on metallurgy, asking questions and being cagey with information around the Watch.

Charlotte finding a note in the book Lucian left.

Milli: You're trying to enchant a weapon!
Lucian: ... What?

Milli: Bet you he's an evil wizard. Bet you.

Lucian: Okay. If you must know. There's an old family legend about Durandal.
Milli: ...?
Lucian: The sword of Roland, chief of Charlemagne's Paladins?

Lucian waking up next morning and scratching his tattoo - showing a sword and a banner marked DURANDAL.

We open on Simon looking over his new digs. No sign of a flatmate. Not many books, either. But one familiar hardback sits on the bed. A Directory Of Demons, British Isles.

He turns to the door as he hears running feet getting closer. A brown-haired girl with glasses, running full tilt as she looks backwards at the empty corridor, almost runs into him.

Simon: Are you al-
Helen: You don't see it?

He looks confused. She keeps going. He watches her go, still seeing nothing follow her, until she's out of sight.

At the office, William looks up at a frantic hammering on the door, and answers.

Helen: Help me!
William: Er... what is it?

He opens the door for her and she almost dives inside.

Helen: It's after me!
William: What is?
Helen: You couldn't see it?
Milli: Uh... what's going on?

William waves Matthew over.

Helen: You guys have to...

She looks out and flinches.

William looks both ways, seeing nothing.

Matthew looks over and sees a translucent creature of flickering yellow and orange light scraping its three-inch claws at the barrier formed by the threshold. It notices him, pauses and roars in his face.

William doesn't bat an eyelid until Matthew stumbles back.

Matthew: (shocked) I -buha!
William: (confused) What?


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The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Act One

Matthew straightens up a little stiffly and backs away from the threshold.

William: What, is there something there?

He waves his hand in front of him. The demon claws at it, its talons passing through his fingers harmlessly.

Matthew: I... think it's a Torvaka. Insubstantial... invisible except to those attuned to the mystical.

Helen gets up from behind the desk.

Helen: Right. That boy couldn't see it either.
Escher: Boy?
Helen: In my hall. Thought he might try to help, if he could. Looked the type. Erm...
Escher: ... Anyway, the Torvaka can be made more apparent with this ritual... Needs the smoke from alder leaves.

Milli: (irritably) Helen? What a pleasant surprise... what the hell are you doing here?
Helen: I'm, uh, hiding behind your barrier spells.
Milli: ... Might I ask why?
Helen: Some sort of demon most people can't see is chasing me.
Escher: The Torvaka.
Helen: Yes. Him.
Milli: I see. What have you been doing?
Helen: What?
Milli: Well, last time we saw you, you were messing around with spells. And the time before that. I seem to recall saying something along the lines of "don't be messing around with magic".
Helen: Hrm.
Milli: So what have you been doing?
Helen: Nothing! Just... researching. (mumbles) Healing spells.

Matthew looks up sharply, eyes widening.

Matthew: What? No! Nononono! Altering the body is a fundamental rule -
Helen: I made myself three inches taller and blonde, I -
Matthew: And you made me glow in the dark for two days when you did that!
Helen: Well okay I admit I've made some errors but I think I can fix a broken bone okay -
Matthew: It's still messing with the essential forces of life! It's all connected!
Helen: Okay, okay!... All I've been doing is some herbal poultices anyway.
Milli: And nothing else? Nothing that would sic a demon on you?
Helen: No!

Milli's eyes narrow.

Helen: I mean, I joined a mailing list...
Milli: ... Which one?

William looks over the site Helen joined.

William: This woman, Julianne... she posted a lot of good advice.
Helen: Yeah. She's gone into seclusion now after she got mugged or something. The post was really vague... And now I think I know why...
William: And this man died in a car accident last week, where...
Helen: "The car appears to have skidded sideways twenty-five feet, as if on ice, with no sign of an impact causing it..."
Escher: (dryly) I think perhaps a pattern is forming.
William: Oh, and this infrequent poster was apparently killed in an animal attack six weeks ago.
Helen: Bloody hell...

Milli comes over.

Milli: Can you see if anyone was looking around here?
William: Sure, but that could be a long list.
Milli: What about people that were banned from the list?
William: Right... three names on one ISP, and another.
Milli: Find their posts. Do any of them say anything like "all witches suck, now I summon demons to kill you all, ha ha?"
William: Well, the one with three aliases posted U R TEH SUXXORZ, MAGGIC IS KEWL LOL...
Escher: Pardon?
William: I traced the ISP to a high school...

Milli looks disappointed that it won't be so easy.

Milli: Right. And the other one?
William: In London. I can't see why he was banned really... last few posts were looking for clarifications on conjuring protective finding spirits...
Milli: (irritably) Finding spirits. Bloody hell. Why are we even trying to help these people?
Matthew: Because they're not doing anything harmful and someone's killing them?
Milli: ... Right.

Meanwhile, in the Brody, Lucian Featherstonehaugh Weeks looks at his watch and sighs, then returns to rubbing his forehead.

Lucian: Punk girls with swords...

William: Oh, we're supposed to go meet that Lucian guy.
Milli: Do we have to?
William: It was that or he'd come here.
Milli: Right. (pause) Do I have to?
William: I guess not.

Matthew leads William and Charlotte to the Brody and over to the table where Lucian sits, slowly sipping from a glass of water and massaging his temples.

Andy meanders in and goes to the bar.

William: Good afternoon.
Matthew: Sorry we're late.
Lucian: Grhmm?

He looks up.

Lucian: Ah. Yes! Right then. As I mentioned, the Weeks family came over with the Normans, with the Chevalier de Semaines, a trusted, loyal and pious follower of William the Conqueror. For his services to William during the Conquest, the Chevalier was gifted prime lands in Sussex. In the year 1073, de Semains departed from the shores of England, ostensibly to visit friends and family back in Normandy. There were rumours, however, that he had been chosen for a sacred and holy mission: to recover the mythical sword Durandal, legendary blade of Count Roland.

Matthew nods along excitedly. William and Charlotte share a look.

Lucian: He returned over a year later, claiming no success... but he laid on a splendid feast to which all the members of the community, regardless of rank or station, were invited. He brought back a long, enamelled box that he never opened in public...

William and Charlotte raise their eyebrows.

Lucian: But, anyway, centuries later the box is no longer among our possessions. Many of us have searched for it, and tried to find out what happened... So essentially, I want to know what the truth of the story is.

Matthew nods enthusiastically.

Matthew: My father is the associate archivist at the central record library -
Lucian: Fairweather? Right. I believe I met him when I visited. Very helpful he was too, yes.
Matthew: Oh. It sounds like we might be going down for the weekend.
Lucian: Could I join you? I have my own transport (mutters) if it's working.
Matthew: The more the merrier, I'm sure.

William and Charlotte share a look again.

Milli and Simon arrive shortly after Lucian heads off.

Milli: Hi. How'd it go? Did you kill him?
Matthew: ... No... We said we'd help him. Seems like a nice guy.
Simon: Right, uh, I have to get Helen a sandwich...
Milli: Which is why I want to make her safe quickly.

She shakes her head as he goes.

Milli: So, what did he want?
William: He wants to know more about the enchanted sword from the song of Roland which might not even exist.
Matthew: But it might. So we're going to research it in London.
Charlotte: And... so is he...
Milli: Wha-huh?
William: Turns out he knows Matthew's father.
Charlotte: (deadpan) Ancient swordsmithing mythology is a small world after all. Who knew.

Milli looks sidelong at her. She shrugs and half smiles.

Matthew: So are we bringing him along?
Milli: Bet he talks and talks all the way to London.
Charlotte: He'll be less annoying than if we don't.
Milli: But he'll be annoying for longer.
Matthew: He did say he'd buy dinner.
William: Think you could handle that?
Milli: Not on my own.
William: ... With everyone there?
Milli: Yeah. Just don't make me sit next to him.
William: You did kind of attack him with your sword.
Milli: Yes, and usually people take the hint to stay away after that, but he just kept talking to me!
Charlotte: (dryly) You could try not threatening him.
Milli: Would that help?
William: Maybe he talks more when he's nervous.
Milli: So I'd have to be polite to him to get him to shut up?

She considers this possibility and grimaces.

William: Sooo, London?
Matthew: Where are we all going to stay?
Milli: Where do you normally stay?
Matthew: The library.
Milli: ... Do you have a house?
Charlotte: A room? In the library?
Milli: You make a fort out of books?
Matthew: Not... all the time...

Everyone looks at him questioningly.

William: Sooo, how many of us are going down?

Milli looks around the group. And over at Andy and Simon.

Milli: (reluctantly) Including him, seven...
Charlotte: What about Helen? Is she still in protective custody?
Milli: (quickly) It'd be cruel to drag her along.
Charlotte: How is it crueller than making her camp out in the office?
Matthew: I always rather liked... er... It's not her fault.
Milli: I bet it is. Messing with forces beyond her understanding and all that.

Charlotte looks pointedly from her to Matthew and back.

Milli: (mumbling) ... I'd prefer they weren't amateurs.
Matthew: And anyway, I should be able to make the Torvaka visible before that.
Charlotte: And lure it out using her as bait?
Milli: We're not putting her in danger. (off her look) Well, okay, we are, but we'll all be there!

Simon returns with a sandwich pack and can of Coke. Andy follows, looking at the sandwich with interest.

Simon: So... What if you can't kill this thing we can't normally see?
Milli: I've never met a demon I couldn't kill. Well, actually, a few, but, uh, never mind.
Matthew: Anyway, I have an idea.
Milli: Is this the bit where you tell us off for not researching?
Matthew: ... No, this is the bit where I call someone.
Milli: Oh. Righto.

The group return, armed and ready, to find Helen sitting next to Escher and reading the arts section from his copy of the Times.

Helen: It was the only thing here he'd let me read.
Escher: Stopped her pacing around and wringing her hands.
Helen: And now I really want to go and see this exhibition...

Simon hands her the sandwich.

Helen: Thank you.

She gives him a small smile.

Helen: So, are you ready to banish this thing?
Matthew: Yes. We should be able to make it corporeal rather than it only becoming so when it attacks.
Helen: (nervously) Should?
Milli: Well, we need to find out. And so we need to draw it out.
Helen: You're about to say the B word, aren't you?
Milli: (grins) Bait!
Helen: I thought so...

She gets up, shoulders slumped, and heads for the door.

Matthew: I could do it but I'm always bait.
Helen: (quickly) I wouldn't want to intrude...
Milli: Now stand out there and -
Helen: Wait, couldn't you try and bind it or something?

Milli jostles her outside.

Matthew: I'm afraid this is all guesswork. Notes on these creatures are notoriously sketchy due to their insubstantive nature...

She looks around, stopping and looking one way, going pale.

Milli: Oh, don't worry, I've got a magic sword right here.
Helen: (shaking) C-c-c-could you u-use it?

She points behind her, the way she's trying not to look.

Milli takes an experimental swing at thin air.

Milli: Anything?
Helen: (screams) NO!


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The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Act Two

Helen turns and dives at the door, nearly colliding with Matthew coming out with a candle and alder branch as he tries to set the leaves on fire.

Matthew: Oh, damn...

The smoke drifts up, and Milli and William can dimly see a yellowish shape in the haze.

Milli: There it is!

William fires a crossbow, and the bolt passes through with a slight ripple and bounces off the corridor wall behind it.

Helen: Not good...

Milli hacks at a chunk of it.

Milli: I think that was its head...

It floats still for a moment, then jerks back into motion, clawed hands flailing at her.
Matthew: Remains active after beheading... fascinating...
Helen: Yeah, bloody marvellous!

Milli cuts its left arm off and it collapses into a fine mist. William swings upwards with his cane sword, bisecting the demon. The lower half breaks down and drifts off with the rest of the smoke while the upper half twitches as it rises slowly.

Simon swings at it, and it slips away, clawing over his head, and swoops towards Helen. She dives behind Milli and Simon.

Milli: If I let it get you and don't help, that doesn't mean it's my fault...
Simon: You're really not a very nice person.
Milli: No, I am!

Matthew raises his hand in warding and it stops, rotating slowly in the air. Milli skewers it and it dissipates completely.

Helen: That was a really nice holding effect. Just a gesture and an action of will to enforce it? Where'd you learn that?
Matthew: On duty.
Helen: Okay, I get it... Sheesh...

Milli sheathes her sword and gives Helen a meaningful look.

Helen: So, ah, thank you. I feel much safer now.
Milli: Good. Bye then.

She smiles threateningly.

Helen: ... I'll get me coat.

Milli stretches and starts pacing.

Escher: ... Arts section?
Milli: ... So, we're on our way to London.
Helen: (glumly) Have fun.
Milli: And when we get back, I don't want to see you again, Helen Morrison of Room Eleven, Staircase Four.

She turns back to the others as Helen looks both ways as she exits.

Milli: So, London. Wanna head down now?
Matthew: We'll have to wait for Lucian, he did say he was coming.
Milli: I said yes?

The afternoon brings more good news for Milli, as she finds that Lucian is indeed waiting by the van.

Milli: (quietly) Oh, bloody hell...
Lucian: Ah. It's everyone, I see...

He smiles as gamely as he can, becoming something of a rictus as Milli glowers at him.

Simon: I'll dr-
Milli: (quickly) Shotgun!

She hurries to the front.

Milli: (to Matthew) Sorry you have to sit with a couple. (to William and Charlotte) Sorry you have to sit with Lucian.

Andy looks over the interior of the van, glancing suspiciously at the dog guard in the back. William sighs and throws a bacon roll that way.

Andy: Mine!
Lucian: That's been on the floor...
Andy: Mine!

Lucian sidles away just a tad. He says nothing for the rest of the first leg of the trip.

The van pulls up outside a large house in suburban (nicebitofLondonwhereSimonlives).

Simon: Dad's... probably out, actually. Research.
William: Oh?
Simon: Pharmaceuticals. And Mum's... well, it's before six, she might still be awake.

He ignores several questioning looks as he unlocks the door and lets everyone in.

Lucian: So, is there a phone I could use? If I'm making dinner reservations.
Simon: Sure. That way.

Lucian heads into the hall, looks around warily, picks up the phone, and speaks in an officious RP accent.

Lucian: Ah, is that the Grill...?
Maitre D': It is. Bookings for Christmas are now closed -
Lucian: It's actually about tonight.
Maitre D': ... really...
Lucian: Yes, the food critic from the Standard is coming.

The Maitre D' has clearly heard this one before.

Maitre D': Riiiight.
Lucian: Did you see what he had to say about the Arboretum two weeks ago?
Maitre D': (now more convinced) I did...
Lucian: Anyway, it won't be overly late, just eight people, around seven. Don't want to get in the way too much.
Maitre D': Very considerate of you.
Lucian: They'll want a wide mix to take notes, some of them will decide as and when.
Maitre D': Of course...
Lucian: Thin fellow, slightly wild brown hair. Under the name of Weeks. Act casual of course.
Maitre D': Oh, naturally...

Lucian returns as Simon goes to look for his mother. Everyone else waits, setting down their bags.

Lucian: Right then. All invited!
Andy: Grand. So, sleeping arrangements.
Lucian: Put the two girls in the same room?
Charlotte: What?
Milli: No!
Charlotte: I mean -
Milli: That is -
Charlotte: William and I are... together. Not that we have to share a room but -
Milli: And I really... er... wouldn't want to intrude...

They look warily at each other, then rather gladly look over as Simon returns, with a fair-haired woman who inspects the group dubiously. His mother, Abigail Williams.

Abigail: Ahh. Yes. You're...
Milli: I'm Milli.
Mrs. William: Then he hasn't told me about you at all.
Milli: ... Oh.
Abigail: Anyway, you'll be in the... one of the rooms.
Milli: It's very nice of you to let us stay.
Abigail: Yes, well, might as well, don't make too much noise at breakfast time.
Simon: So... how are things?
Abigail: Do you really want to know?
Simon: ... Maybe later. Drink?
Abigail: I'm sure you know the way.
Lucian: Not tequila.
Milli: Wine. Cos I'm a girl and that's what we do.
Lucian: You struck me as more bitter...

Milli picks up her bag. It clinks.

Lucian: ... Jewellery?
Andy: (interrupting) I'll take that one there... and that one there... and some of that...
Lucian: You can't come into someone's house and drink all their spirits –
Andy: Done it before... Sorry, was I meant to sip that?

Lucian shakes his head and leaves him to it. Mrs. Williams appears not to care beyond rescuing a bottle of vodka.

Lucian: So, Mrs. Williams, you must be very proud of your son, attending Cambridge. Quite an achievement. Very... proud.
Abigail: So you said, yes.
Milli: Don't mind him. We only met him yesterday, he's a bit mad.

Charlotte: So, should we be getting ready?
Milli: How d'you mean? Weapons?
Charlotte: No, I was thinking like...

She points down at her top and trousers.

Charlotte: Is this okay for the restaurant?
Milli: Oh no, is there a dress code?

Charlotte looks at Lucian expectantly. He tries not to shrug.

Lucian: It... looks very well...? We're not going to the Ivy or anything...
Charlotte: (icily) I'll see what else I have.

She glowers and turns on her heel.

Lucian: (quietly) Women in group insulted, two for two...


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The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Act Three

Lucian: (loudly) Table for Weeks at seven, thank you...

Charlotte looks impressed despite herself. William looks curious. Milli looks suspicious. Simon looks uncomfortable. Andy looks hungry.

Matthew greets his father as the group go inside. Milli stands nearby.

Timothy: You would be Milli, then?
Milli: Right. Hi.
Timothy: Your record makes for interesting reading.
Milli: ... Oh. Um. Well.
Timothy: Oh, don't take it personally.
Milli: ...
Matthew: (interrupting) Well, anyway, we're here at the invitation of Lucian Weeks. He's researching the song of Roland -
Milli: (whispering) And we don't know much about him. So we're looking for anything dodgy. Reason to have to kill him, maybe.

She looks hopeful.

Matthew: (whispering) This may not be the right time. And why are we whispering?
Milli: In case he has hearing like Andy's.
Matthew: ... Well, that seems... unlikely. And Lucian knows nothing about the History Society. We're historical reenactors.
Milli: And not very good ones...

Lucian rises as they arrive. Milli sits by Matthew.

Lucian: Ah, Mister Fairweather! Small world! I was just telling your son how much you helped me when I was making inquiries last year.
Timothy: (baffled) Did I?
Lucian: Master swordsmiths of the early Middle Ages in continental Europe.
Timothy: (realising) Oh, yes, of course! Still at it?
Lucian: That's how your son and I met up.
Timothy: So, not really a small world then, eh? Just a small and rather specialised field in southern England. (chuckles to himself)
Lucian: ... Wine?

He calls over the wine waiter.

Lucian: Three of the '77 Chateau Neuf.
Andy: French? French wine's crap.
Lucian: It is not crap!
Matthew: (quietly) Remember, best behaviour.
Milli: (quietly) Yeah, say nothing and... (looks over) Hey, are we getting wine then?
Lucian: (quickly) Yes, plenty of wine, wine for all! French wine. Finest in the world.
Andy: Huh.
Milli: Yes, that was very... informative.

She turns at Matthew and attempts to wink subtly to indicate for him to follow her.

Timothy: Something in your eye, dear?
Milli: ... Yes. Yes. Ow. Come on, Matthew, take a look?

Lucian looks at them curiously.

Lucian: Are they -
Charlotte: (coughs) Sorry. Wine bubbles.
William: Not as far as I know...
Lucian: Ah. Well... I get the sense that she doesn't much like me.
William: Why do you say that?
Lucian: Well. She looks like she might...

He runs his finger across his throat.

William: She's fine once you get to know her.
Charlotte: Hm.
William: Of course, I've known her since we were kids, so...
Charlotte: Hm.
Lucian: Well, she did attack me with a sword.
William: Just once.
Lucian: ... And... maybe some fellas like that... Why am I telling you this? You threatened me as well!
William: Not really.
Lucian: Are you trying to get me to piss her off? So she...
William: Would I?
Lucian: I don't know, would you?

Milli: So he's been looking into this for a while, using specialised libraries, including your father's.
Matthew: Ahhh, yes. Apparently.
Milli: And now he's trying to get us all drunk again.
Matthew: ... Maybe?
Milli: Keep an eye on him.

Matthew shakes his head and heads back, to find the waiter taking orders. Milli sits back down without looking at the menu.

Andy: Steak. Rare. Blue, if possible.
Lucian: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.
William: Steak sounds good, actually. Medium.
Charlotte: Can I get the braised chicken...
Matthew: I think I'll join you.
Simon: The herring?
Timothy: I may 's well get the steak too, medium to well.
Milli: (sighs) ... Can I get a salad?
Lucian: I'm sure they have multiple vegetarian options -
Waiter: (quickly) Oh, indeed we do, Miss, vegetarian and vegan. Also Halal and Kosher.
Milli: Oh. Well. Give me a minute to look...
Lucian: Very good service, don't you think?
Milli: The vegetable lasagne.
Lucian: More wine? I'll pour.

Milli looks at him suspiciously.

Milli: (whispering) He keeps looking at me. Do you think he knows something?
Matthew: (whispering) It seems unlikely.
Simon: (leaning in and whispering) Why are you whispering?

Lucian looks across. Milli and Matthew quickly look at Andy. He looks up warily.

Andy: Are we ordering dessert now?

Food arrives and is eaten with a mix of suspicious glances, uneasy smiles, and oblivious dabbing of rolls in gravy.

Seeing the Maitre D' nearby, Lucian nods to him and does his best to look like he's taking notes.

Matthew: (whispering) What is he doing?
Milli: (whispering) Is he giving the manager the eye? Look at the way he's talking to him!
Matthew: You think he might be gay?
Milli: At the moment I'm more hoping that than thinking...
Matthew: Still, you'd think he could go for someone better looking.

Milli looks sidelong at Matthew. He shrugs with his eyebrows.

They both watch as Lucian goes over to the Maitre D' and confers with him quietly.

Matthew: You could ask. You're better at the subtle talking than I am.
Milli: I am?

They both come over.

Maitre D': I trust everything was to your satisfaction?
Lucian: So. Passable, yes?
Andy: Very passable all round.
William: The steak was very good.
Andy: Didn't really notice.
Lucian: Anyway, my fr... acquaintances and I will be on our way.

As she rises, Milli turns to him.

Milli: So, do you want to meet him later? We can get a cab.
Lucian: ... I'm not a homosexual!
Milli: (positively hopeful) Ah - that is - there's nothing wrong with it - we don't mind!
Lucian: ... Let's go.
Timothy: What do we owe you?
Lucian: It's on account.
William: Tips?
Lucian: Feel free, but I wouldn't worry. Come along.
Milli: You paid for all of us? That was... good of you...
Lucian: Shall we adjourn?
Andy: I haven't had coffee yet.
Matthew: (whispering) See, now he's all nervous.
Milli: (whispering) Yes, yes... And not about me... well, not all about me...

She regards Lucian suspiciously again.

Milli: So, do you usually pay for meals for eight at big restaurants?
Lucian: I have a system.
Milli: Are we going to have to run, or wash dishes? Or are you and the manager - (winks)
Lucian: I, ah, told him something that wasn't exactly accurate.
Milli: (confused) Ohhh...
Lucian: London's expensive.
Milli: Well, yes. Don't worry. We won't tell.
Lucian: Good. I wouldn't want this coming out.
Milli: ... No...

She gives Matthew a thumb's up.

Lucian: It is a bit underhand.
Milli: Oh no, not at all. We understand your... situation perfectly.
Matthew: The less said the better... So, is there a pub we can go to around here?
Milli: All of us. (looks at William and Charlotte)
Lucian: ... Are we talking about the same thing?

Milli and Matthew share a look and shrug at him in unison. He looks at them suspiciously.

Milli: I wouldn't have thought this sort of place... or is that the point? That it's all secret and hidden?
Lucian: Er... yes?
Milli: I knew it!
Lucian: What?
Milli: That you -
Lucian: Yes, alright, I lied and said I was a food critic to get us in there.
Milli: ... You did? Oh. That's not where I was going at all.

He looks at her, baffled.

Matthew's father hails a cab. His son goes to see him off.

Timothy: So, this Weeks family, Bridlingstoke. I'll have a look, see what I can find.
Matthew: Right. Thanks, Dad.

Lucian notes the suspicious glances.

Lucian: I don't know, I thought I'd have been better off not telling them that I got a free meal by pretending to be a food critic...
Simon: I wouldn't worry. They look at everybody like that.
Lucian: Thanks. So, did you enjoy the fish?
Simon: Yeah. Maybe I should have gone for the steak, though, those looked great.
Lucian: It is nice to get a good bit of meat...

Observing them at a distance, Milli and Matthew share a look, again.

Milli: Do you think he likes Simon?
Matthew: What, like...?
Milli: Like that thing he's not.
Matthew: Oh. Errr... possibly? You know, he's quite... athletic.
Milli: And he's nodding. I think he agrees. Awww...

The group pile out of a pair of black cabs at the Williams house and Simon lets them in.

Simon: Dad?... Guess not...

Milli sidles up to Lucian. He looks at her edgily.

Milli: So, are you getting on well with Simon then?
Lucian: Yes, he seems like a nice lad.
Milli: Hmm, yeah.

They all reach the living room.

Lucian: Right, I'll... take the couch if I have to.
Simon: There's a box room down here.
Milli: While Simon has a whole room to himself? That doesn't seem fair...
Simon: What?
Lucian: Eh?

Milli ignores their protests as she goes into the hall to answer her phone.

Milli: Sir?
Escher: She's here again.
Milli: What?
Escher: Don't worry, I've got the leftover leaves. Just watch out in case they try to target Matthew.
Milli: Bloody hell...

She comes back in.

Milli: Okay, new plan. Matthew, with me.
Matthew: (baffled) What?
Milli: In case of... in case Mister Escher needs to talk to you.

Lucian looks unconvinced, but almost masks it.

Lucian: She's a bit strange.
Simon: They all are.

And outside, something swoops out of the sky towards the house...


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The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Act Four

Matthew: Milli?

Milli reaches for her sword as she opens her eyes.

Milli: What is it, and where is it?
Matthew: I think it's another Torvaka.
Milli: Did you bring all the ingredients?

Lucian rolls over in his bed, and then opens one eye slightly as he hears footsteps upstairs.

Matthew follows Milli down the hall, both fully clothed apart from jackets, and Milli is shrugging hers on.

Matthew: Let's try and avoid waking Simon. He probably doesn't want to know about another demon attacking people inside his house.
Milli: Good point.

She passes one door and stops at another.

Milli: William?... Charlotte?
Matthew: I don't - whoa!

He dives away from an invisible attack. Milli slashes at the air where he stood.

Matthew: No, no good. Come on.

He shakes out a small alder branch and Milli hands him a lighter.

Matthew: Right, I have to hold it when it solidifies - there!

The Torvaka manifests, swooping towards him.

Milli: Right!

She swings her sword with both hands, hacking the demon in two. Its upper half rolls off like smoke, while its lower portion starts to sink through the floor.

Milli: After it!

She runs downstairs - to find Lucian standing in the stairwell.

Lucian: What the hell is going on?

She turns, sword in hand.

Milli: Uhm...

He looks past her, eyes wide, as the headless form of the Torvaka slides through the ceiling and hovers in the air, claws flexing.

Milli pushes past the staring Lucian and slashes her sword upwards through the demon, dissipating it.

Lucian turns slowly and looks at Matthew. He cringes.

Matthew: Now now, this is just a bad dream. That... I had.

Simon looks over the banister.

Simon: You weren't even going to tell me, were you?
Matthew: I figured it would be better not to.

Simon nods slightly and looks away. William and Charlotte look down as well. And then Andy glances over.

Andy: Drink?

Lucian says nothing.

Simon: I'll see if my mother's still sleeping off that bottle since you killed the demon.
Lucian: ... What?

Lucian looks up from his glass at the group.

Lucian: So, what were you up to tonight?
Milli: I was, ah, playing with my sword...
Matthew: And I was taking some pictures. With the flash. For the society newsletter.
Lucian: At two a.m.?
Simon: This is ridiculous. You can't keep lying -
Charlotte: (icily) Oh, they can.
William: (sighs) Look -
Milli: (stepping in) Not everyone can deal with this as well as you can.
Lucian: Buh? Uh...
Charlotte: Okay, I see her point, but still.

Milli sighs and rubs her brow.

Milli: I'm not very good at this. Anyone?
Matthew: Okay. It was... a monster.
Lucian: A monster. A demon. You said demon. As in Hell. The Inferno.
Matthew: Well, actually, this was from one of the colder planes -
Lucian: And you were fighting the demon. Really... very calmly...
Andy: 's hardly the first time. Ever met a vampire?
Lucian: Vampire. As in... dead people. Who drink blood.
Milli: (uncomfortably) Yeah.

She grimaces.

Milli: Why do you think we're interested in what you know about making enchanted weapons?
Lucian: I had the impression that the myths were interesting.
William: Well, they are, but some of the most interesting have a solid basis in fact -
Andy: But Anne Rice knows, like, nothing. I mean, vampires are real but they're not a bunch of angsty tortured pretty boys banging on about how awful being a vampire is... I mean, the odd one now and then...

Milli glowers at him and he gains a new interest in the bookshelves.

Lucian: I feel tempted to go for a walk.
Milli: There might be more.
Lucian: ... Please understand if I wish to be sceptical.
Milli: Sure, go ahead.

She smiles encouragingly. He looks at her suspiciously.

Lucian: But that would mean I was in more danger, wouldn't it?
Charlotte: What you don't know...
Lucian: Is there... a lot of this going around?
Milli: Well... yes.
Lucian: And you know a lot about this?
Milli: Well, we're studying to fight them. Well, some of us are. Half of us.
Lucian: Oh.
Matthew: My dad's one -
Lucian: A demon?
Matthew: A Watcher.
Lucian: A watch what?
Matthew: That's what we do. We... watch.
Milli: We keep watch.
Matthew: (quietly) Yes that's better.

Lucian grimaces.

Lucian: So... what else is there?
Milli: Well, there are so many things...

Charlotte glances at Andy.

Matthew: Should we talk about...?

Andy looks over and shakes his head.

Lucian: So... when you broke into the shop...
William: (fidgeting uncomfortably) Yes...
Lucian: That thing about you being bookstore vigilantes... wasn't far off...
Matthew: We thought you were trying to enchant weapons.
William: There's a thriving secondary market.
Lucian: So you have enchanted weapons?
William: Not all of us.
Milli: My sword.
Lucian: So that's a real magic sword.
Milli: Yeah.
Lucian: So... what I've been looking for... Durandal is real?
Matthew: Possibly. It may have grown in the telling - it might not really be able to cut mountains in two -
Lucian: I need to call my father. Oh. Were you asking your father about me?
Matthew: (guiltily) Yes.
Lucian: Hm, well, fair enough. So, was that the extent of your enquiries?
Matthew: Pretty much. We might have more questions later.
Lucian: I imagine I might too.
Milli: Hm.
William: Any questions now?
Lucian: I think maybe I'll have more when I've slept on it, when it isn't half past two in the morning. Then perhaps we can have a... chat.
Matthew: Okay.
Lucian: Yes. I'd like that.
Milli: Night then.
Lucian: Yes...

Lucian shakes his head and gets up to go back to bed.

He lies down, closes his eyes, and is soon fast asleep...


Next time, on The Watch House:

Chase: Someone is systematically targeting those using magic beneficially.

Matthew backing away from a transparent figure swathed in a grey robe, pointing at him.

The group charging into the foyer of a private club, and facing a man with jet black eyes, power crackling around his clenched fists.

The next episode of The Watch House is Marked.

(Lucian says nothing for the rest of the first leg of the trip.)
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Re: The Watch House Season Five, Episode Three, Act Four


I've just finished a 4-and-a-bit season binge, and wow. You're all totally awesome!

Natalie's coming back though, right? Matthew must be pining. :)

I miss Ziggy.

Edit: subscribes to the new season's thread

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Thank you. We really appreciate that.

Natalie will be back the episode after next - so next week.


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A few questions, also - are the black-eyes-for-Sorcery triggered whenever the Sorceror does anything Sorcerous, or is there a threshold? And you mentioned something earlier about Sorcery progressing too quickly compared to other abilities? How did that work out/get resolved? (I have the Buffy RPG, but haven't managed to coax people here into a game yet)

The sword-cane is a neat touch, too - William really took a pounding at the end of S4, and it just made him cooler.

I'm eager to see what comes of Lucian, too - especially when he's played by Doctor Who :) (Well, all right, the actor that plays the Doctor)

Craig Oxbrow

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A few questions, also - are the black-eyes-for-Sorcery triggered whenever the Sorceror does anything Sorcerous, or is there a threshold? And you mentioned something earlier about Sorcery progressing too quickly compared to other abilities? How did that work out/get resolved? (I have the Buffy RPG, but haven't managed to coax people here into a game yet)
A genuine Actual Play query! Wow! :D

Sorcery as written starts pretty cheap at character generation especially considering its power and versatility, costs less to increase per level than an Attribute, has no cap on raising it, and adds to Intelligence + Occultism rolls. It soon gets difficult to fail a Sorcery roll, even without using Drama Points.

This reflects the show very well - Willow goes from no ability whatsoever to world-threatening uberwitch in four and a half seasons - but if game balance is more important than emulation it would be worth making Sorcery more expensive. Possibly 6 Quality Points per level, and maybe double the Quality XP cost.

How we worked it here is that Matthew was at 5 before attempting the soul curse, and knocked down to 3 afterwards. He'll start building up again in Season Five, though...

Another thing to note for the entire group's power leveles is that the Revised Corebook, at least, suggests that a multiple-season game should generally give outr two or three XP per session. I've tended more to three or four, and over more than a hundred sessions that does make a difference.

The sword-cane is a neat touch, too - William really took a pounding at the end of S4, and it just made him cooler.

I'm eager to see what comes of Lucian, too - especially when he's played by Doctor Who :) (Well, all right, the actor that plays the Doctor)
We considered recasting him since his first appearance predated The Christmas Invasion and Tennant becoming an immense star in the UK, but decided to keep him because I actually think he suits Lucian better than the Doctor. ;)

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Sorry, I didn't cover the 'black eyes' thing.

It's purely a narrative device with no direct rules attached to it, usually implemented by the player to emphasise the character is indeed doing something sorcerous, especially when spending a Drama Point or acting in anger. (Which is why the only time Emma's eyes went black while she lived was when she saw Jake as a vampire for the first time.)

Sometimes I'll ask if I think an eyes-going-black shot is appropriate, and sometimes it seems apt even when magic isn't being used.
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