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(Buffy Actual Play) The Watch House Season Six

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The Watch House is an ongoing Buffy The Vampire Slayer spinoff concerning Prentices - Watchers in training - in King's College Cambridge.

Season One And Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

The Watch House 6.01: Rites Of Passage

"For centuries the Watchers have trained and studied here, learning to guard the unknowing world from the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. These same forces besiege this city every night, and it falls to the students to hold them back..."

Milli: The estranged daughter of two prominent Watcher families, dedicated to fighting to forces of evil and protecting her friends, her city and her world.
William: The son of an academic Watcher family, a skilled researcher and scientist, now beginning a Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering after completing a degree in Mediaeval History.
Natalie: The daughter of Watcher gentry, stung by the events of the previous summer.
Andy: A hereditary lycanthrope in control of the change, but often the worse for his constant struggle.
Simon: His sister Melanie murdered by a demon, he joined the Watchers' hunt for the demonic killer and developed an enmity towards all supernatural forces.

Harrison: Someone new.

Escher: The Watchers' Invigilator tries to be a good teacher while carrying the guilt of his failings.
Charlotte: William's girlfriend, a civilian, wants to support him, but would rather not have to do so from the front line, or in sight of Milli.
Thomas: The head of the Latin Society at King's College discovered the Watchers accidentally due to his interest in Natalie.

Edward and Mary Grove: William's parents take great pride in their son's achievements, and seem quite taken with Charlotte...
Alexander and Diana Blackhurst: Milli's parents have been distant since her brother died when she was six, and especially since she ran away to study on her own at eighteen.

Travers: The head of security for the Watchers' Council looks on the Cambridge Prentices with disdain.
Chase: Travers's depute has his own reasons for pushing the Cambridge group harder than most.
Nigel: Another of Travers's staff


August 2001

We open in a grand hall lined with books up to the balcony above. Rows of chairs are filled with sober academic-looking people. On a raised platform at the front of the hall, Quentin Travers sits behind a long table, flanked by his aides and assistants.

Travers: And now...

Standing in front of the table, so that Travers can look down on them, we see a row of young people.

Travers: The age of majority calls for the Judicium Procinctus, the trial of readiness for the battle. Twenty-eight Prentices of good standing have reached the age of twenty-one in the past year. The time has therefore come to test their mettle, to adjudge their worth as Watchers in war and in counsel. From King's College, Cambridge... Millicent Blackhurst...

Milli stands with arms folded, wearing a black trouser suit over a matching top, her darker pink hair tied back.

Travers: William Grove...

William stands at ease, hands behind his back, in a charcoal suit and King's College tie.

Travers: Charlotte Hamilton.

William looks sidelong at Charlotte, standing next to him in a grey skirt suit and white blouse. She looks back and smiles weakly.

Milli looks straight ahead, eyes narrowing slightly.

Milli: (quietly) Here we go again...


Theme song: Ash, Evil Eye

The full moon over Cambridge, behind the tower of King's College Chapel.

The Watch House

Sophia Myles as Milli Blackhurst - fighting with her sword, firing a crossbow in each hand, looking despondent in a long black dress, glaring, smirking as she raises a stake.

Rupert Evans as William Grove - hefting his axe, firing his Stakemaster 5000, looking through a heavy tome, half-smiling.

Monica Keena as Natalie Derby-Moore - staking a vampire, riding a horse full-tilt, wearing an evening dress and beaming at a crowd, giggling.

Vampires and demons charging. A skeletal hand grabbing Natalie's arm. A sphere of burning golden energy expanding. A humanoid figure rising out of the earth. Matthew flying.

Hans Matheson as Andy Sampson - roaring at the camera, elbowing a demon in the face, grinning wickedly, snarling with his shirt open.

Andy as a werewolf charging full-tilt at a pack of vampires. Milli fighting on top of a collapsing stone tower during a thunderstorm. A huge batlike creature swooping at the camera.

Sean Biggerstaff as Simon Williams - stabbing a demon with a shortsword, brooding, grimacing, punching someone in the face.

Kelly Harrison as Charlotte Hamilton - loading a crossbow, gazing into the middle distance, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Milli and Victoria trading blows.

Henry Cavill as Thomas Lytton - drawing a cavalry sabre, in a tuxedo adjusting his bow tie, grinning.

Alfred Molina as Michael Escher - loading a crossbow, reading from a leather-bound book, looking dapper in a tux, glaring.

Vampires, demons, gravestones, skulls, sinister rituals, strange flashes of intense light, bodies being flung through the air, the full moon again, and the show logo and the 'call to arms' shot of the Watch loading up and striding purposely in slow-motion towards the camera...

Created by Whedon, Oxbrow, Tobin, Windmill, Robertson, Prentice, Neil, Dizzy, McCraw, McIntyre, Whiteley and Darlington

Logo thanks to EvilBrennan

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, Act One

Guest Starring Alastair Mackenzie

One Day Earlier

Milli and William sit with the other Prentices over twenty-one. Milli glances at William. He looks at the podium.

Natalie, Simon and Andy sit with Escher, the Blackhursts, Alexander and Diana and the Groves, Edward and Mary.

Simon: So, what did I miss?
Natalie: Oh, you know, the Watchers have sworn a sacred oath to defend the innocent and protect the world from the forces of evil, the war has stretched down the generations, nya nya nya, Travers and my parents exchange Christmas cards every year...

She pauses and waves at her parents, sitting further back.

Simon: Well... what do these trials actually involve?
Natalie: I don't know, really. My sister ran off and married a musician before she turned twenty-one. But I imagine the archery range they've got set up on the croquet lawn will be involved. And there'll be a pop quiz on demon species identification.
Simon: And how to kill them.
Natalie: I hope so for Milli's sake...


The Prentices of age divide into groups.

William: Don't look now, it's Durham.
Milli: There seem to be a lot of them.
William: Mm-hmm. It's a total party Prenticeship.

The one in front gives her a winning smile.

Carlton: Carlton Prendergast. Master's in English Literature with Latin and Greek. The famous Millicent Blackhurst, eh?
Milli: ... That's me.
Carlton: Looking forward to the trials?
Milli: Sure. Apart from the book bits.
Carlton: Oh, I'm sure you'll be fine. I mean, 's just a bunch of Latin.
Milli: Riiiight...
Carlton: You do know Latin, right? And binomial demonic classification?
Milli: I pretty much just focus on where to stab them.

Carlton smiles thinly. The five others with him smirk. She watches them go.

Milli: When do I get to hit things?

William realises that she's addressing him, and looks her way briefly.

William: Oh. Um... I'm not sure. I know there's clay pigeon shooting before the archery in the morning, but tonight there's just the, uh... reception.

Milli sighs.


The Blackhursts go over and talk to Chase. The Derby-Moores mingle. The Groves shrug and head over to the cake stall.


Felicity: Come on, Natalie, we need you for the lacrosse team!

Judging by their proximity and her enthusiasm, Felicity knew Natalie at the Academy.

Natalie: Oh? Need? (smiles) But, ah, I'd have thought it was for twenty-ones...
Felicity: Oh, pfft, you were always great at the Academy. And I hear you've kept your swinging arm, fighting the Highmore Club and all.
Natalie: Oh, well, I'd be glad to...

She looks over at Milli, sitting by herself...

Simon stealthily drinks from a hip flask.

Andy: So, is it an open bar?

Natalie gets up and goes over to Milli.

Natalie: Well. William looks like he's having fun.
Milli: Catching up. (quietly) He knows most of the people here from the Academy.
Natalie: Uh... yes.

She glances over at the knot of girls from her year. Felicity waves at her cheerfully and nods to the door.

Milli: Being with other people on his own level...
Natalie: And, uh, have you... seen the stables?
Milli: Why would I?
Natalie: Er, ah, well, the girls from my lacrosse team are, ah... around.
Milli: Oh. Never played it myself.
Natalie: It's fun. Or can be.
Milli: Apparently we're supposed to be in our dorms early, so they can... I dunno, kidnap us and lock us in a secret dungeon or something.
Natalie: Like they do with slayers?
Milli: I heard that wasn't really true.

They both look over at the head table.

Milli: But they would say that, wouldn't they...
Natalie: And then make you fight to the death. Well, not to the death, that'd just be stupid...
Milli: And yet.

Natalie gestures to the door.

Natalie: Come on. It's against Durham.
Milli: ... You're on.


Andy approaches the buffet.

Andy: Hi, can I get a... ooh, a steak sandwich?
Waiter: Certainly.
Andy: Oh, and a pork one too -
Waiter: We have a maximum order.
Andy: Curses. Foiled again.


Milli turns a lacrosse stick around in her hands, prodding the net at the end.

Milli: I thought you played hockey at the Academy.
Natalie: Oh, that needs a specific kind of field.

Milli turns and looks down the field at the Durham group sharing a bottle of cider. The boys have crossbows.

Carlton: So the punk girl's going to play too? Glad we're off for some target practice. Chin chin.
Girl From Durham: Does she know how to play? Since she didn't go to the Academy and all.
Carlton: Terrible shame, that...
Girl From Durham: It is?
Carlton: Yeah. Never got to see her in a gymslip...

Milli cracks the ball with her bat and bounces it off his foot.

Milli: Drinking and weapons don't mix, children.
Carlton: We'll, ah... clear the field, then.

The boys depart for the archery range, Carlton limping slightly.


Carlton: So. Grove. You know that Millicent gel better than most.
William: Hm? What?

William blinks, startled by the inquiry.

Carlton: Same Prenticeship, childhood friends and all.
William: Uh. Yes. Friends.

He nearly hides a grimace.

Carlton: So what's going on there?
William: Well, ah, she was largely educated by her parents and grandparents - and a combat tutor. Ran away and joined the circus when they tried to stop her going to university. Dyed her hair pink. Died. Came back. Um... she had to repeat her second year...
Carlton: Because she was dead...
William: Uh, yes.
Carlton: Oh, look, I think she's trying to catch your eye.
William: Um, really? Didn't notice that.

He returns to adjusting his crossbow intently.

William: Uh, why, did she... say something?
Carlton: ... No...
William: Right. Well. Yes.

Carlton looks puzzled as William goes to set up.


Milli looks away as he turns towards the croquet lawn. She looks at the line of girls, all attired more dressily than her.

Milli: I see the boys get crossbow practice...

As captain of one of the teams, Natalie stands alone, pointing to Milli.

Natalie: Milli.
Milli: You're picking me? (touched) First? (warily) You know I've never played this game, right?
Natalie: I have faith.


Andy sidles up to the buffet, wearing his coat with the collar turned up and his hair swept back.

Andy: (dreadful Mexican accent) Eey, gringo, give me some steak...
Waiter: ... Do you really think that's going to work, sir?
Andy: ...


Charlotte sits with Mrs. Grove.

Mary: So, worried about the trial?
Charlotte: Should I be?
Mary: Oh, Jocasta, Pam, have you met Charlotte?

The middle-aged women shake Charlotte's hand, then look at her ring finger, then at Mary, who mouths "not yet" and shrugs with her eyebrows.


William: No, really. Not yet.

Carlton shrugs.

Carlton: What?

William takes the apple off another Durham student's head and puts it on the target.


Natalie: She does get stuck in, doesn't she?

Milli catches the ball in her net and flings it back two-handed. The other team's goalie dives out of the way.


Waiter: I have to admire your tenacity...

He escorts Andy out of the kitchen.


Felicity: So, erm... I heard about Matthew. How is he?
Natalie: I don't know. Nobody's seen him since the summer. His father isn't here.
Felicity: I heard he might be leaving the society.
Natalie: Oh.

She frowns, then cheers as Milli scores, then goes back to frowning.

And from the terrace, someone watches.


Natalie: You were shooting?
William: Stopping Durham shooting each other, mostly. But some of them are good shots.
Milli: Bet I could've done better.
William: Oh, ah, you weren't there?

She looks at him, eyes wide with surprise. He studiously avoids eye contact.

Natalie looks between them, brow furrowed slightly.

Natalie: So, ah... do you think they'll start the trials with an attack at night? Hm?
William: With our parents here?
Natalie: Maybe. Of course, we're sharing a room...
William: Maybe they thought you'd share with your sisters.
Natalie: Alethea isn't here. She didn't take the test herself, either.
Milli: Mm. I tried not to, but...
Natalie: You could always make a mess of it.
Milli: I considered that.
Natalie: They must think you have some hope.
Milli: Yeah. Good for me.


Travers: Chase.
Chase: Sir.
Travers: The supplies have for the final trial arrived?
Chase: They have.
Travers: Excellent. Make sure they don't escape.
Chase: Sir.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, Act Two

Milli opens her eyes blearily at a knocking at her door.

Milli: Wha... huaahh?
Travers: Good morning all. Time to get up.

She looks at her watch. 5.18 a.m.


William hits the snooze button on his alarm clock. Then the knocking comes again.

Chase: I believe Miss Hamilton is sharing a twin room with you?


Milli stumbles outside, pulling her jacket on.

Travers: Morning.

Behind him, Nigel makes a note of the time.

Milli: Coffee?
Travers: Do you feel you need it to be alert?
Milli: Yes...

Nigel makes another note.

Milli: Why are we up at this time?
Travers: Yes, it is rather late, isn't it?
Milli: ?!


Chase: Mister Grove.

He makes notes himself.

William: Why with the... getting Charlotte up? You do know she's not a Watcher... Uh... yes. Actually, rather not go into battle...
Charlotte: I... I can. If you want.
Chase: Capital.

He makes another note.

William: Cou... could you give us a minute?

He turns to Charlotte.

William: Wouldn't you rather have a lie in?
Charlotte: Or, now I know this is happening I can stay awake and worry about you and do nothing.
William: ... Okay.
Charlotte: No. I'm coming.


The Prentices meet at the terrace at the back of the manor.

Milli: Hey... uh, Charlotte...
Charlotte: Morning.

Travers looks over the group as they stand before him.

Travers: Excellent. Almost complete attendance.

Nigel makes notes.

Travers: Now, that is... five fifty-two. You have until eight o' clock to prepare and have breakfast, and then the Judicium can begin in earnest. Good morning.

Milli stares at him, slack-jawed.

Milli: What?
Travers: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Miss Blackhurst.
Milli: It still shouldn't take two hours! Could you not have woken us up, like, two hours later?

Everyone looks at Milli. Several people look like they want to agree, but then look at Travers and say nothing. He smiles thinly.

Travers: A Watcher must be awake and alert at all times, ever ready for the call to act.
Milli: And there's no way they'll do a half-decent job if they never get a chance to rest.
Travers: Take the opportunity to rest when it arises. And the opportunity to eat as well. (addressing all) Breakfast service is provided in the long hall.
Milli: ... Watchers.

She turns and stalks towards the hall.

Felicity: You do know who he is, right?
Milli: Yes.
Felicity: ... Good. Just, y'know. Making sure.
Milli: (under her breath) He's my godfather.

The camera heads back to Travers.

Travers: Tired and overly familiar, or a display of leadership qualities? Sinclair.

The younger man who was seen watching the lacrosse game approaches.

Travers: You've read her file, I take it.
Harrison: I've read the files on all of the Cambridge Prentices and their associates.
Travers: You know what to do?
Harrison: Sir.


Milli returns to her room, cradling a cup of coffee.

Milli: Gave us two hours to prep. Or sleep. Of course, now I can't get back to sleep...


And we return to them standing in front of the head table.

Milli blinks, trying to look awake.

Natalie: What's Charlotte doing...
Mary: Oh. Oh dear.
Natalie: But she's not a Watcher. (thinks) He didn't finally propose, did he?
Mary: I don't think so...
Andy: (muttering) That's fine, send Charlotte up too. I mean, I've only been there since the beginning, so why would they ask me...
Harrison: And Mister Travers arrives six minutes early, you'll notice.

He takes Charlotte's seat.

Natalie: Harrison? Harrison Sinclair?
Harrison: Natalie? Alethea's sister?

She nods and averts her gaze shyly.

Harrison: You were three years after me at the Academy. Shouldn't you be up there too?
Natalie: Oh, ah, my birthday isn't for another couple of months.
Harrison: Right, yes, of course.

He looks back to the head table.

Travers: Ah, I see those who failed to rise for the initial inspection have deigned to join us. That being the case, we begin with the trial of accuracy.


Milli picks up a heavy wooden crossbow with a crank to pull the string.

Milli: So, any reason why we can't use our own weapons?
Travers: A Watcher must be ready to use whatever tools they might have at their disposal.
Milli: Trust me, I'll have a better crossbow than this at my disposal.

Natalie smirks from the sidelines.

Natalie: That's our girl.

Milli looks up from checking the sightlines on the crossbow and frowning.

Harrison: Any time soon?

She looks at him suspiciously, and takes her own crossbow out of her rucksack.

Travers: Miss Blackhurst. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you don't have your bag.
Milli: I always do.
Harrison: Just... hypothetically.
Milli: Hypothetically? Make up whatever you want.

Natalie winces.

Harrison: So that we have a level playing field.
Milli: Which we never really do.
Harrison: Yes, well...
Milli: Fine.

She picks up the heavy crossbow, glances at the target and fires into the bullseye.

Natalie: Woo!

The group look at her. She smiles sheepishly.

Charlotte: (quietly) Like she has to try and make the rest of us look bad.
William: I'm sure she's... um... not. Doing that.

He looks at his feet, then pointedly looks at Charlotte.

William: Just... squeeze the trigger. They look like they fire pretty straight.

She does so, and hits the black circle at the edge of the target.

Natalie: Wooo!

The Groves join in.

Charlotte looks like she's about to curtsey to the crowd, but just cringes and hands the crossbow to William.

He loads, takes aim and fires, hitting the blue circle around the bull.

Natalie: (quietly) Woo...

He looks over as Carlton takes another step closer to the target.

William: Should I get you an apple to aim at?
Carlton: ...

Travers consults with Chase, Nigel and Harrison.

Travers: The trial of perception and acuity will commence in the long hall at nine-thirty. Tea (looks to Milli) and coffee will be served beforehand.


Milli: So how does this... oh, I get it.

She walks into the long hall to find a row of stands have been set up, holding paintings, drawing and photographs of a variety of monsters, and one long serpentine skull.

Chase: How many can you name?
Milli: Well, uh... that one's a vampire...

Chase nods, eyebrows raised and smirking to suggest "wow, really?"

Milli: And that's a... something beginning with a Juh-sound. But you kill it by severing both of its spines.
Escher: Correct.

Chase shoots a glance over to him as he sits by the wall. Milli follows his gaze and smiles.

Milli: If you only get one, the other side of the body can keep going.
Chase: Indeed.
Milli: Oh, and this is a... I want to say Kimono...
Chase: Nearly.
Milli: You have to stab it through the brain. You can cut its head off, but its jaws will keep biting... And this is... we're not going to have to fight all of these in the final test, are we?
Chase: Oh, no.
Travers: (to himself) Not all of them.


William: Ah, right. That's a Jegrahhn, with the doubled spine - oh, should I be using the Latin?
Chase: Feel free.


William ushers Charlotte inside, and stops short as he sees Milli still sitting there.

Milli: Hi.
William: ... Hello.
Milli: Er, so, uh, how'd you get on? I heard applause?

William nods and looks at the door.

William: Yeah fine.
Milli: I bet you did much better than me.
William: Well, ah, you've... (gestures vaguely at her) learned a lot of the details.
Milli: So. Um. Any idea what's up next?

William shrugs and goes to look out of the window.

Milli nods and glances at him. He ignores her. She looks away, and back, and away again.

The door opens.

Charlotte: I got, uh... five of them right.
Milli: Oh, hey, that's really good.

She smiles reassuringly, if a little unconvincingly.

Escher steps out.

Escher: Right. Well done. Time for a spot of lunch before the trial of unity.
Milli: Trial of unity?

She looks at the others. William looks at Charlotte. Charlotte shrugs.


Andy sidles into the kitchen, and quickly sidles back out at knifepoint.

Milli picks at her omelette.

Milli: So, uh, this... test of unity...

William almost looks at her.

William: I don't know. What do you think, honey?

Charlotte raises her eyebrows slightly at being called "honey", but smiles.


Milli wanders, hands in her pockets, through the hall, until she spots movement outside. She heads over to the window and peers out.

And we see Harrison playing fetch with a springer spaniel.

She blinks as he notices her and waves, nods slightly, and carries on.


Milli finds her mother having tea on the terrace. She looks up at her daughter with something like a smile.

Diana: Well done. Correctly identified fourteen by weak points. Even if only three by name.
Milli: Mm. Thanks. Where's...
Diana: Oh, your father's around. Probably at the bar with his old classmates.
Milli: Right. Um. So this... trial of unity...
Diana: You know I can't tell you. The form changes. But I imagine there will be something to test your skills against directly.
Milli: Oh, uh, should I go get my leather jacket?
Diana: No, no, it's good to - it's not necessary, I'm sure.

Milli's brow furrows as her mother changes tack mid-sentence, and she looks away to the lawn.

Milli: ... Who's that?
Diana: Hm? Oh, that's, ah, Harrison Sinclair, I believe. Mister Chase's nephew.
Milli: Oh. Guess that explains how he gets to have the dog here.
Diana: Hm... Lemon slice?

She pushes a tray of small cakes forwards.

Milli: I should... be getting back...
Diana: Right then. Ermm... Best of luck.
Milli: ... Thanks.

Diana watches her daughter slouch off, then glances back at Harrison. Watching her go as well.


Milli looks into the bar cautiously.

Milli: My father isn't here, is he?
Simon: Billiards room with Travers and that Nigel guy.
Milli: Oh.

She sits down.

Natalie: You okay?
Milli: Have you noticed something... a bit weird with William?
Natalie: No... was his aim a bit off?
Milli: He seems to be acting funny.
Natalie: He's chatting to Charlotte just fine.
Milli: Is he? Kinda seems like... I dunno.
Natalie: And I hear Charlotte did really well with the demon identity parade.
Milli: Well, that'd be William's influence. (quietly) He's a great Watcher.

She looks around the room, at all the various Watchers and their families.

Natalie: Well, they've been together quite a while now.
Milli: On and off. (quietly) Funny, they probably wanted to pair us up when we were little. Not now, though...
Natalie: Except when -
Milli: When? Oh. Then. But that wasn't really us. So it doesn't count.
Natalie: You haven't talked about it?
Milli: There's nothing to talk about. We've been friends for so long... it doesn't matter.
Natalie: How much do you remember?
Milli: Nothing really. Just the couple days it was "real". And, y'know. Nothing happened.
Natalie: You seemed kind of... couple-y.

Milli avoids meeting Natalie's gaze as she stands up.

Milli: (quickly) Gotta go. Trial by combat and all.
Natalie: ... Good luck with the test.
Milli: Thanks.

She looks over and Natalie catches her eye.

Natalie: And maybe you should talk about it.

Milli nods slightly and hurries away.

Andy: When what? What happened?
Natalie: They were engaged.
Andy: What? They never!
Natalie: In Happyland. The world Matthew made as a trap for us.
Andy: Wow. I don't remember any of that stuff at all.

Natalie watches Milli go.

Natalie: ... Lucky you.


Travers looks over the assembled Prentices, standing in a corridor lined with heavy oak doors.

Milli glances sidelong at William. He looks straight ahead.

Travers: The trial of unity tests the skills that a Watcher must possess, and their ability to react to danger to the good of all, no matter the circumstances.

Assistants open the doors. Travers points to the first of them.

Travers: Millicent Blackhurst, Felicity Langrishe and Carlton Prendergast.
Milli: Huh?

Travers nods towards the door. Felicity heads towards it, uncertainly. Carlton strides in.

Carlton: So, you and me, eh ladies?
Milli: Well, if we need someone to read some Wordsworth, we're sorted...

Charlotte smiles wanly at the Durham and Trinity boys beside her. William glances at her, then at the Durham boy and Edinburgh girl joining him.

Travers: Now. You have ten minutes from the time the door closes on you. To begin with, you will require a flyleaf illustration. Something beginning with K.

The groups step in through the doors and then they shut, and lock.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, Act Three

Charlotte: Somehow I expected that to be worse.

She and her group step out of their room. Behind them, we can see a table loaded with books.

William looks over and waves.


Milli: Is that the bloody -
Felicity: Yes it is, give it here -
Carlton: I thought you said you did read Latin.
Milli: Shut up...


Milli: I guess you were out first.

William almost glances at her as she leads the way out of her group's room.

William: Ah, no, actually, the third group beat us.

He looks over at them, not at Milli.

William: There were a lot of books to sort through.

Milli looks away, as Harrison gathers books noted with bookmarks from each group.

Milli: So baby Chase guy's overseeing this?
Carlton: Travers probably has some afternoon tea he can't bear to miss.
Milli: Great. We really messed this one up.

Harrison takes the book from Milli, and looks through the notes on the bookmark.

Harrison: Good.
Milli: ... Right.

She looks at him questioningly. He smiles placidly.

Milli: So, is that it?
Harrison: One more.
Milli: Oh. Sounded like that was the final test.
Harrison: Well, you know Watchers.

He looks up into her eyes and smiles wanly.

Harrison: We can always find something else to test you on.

She nods slightly.

Milli: So what's this last one?
Harrison: Focus.
Milli: Oh. Right.

She looks at William avoiding her attention, and Charlotte double-checking her results.

Milli: (softly) No problem there, then...


Andy: Focus is the key.

He climbs in through the kitchen window.

And falls back out again.


Milli looks up from her cheese and tomato sandwich as Chase signals to her, and all the Prentices of age. She sighs, puts the sandwich down... grabs it and takes another bite... then takes a swig of coffee before following.


Chase leads the way down stone steps to what looks suspiciously like a dungeon.

Chase: Now. The final test. Focus. Groups by Prenticeship. Durham, split into two teams.

He leads the way to a heavy door with a bar ready to close it.

Milli unsheathes her sword and kicks it open.

Chase: ... It wasn't locked.

She shrugs and heads into the dark.

Charlotte: Torches?
Milli: In my bag.

The door closes, and we hear the bar slamming into place.

Charlotte switches on a torch, and shines it at dark stone walls.

Milli retrieves her crossbow. William takes it with a nod, almost looking her in the eye. She nods back, and hands a long survival knife handle-first to Charlotte. Then they advance.

Milli: Oh good. More books.

She leads the way towards five old volumes standing between two bookends on a heavy oak table.

And then a portcullis drops between her and the others.

And another door opens on the other side.

And we hear something snarling, and see red eyes glowing in the darkness.

Milli runs to the portcullis.

Milli: Can't... lift it...
William: Can you get your sword through the gaps?

She tries, and the crossguard catches on the gate.

Milli: No good.
Charlotte: No chance of another crossbow, then...

Charlotte shines the torch at the thing, and we see her nervously raise the beam upwards.

Milli: Do you recognise it?
William: I'm not sure. It could be a Western D'masdul. Or a Southern D'mostark. Or...

He looks over, and meets her gaze.

William: Look in the books. Under D.

She nods, and runs over to the table, grabbing the first book and looking through it.

Milli: (to herself) Bloody brilliant test, put me on this side looking through books... (pauses) Damn. It is a bloody good test...

She grimaces and shouts over.

Milli: It's arranged by continent!
William: Start on northern Europe!

William throws a stone at the demon.

William: Don't want to waste a bolt...
Charlotte: I'm sure Milli has more.

Milli: Found it. Does it have a reddish leopard spot kinda markings on its back?

William looks to Charlotte and takes the torch from her, then edges around to take a look.

William: Maybe?
Milli: Right! That's the Southern D'm- that one! You need to hit it in the gut and aim up at its heart!

William looks at the thing, and fires the crossbow.

William: Not enough.

He dives under a swipe of its claws, ducking towards the portcullis.

Milli: Can you get its front to me?
William: We'll try.

He runs around behind it, waves Charlotte over, and they both grab an arm and shove. The demon stumbles closer to the portcullis - and Milli's sword, pointing through a gap in the grating. She stabs forwards, into the monster's belly, and aims up.

The hilt of her sword clanks against the grate.

Milli: A bit more!

William shoulder-checks the demon. It gurgles as he forces it onto Milli's sword.

She pulls free and the demon drops to the floor, its body blackening and dehydrating.

Milli smiles at William, relieved. He lowers his gaze. She frowns.

The door opens. Chase gives them what might be his attempt at an approving smile, steps around the sooty pile of demon remains, and unlocks the gate in the portcullis.

Chase: Is everyone all right? We have a first aid team standing -

The door next to him smashes outwards and a hairless green quadrupedal demon the size of a bear bursts through it.

Chase: - by.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, Act Four

Chase and Charlotte look into the room.

Carlton groans and clutches his head.

Carlton: Bloody thing stampeded right over me.


Milli and William run after the monster. It outpaces them, smashing through the main cellar door and bounding upstairs.


Harrison and Nigel meet, along with a number of the other Watchers, at the end of the corridor. Travers stands behind them. Three of them level tranquilliser guns. Harrison looks over his and sees Milli and William behind the demon.

Harrison: Hold your fire!

The monster takes this as a cue to swerve sideways and leap through a window.

Travers: Seal the grounds!
Milli: What is that thing?
William: It's a - (wheeze) - an Alakor Hound.
Travers: (nods) Well spotted.
Milli: What does it eat?


The Hound stops, sniffs the air with a loud gulp, and turns, bounding towards the kitchen.


Andy sees the Watchers arming themselves and heading one way, and heads into the kitchen.


Andy looks up as the Hound barges in through the back door, growling.

He looks down at the T-bone steak in his hands, takes another bite, shifts into werewolf form and meets the demon's charge.


The group of Watchers separates, surrounding the kitchen from all entrances and exits.

Milli leans against the wall and opens the door with the point of her sword.

We see Andy and the Hound locked in combat. Andy prises the demon's jaws apart as it tries to bite through his throat, and hurls it across the room, slamming into the wall.

Nigel fires, and winces as it hits Andy in the shoulder.

Nigel: Ooh! Sorry about that.

Andy falls to the floor with a thud and a whimper. The Hound growls and backs up to charge at the Watchers.

Milli kicks the door and catches it on the face. It reels sideways as the door cracks with the impact. She pushes the door out of the way, swings, and beheads the Alakor.

Harrison looks at Chase as he watches the demon's body evaporate.

Harrison: ... Full marks?

Chase glowers at him.


Carlton uncrosses his eyes to focus on Charlotte as the Watchers check his head for injuries.

Carlton: You're really beau'ful, y'know.
Charlotte: I... have a boyfriend.
Carlton: I thought he was inta Milli.

She drops him onto the stretcher rather abruptly.


Harrison throws a tennis ball for his dog on the lawn.

Milli catches the ball. He gives her a curious smile.

Harrison: ... Hi.
Milli: Harrison, is it?
Harrison: Yeah.
Milli: I was just... curious about the trials. How they're marked. Particularly that unity one.
Harrison: Well, that decision is up to the judge's discretion...
Milli: So you gave us a free pass? Why?
Harrison: It's not really important. You did well on everything else, and thanks to you no-one died. I think that earns you a bonus. And that group from Durham will have to do it again next year...
Milli: Well... I only had to resit a year when I did die...

The spaniel runs around in front of Milli.

Harrison: Throw the ball if you want. It's what he's after.

Milli tosses it away lightly. The dog retrieves it and runs back, dropping it at her feet. She picks it up and throws it down the incline.

Milli: What's its name?
Harrison: Toby.
Milli: So Chase is...
Harrison: My mother's brother. Which means I have to fact-check reports for him.
Milli: ... Reports on us?
Harrison: Sometimes. You make pretty interesting reading.
Milli: Thanks... I think...

She pets Toby as he returns, then rolls the ball back to Harrison and goes.

Harrison: She's... interesting. Got a good throwing arm, too.
Chase: Yes, she does.
Harrison: So her reports suggest no-one's studied the prophecies surrounding the Watcher's Daughter this year, in situ.
Chase: Perhaps someone should?

He turns and looks at his nephew questioningly.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, follow-up

Next time, on The Watch House:

Natalie: My first Mingle for Freshers. This can not go wrong.

Vampires advancing on the ballroom.

Simon staring at someone, jaw dropping in shock.

The next episode of The Watch House is Children.


DVD Commentary

(The opening shot)
Craig: So, yes, our twenty-one-plus Prenticey heroes are being tested, to show they can fight, identify demons, and do research.
Cat: It's another school sports day.
Craig: This one even more than usual.
Cat: And Charlotte's there because...?
Craig: Because of the Awkward.
Cat: Yay!

(William avoids looking at Milli.)
Craig: And here it is... When last we left our heroes, a magical effect to make everyone happy resulted in William and Milli being engaged. So now they have rather clear memories of spending the night together.
Cat: They've gone from being best friends to being like exes without ever actually dating.

(William: Don't look now, it's Durham.)
Craig: Sorry, Durham.

(Milli: Drinking and weapons don't mix, children.)
Craig: An important lesson we all must learn.

(Andy: (dreadful Mexican accent) Eey, gringo, give me some steak...)
Craig: Don't ask me. I was at the script conference, and there it all was...

(Mary: Oh, Jocasta, Pam, have you met Charlotte?)
Natalie: The prospective mother-in-law introducing her to all of her friends...
Craig: Blissfully unaware of the Awkward.

(Milli: He's my godfather.)
Cat: Niiiiiiiiiice! Like it!

(Milli picks up the heavy crossbow, glances at the target and fires into the bullseye.)
Craig: So we were watching A Knight's Tale again...

(Travers: Now. You have ten minutes from the time the door closes on you. To begin with, you will require a flyleaf illustration. Something beginning with K.)
Craig: Now, this is a mental challenge, and it's an automatic lock-in. Start the fans, please!

Cat: Question - where's Oxford? In our canon, they have a Prenticeship...
Craig: That's an excellent question, which I can't really address without possibly inaccurate crossover ideas. So they're, um... away.

(Harrison takes the book from Milli, and looks through the notes on the bookmark.)
Cat: Milli screws up the book test, and Harrison changes the results to make it look like she passes. I kinda liked that, as it showed that Milli's not The Perfect Watcher, and that she does mess up sometimes...

(She drops him onto the stretcher rather abruptly.)
Cat: Heh heh...


Actual Play bit

Harrison is played by Stuart, replacing Matthew. This makes him the first and so far only player in The Watch House's four-year history to take out one PC and create a new one. I let him use the Angel Investigator character points, but only gave him a Hero's number of Drama Points.


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Re: The Watch House Season Six, Episode One, follow-up

*subscribes to the new thread*

I loved the 'Andy hunts for food' subplot, and how it linked back to the main one when the hound turned up at the end. The crossbow trial was neat, too.

Looking forward to next week!


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Hooray for new season. Sounds good already. only one problem
... I... need... more... watch house... *pine*:( One episode just isn't enough. I demand more!!!

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, Pre-Credits

The Watch House 6.02: Children

Milli: The estranged daughter of two prominent Watcher families, dedicated to fighting to forces of evil and protecting her friends, her city and her world.
William: The son of an academic Watcher family, a skilled researcher and scientist, now beginning a Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering after completing a degree in Mediaeval History.
Natalie: The daughter of Watcher gentry, stung by the events of the previous summer.
Andy: A hereditary lycanthrope in control of the change, but often the worse for his constant struggle.
Simon: His sister Melanie murdered by a demon, he joined the Watchers' hunt for the demonic killer and developed an enmity towards all supernatural forces.
Harrison: The nephew of Watcher security officer Richard Chase.

Escher: The Watchers' Invigilator tries to be a good teacher while carrying the guilt of his failings.
Charlotte: William's girlfriend, a civilian, wants to support him, but would rather not have to do so from the front line, or in sight of Milli.
Thomas: The head of the Latin Society at King's College discovered the Watchers accidentally due to his interest in Natalie.

Lavinia: former president of the Classics Society and overlooked would-be heir to the social throne of Cambridge.

Christopher: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy.
Sandra: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy.


Previously, on The Watch House:

Milli: So... we're not getting any new people at all?

A shot of Simon looking at his sister lying still on the floor.

Simon: Melanie?

Escher V/O: Simon Williams. Apparently he was involved in a hunt for a Griach in London over the summer... It killed his sister.

Natalie: Harrison? Harrison Sinclair?
Harrison: Natalie? Alethea's sister?

She nods and averts her gaze shyly.

Travers: Sinclair. You've read her file, I take it.
Harrison: I've read the files on all of the Cambridge Prentices and their associates.
Travers: You know what to do?
Harrison: Sir.

Harrison: So her reports suggest no-one's studied the prophecies surrounding the Watcher's Daughter this year, in situ.
Chase: Perhaps someone should?

Harrison: You know Watchers. We can always find something else to test you on...


We open on Natalie and Thomas standing in the middle of a grand ballroom.

Natalie frowns at a cluster of white and gold balloons bumping against the ceiling. Lavinia lurks by the wall, arching her eyebrows disagreeably.

Lavinia: So, your first day as queen bee not working out quite so well as you imagined? No Rosalind to run to and hide behind now, hm?

Natalie ignores her, passing posters advertising the Freshers' Mingle.

Thomas: Well, I didn't think when I signed up for the battle against the forces of evil that it would get so...
Natalie: Evil?
Thomas: I suppose I could behead her if you wanted...
Natalie: ... Not yet.


Scheming Vampire: So, we strike at their roots - let them see their weakness while they're disorganised.

A group of student-age vampires smile in agreement.

Scheming Vampire: The new blood has come - and what is blood for if not for drinking?


Milli shrugs off her travelling rucksack by the office door.

Milli: (quietly) Home again... (to the room) So, what have we got to sort out right away?

Escher looks up and smiles welcomingly.

Escher: Two new Prentices will be joining us. Christopher Mears, and Sandra Benson-Green. Now, this year we have one subject noted for observation. Oliver Chatterton. Seventh son of a seventh son.
Andy: Which means...?
William: Might be a wizard?
Simon: (darkly) Not another one.

Natalie glances sidelong at Simon. He glares at his book.

William: Oh, and we have the Freshers' Fair.
Milli: Let's not and say we did.
Andy: We could claim to be the Medieval History Of Peru Society this time.
William: Somehow we'd still get members.

He looks around.

William: Simon, you can wear the T-shirt this time.
Andy: Good idea. He looks dour and unapproachable.


Christopher: Hiya! You must be Simon.

A fresher with dark hair smiles cheerfully and shakes his hand as he sits at the History Society booth.

Simon: Yeah...
Christopher: Great. Christopher Mears. Good to see someone helping out who's not a Watcher. Didn't really get that at the Academy, you know?

He pauses and watches two girls walk by.

Christopher: Meeting people who aren't Watchers... and... oh, hey, is there a Brewing Society?
Milli: ... Why?
Christopher: Well, er, you know. Doing... Chemistry.

Milli watches him go, looking suspicious. He waves cheerily. She looks even more suspicious.

Milli: So has the other one signed up?
William: Sandra? Yes.
Charlotte: She's new member number one, in fact.
Milli: Oh well, at least one of them's keen.

She looks at her ream of flyers, sighs, and heads off again.

Andy shuffles by, wearing an ill-fitting T-shirt with History Society stretching over his chest.

Andy: I like brewing. Leads to beer. I think I'll follow him...

Simon sits by himself for a moment.

Melanie: So... is this where I sign up for the History Society?

A girl smiles down at him. He looks up slowly, eyes wide.

Simon: Melanie?

Guest starring Alastair MacKenzie, Dominic Cooper, Hannah Taylor-Gordon, Felicity Jones
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