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(Buffy Actual Play) The Watch House Season Six

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, Act One

Melanie smiles placidly, then looks puzzled as Simon stares at her.

Simon: Melanie?

William looks puzzled.

William: Isn't that... your...
Simon: My sister.
Andy: Isn't she, kind of, y'know... D-E-A-D?

Simon looks at him sharply.

Andy: (quietly) Just sayin' is all.

Melanie follows Simon's gaze.

Andy: Hi.
Melanie: Nice... shirt.
Andy: Yeah, it's a bit... don't suppose you could help me take it off?
Simon: Don't even joke -
Andy: Oh, so she is your sister... (to Melanie) I thought you were D-E-A-D.
Melanie: Dungeons And Dragons?
William: Ahhh, yesss, oh... kay then, would you mind just waiting here a minute, ah, Miss Williams...

He rummages around in his pockets and finds a small cross on a leather cord, and tries to point it at her subtly. She gives him a funny look.

William: (quietly) Right then. Be right back. I have to go and... do... something now.

Everyone watches him go.

Andy: Huh?


Escher looks across at the History Society stand and frowns.

Escher: Have you been using that dimensional portal again?
William: I haven't even plugged it in since it brought Milli back.

Milli and Natalie approach.

Milli: So I gave some to the Archery club for pinning on their targets and... sir?
Escher: Simon's sister appears to have returned from the dead.
Milli: (surprised) What?

Everyone looks at her.

Milli: (annoyed) ... What?


Simon: Who are you?
Melanie: Uh... I'm me?
Simon: You can't be.
Melanie: Why?
Simon: You're dead!
Melanie: ... Nuh-uh!
Charlotte: Simon -
Simon: The demon -
Melanie: Yeah, I remember the demon, you fought him off.
Simon: I... I didn't.
Melanie: Simon?
Simon: I didn't save you.
William: Something strange is going on.

They both look at the group as they approach.

Melanie: Really? You think?
Milli: Uh... this might sound hypocritical coming from me but isn't she... you know...
Andy: She smells alive...
Simon: (angrily) Andy, stop sniffing her!

Simon stands up unsteadily.

Simon: I... need a drink.

Melanie starts to go after him.

William: Give him a moment.
Melanie: What's going on? Why does he think I died?
Escher: Um. I'd like to say this is the first time something like this has happened...
Charlotte: At least she didn't try and stab anybody right away.

Milli looks sidelong at her. She shrugs back with her eyebrows.


Simon stops at the bar, rubbing his forehead as if in pain as Escher reaches him.

Escher: Simon... we'll work this out.
Simon: She's alive. She thinks I saved her. It's like...

He grimaces.

Simon: It's like the life Matthew gave me.

Escher nods slightly, almost hiding a twinge of discomfort at the reminder.

Simon takes out his phone, calls home... and looks shocked.

Simon: Dad? Uh. I. Uh... Um. Mel's here...

He ends the call.

Simon: My dad. He's... home. He's... not in jail.

Escher nods.

Simon: I thought it all went back to normal...

He blinks.

Simon: She's alive. She's okay.

Then he frowns.

Simon: And she's probably pretty confused.


Melanie: So this guy used magic to shift the timeline and Simon still remembers a version where I died? Ouch. No wonder he's confused.
Milli: Yeah. He... may need some time to adjust.
Charlotte: He hasn't tried to stab anyone yet either, though.
Milli: (flatly) Yes, thank you Charlotte...

They look up as Simon returns.

Simon: Hi. Um...
Melanie: Sorry I died on you.
Simon: ... Not your fault. So, um... I've been here... what have you been up to?
Melanie: Oh, y'know, last year at school. Didn't see any more demons or anything.
Simon: Good.


Scheming Vampire: All is in readiness...


Natalie: We are really not ready for this.
Thomas: Now now, it'll all come together.
Natalie: But it's tonight! And - this is making a good impression for the whole College...


Simon: It's not that I'm not happy to see you...
Melanie: Oh, yeah, you look bloody delighted.
Simon: It's just... hard. And strange. I thought he'd out everything back. I had to... think that was...

He trails off.

Simon: Um. Sorry. I'll... be back later.

Melanie watches him go, and her shoulders slump.

Melanie: Bloody Hell...


William: Christopher...
Christopher: Wow. There are so many societies. So many people...
William: Yeah... have you seen any... seventh sons of seventh sons?

Christopher pauses to consider this.

Christopher: ... No... Oh, who's the new unhappy-looking girl?
William: Simon's sister.
Christopher: Isn't she -
William: Not any more.
Christopher: Oh. Like -
William: No, not like that.
Christopher: Ah... Um. Right. So... seventh sons of what now?
William: Seventh sons. Any idea where Sandra Benson-Green is?
Christopher: ... Probably stuck in a library, knowing her.
William: I guess you weren't in there quite as much.
Christopher: I was a bit. I mean, hello, I'm at Cambridge.

He looks around.

Christopher: Oh, hey. There she is.

William follows her gaze, and sees Sandra.

Talking to Harrison Sinclair.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, Act Two

Milli strides over to meet them.

Harrison: Sandra Benson-Green, Millicent Blackhurst.

Sandra offers her hand, looking at Milli with... interest.

Sandra: Oh. I've... heard so much about you.
Milli: Uh-huh.

She looks sidelong at Harrison.

Harrison: I was in the area. To make sure that the new Prentices settle in.
Milli: Thanks for dropping them off, good to see you again, and you must drop by some time.
Harrison: ... I will.

Andy smiles cheerfully at them.

Andy: Great, hi, so that's three for two. Can I take this shirt off now?
Milli: Did you bring another one?
Andy: ... No.
Harrison: ... Meet you at the bar, then?
Sandra: Oh, I don't drink.


Christopher: It's amazing. You can just order drinks and get them...

He ducks out of sight as William leads the way into the Brody. He doesn't spot him, and instead approaches Simon, sitting by the window and staring out intently.

William: Uh... Simon? Join us for a drink? Harrison's round.

Simon looks at the group. No sign of Melanie.

Simon: Yeah, I think... yes.
William: Are you alright?
Simon: No. I mean... pretty shaken up. I lost... and...
William: It'll be okay. We'll straighten this out -
Simon: I don't know if I want it straight.
William: Oh, uh, uh, uh, I didn't mean necessarily... Um...
Andy: So it's good? You're pleased?
Simon: I... guess. So... who's that?
William: Oh, that's Sandra. Another member of the society.
Simon: She's not anybody's dead sister, is she?
William: ... I... don't believe so...


Sandra purses her lips and looks over at them.

Sandra: Does this sort of thing happen quite often?
Harrison: Yes. It kind of does. Their files make for pretty interesting reading.
Sandra: So you're entitled to read their files?
Harrison: Mm-hmm.
Sandra: Gosh.
Harrison: And they don't get the credit they deserve, really. They've saved the city several times, and the world once or twice.

Sandra looks rather worried by this.

Harrison: Of course, one of their number temporarily warped time and space to his own ends. (thinking aloud) Of course, if Melanie Williams's death has been reversed, we should see what else he changed and didn't correct.
Sandra: ...
Harrison: ... What I mean to say is... you're in good hands.
Sandra: Yes, er, I'm sure...

She sips her orange juice nervously.


Natalie: No, really, it should be higher... Milli?
Milli: Have a word?
Natalie: Sure.

She gestures "higher" again to the boys putting up a banner, and follows her.

Milli: So, er... Simon's sister is back from the dead.
Natalie: What, like - (points at Milli)
Milli: No, not like -
Natalie: Then like -
Milli: No, not like that. We think... we think Matthew did it.

Natalie rocks back on her heels.

Natalie: Oh.
Milli: But, it was like the last thing he changed. The most recent. Everything else was like before he was born and she died after he actually learned to use magic, so it's... probably just that...

Natalie doesn't look entirely reassured.

Milli: Uh... and we found the new freshers. (warily) And that Harrison guy was with them.

Natalie brightens.

Natalie: He was?
Milli: Yeah... it sounds like he's here to keep an eye on them. And or us.
Natalie: Right. Hm.

Natalie surreptitiously checks her hair in a mirror on the wall. Milli arches an eyebrow disapprovingly at her.


Milli finds Simon outside the bar, with Andy keeping an eye on him.

Milli: So, how are you doing?
Simon: Surprised... Surprised.
Milli: Does she remember?
Simon: No. School, parents, no more demons.
Milli: So we should find out if she was dead to anyone except us.
Simon: Right.
Milli: And, um, you should do the big brother thing.

She pauses, looking troubled, then hides it.

Andy: You know, watch out for dodgy types that want her help taking their shirts off.

He almost smiles, then frowns again.

Simon: It doesn't feel...
Milli: Real?
Andy: Like it'll last?
Simon: Guess I'm just worried. Magic... hasn't exactly been good to me.


Harrison: He's waiting for the other shoe to drop.
William: It does seem that way. Like... he just found a thousand pounds in his account and he's scared to spend it. Or... worried about the repercussions of the changes.


Simon: I mean, I only found out like three hours ago. Maybe I need to sleep on it.
Andy: It's one in the afternoon.
Simon: ... Maybe tonight then.

William comes out to meet them. Harrison waves as he goes.

Milli waves back with a false smile, then turns to William without even lowering her hand.

Milli: So... what's he doing?
William: Looks like he's here...
Milli: To stay?

Her shoulders slump.

Simon: So we have a nanny now.
Milli: And he's trying the "let's all be mates" trick.
William: Makes a change from Chase coming over and prodding at our cage himself.
Milli: They're getting slightly cleverer. Which is bad.

She gets up and retrieves her bag.

Milli: William... can I borrow something?

He nearly looks her in the eye as she asks.

William: What are you going to do, say "hi, I was just in the neighbourhood and I suspect you of something so I want to hit you"?
Milli: Well, I was going to lie.
William: So, just rap on his door and -
Milli: Plant a bug on his phone.
William: ...

He takes a small listening device out of his book bag and hands it to her.

Milli: Yes, I know, normally I'd just storm in and kick him until the answers fell out, but this is a happy day.
Simon: Um... yeah, I guess it is. Have a good time bugging the Watcher.
William: I think you're overreacting.
Milli: One of the Council's security branch turns up in town for no apparent reason...
William: You couldn't just ask him like normal people?
Milli: ... No...

She shakes her head at the very idea as she goes.


Milli looks around the corner as Harrison emerges from a cash and carry with a four-pack of beer and a can of dog food, and stealthily follows him back to a small townhouse.

Milli: I know this place...


Escher: She followed him?
William: ... Yes, sir.

Escher sets down his paper and frowns.

Sandra: So, we have first year Prentices arriving, seventh sons of seventh sons, and the apparent magical resurrection of the dead, and Miss Blackhurst elects to follow our study advisor home?

Escher and William look at her. She puts her nose back in her book.

Escher: It would seem that he's staying at one of our properties near the edge of the old city.
Sandra: One of the locations of the standing stones grounding the mystical shield that prevents vampires and other possessing demons from entering the protected area around the traditional Colleges?
Escher: ... Yes, actually.


Milli thumps on the door.

Harrison opens it and looks at her questioningly.

Harrison: Oh... hi.
Milli: Hi.
Harrison: This is a tad unexpected.
Milli: Yes. It is unexpected when Watchers you've just met turn up at your home without warning.
Harrison: ... Right. Coffee? Or I have beer.
Milli: I know.
Harrison: I mean... do you want one?

Milli doesn't answer as she looks around the house. Unpacked suitcases, bundles of files, a phone on the floor, an X-Box hooked up to a small TV, and a dog bowl.

Milli: So what's the plan here?
Harrison: Move some of the paperwork and sit down?
Milli: Not really what I meant.

She pauses next to the telephone and retrieves the bug.

Harrison: So why are you here?
Milli: Mostly to ask you the same thing.

She leans against the wall, shoving the bug under a table.

Harrison: We own the property -
Milli: Not here. Here. In Cambridge.

Harrison turns and looks her in the eye.

Harrison: To spy on you.
Milli: ...


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, Act Three

Harrison shrugs as Milli stares at him.

Harrison: I figured you'd want the truth. I'm to report on the new Prentices' progress. And yours as well. Wrong answer?
Milli: Well, I expected you to be a bit more... deceitful. Try that whole "I'm a Watcher but I'm down with the kids" thing again.
Harrison: Sugar?
Milli: Just one. So why did you agree to it?
Harrison: Makes a change from filing reports on Loch Ness Monster sightings. And your file always makes interesting reading.

He smiles at her. She glowers at him.

Milli: And how often are you going to report back?
Harrison: Every forty-eight hours or so. Depending on apocalypses.
Milli: Are you expecting those?
Harrison: There are a few more prophecies about the Watcher's Daughter.
Milli: (quietly) Lucky me. I'm a star. (more clearly) But that might not be me.
Harrison: You died and rose to fight on, and as the sky burned you held the fate of the world in your hand. The only other candidate had run off by then.

Milli frowns as she remembers.

Harrison: So I thought I might help. Keep Chris and Sandy out of trouble, at least.
Milli: Right. Well... don't expect us to trust you.
Harrison: I wouldn't.
Milli: ... Right.

She looks annoyed at him stopping her reasons to be angry. She starts to turn to go, turns back, shifts her weight from one foot to the other, then does turn and go.

Toby the dog sniffs under the table and licks at the bug.


Natalie: So... he was... reasonable?
Milli: Yeah. He kind of... told me.
Natalie: Told you? You didn't hit him?
Milli: Didn't get a chance to.
Natalie: (smirking) That bastard.

Milli leans against the wall of the ballroom, arms folded tightly, as the preparations continue. Natalie gives her a consoling look.

Natalie: Maybe it's all some evil ruse designed to catch you off guard?
Milli: (sighs) Maybe... (brightens) Maybe. Anyway, I bugged his flat.
Natalie: You do know he'll write his reports, don't you?
Milli: ... Damn it.

She kicks at the floor, leans back and looks up, tilting her head at the banner hanging above.

Milli: You're about ready for this thing, then?
Natalie: The first College Mingle of the new academic year? Not nearly. Still, not to worry... (looks worried)
Milli: Hm.
Natalie: Are you ready?
Milli: Yep. Outside patrol routes, ready to grab anything that lurches this way. And stop them if they're not just Freshers who've had a few.
Natalie: My first Mingle for Freshers. This can not go wrong.

Milli gives her a "you really just said that?" look.


Milli returns to the office, hands in pockets.

Andy: So this guy's got six brothers?
Sandra: And so does his father. Hence seventh son of a seventh son.
Andy: So is it like Seven Brides For Seven Brothers?
Escher: ... One earnestly hopes not.
Milli: I don't trust him. He's weird. He's not skulking and being evasive like he should be.
William: Who, the seventh son?
Sandra: Of a seventh son.
Milli: That too.
Escher: Nothing yet.
Milli: Oh well. I meant Sinclair anyway.
Sandra: Oh. Is he a seventh -
Andy: So we don't have any... magic alarms?
William: ... Not any more.
Andy: Damn it. Matthew was really useful. I mean, sure, apparently he nearly drove us all insane by warping space-time to give us everything we wanted and letting some of us know it wasn't real, but... (off everyone's looks) he was... good at alarms and stuff...

Escher enunciates clearly to better interrupt the silence that descends.

Escher: Well. In the meantime, I suggest that you patrol. Per Natalie's request, stand guard near the Mingle. Sandra, Christopher...
Sandra: I think Christopher's going to the Mingly thing.
Escher: Right. Well, tell him to keep an eye out for this seventh son.
Sandra: O-
Escher: ... of a seventh son.

Simon looks up slightly.

Simon: I suppose Melanie will be there too.

Milli looks over at him, brow furrowed with concern.

Simon: Dad's not in jail. Or making superdemons either, apparently. Mum isn't drinking all the time. One big happy family... which is... really... nice...And I don't remember it like they do.
Milli: We'll... make sure she's safe.
William: We'll call everyone in.
Milli: ... Right.

Milli rubs Simon's shoulder, then steps away and retrieves her phone.

Milli: Harrison?
Harrison: Milli? How did you get my number?
Milli: Uh. Um... Mister Escher had it. Because... Watchers. You know. Ahem. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to come and spy on us tonight.
Harrison: That's very... good of you to offer...


Christopher arrives, adjusting the cufflinks on his suit.

Christopher: So, like, I'll patrol inside. (pause) This thing have an open bar?
Sandra: ... I'll watch the door. And, um, if something comes, I'll... call someone?
Andy: Maybe somebody should chaperone.
Simon: How about I do it.
Andy: So it does have an open bar?
Simon: Shut up.
William: Sandra, you should have a weapon.
Sandra: I should?
William: You're Prentices now. It's time you know what we do. Crossbow?
Milli: Only if you're ready.
Sandra: I feel confident in that area.

She doesn't look it.


Christopher looks over the Mingle with a broad smile. It broadens slightly more as he sees Natalie greeting people, in blue and ringlets.

Natalie: Just remember you're here to observe.
Christopher: But it's a party. Your party.
Natalie: And I want people to be safe and happy. Like every night. Evil doesn't respect the weekend, or even Freshers' Week.

Christopher advances, glowering. Then changes direction with a smile, following a group of girls.

Sandra stands by the wall, observing, fiddling with the collar of her sweater.

Natalie: Watching the door?
Sandra: Is that a good idea?
Natalie: We have people doing that.
Sandra: So, I should move?
Natalie: Mingle, even.


Simon approaches Melanie. She smiles uncomfortably.

Simon: It's good to see you. How long as it been... for you?
Melanie: Three months.
Simon: More than a year for me. So you're eighteen... that's just a coke, isn't it?
Melanie: Oh. Um... yes...

She sets her drink down and steps away from it.

Melanie: So, uh... how was avenging my death?
Simon: Not very fulfilling.
Melanie: Good.

She nods decisively.


Natalie: Harrison!

Thomas's brow furrows at Natalie's enthusiastic greeting.

Milli lurks near the door, hunched over.

Harrison: Nice... shoes.
Natalie: They're quite low by my standards, in case of trouble. (glances at Milli) One has to think about these things.
Harrison: I don't think shoes are covered by the curriculum.
Natalie: Well, we are here to advance our learning.
Milli: Not to take tests and do Latin.
Harrison: Well, actually...

Milli shrugs.

Milli: She can kick things in them capably enough. I can't even walk in high heels, myself.

She trails off as Natalie looks up sharply, blinks and looks around.

Natalie: Vampires.
Milli: Where?
Natalie: Not sure. Here, or on their way...

Milli turns to Harrison.

Milli: I'll take the left, and you take the right.

She hurries off before he can respond. He watches her go and frowns.


Sandra: Mister Sinclair?
Harrison: Vampires.
Sandra: Whuh-where?
Harrison: Not really sure. Have you seen Christopher?
Sandra: No...


Christopher: So, like, what are you studying?
Vampire Girl: Anthropology. Human nature. And how to use it against them...
Christopher: Tha's very funny. Can I get'ch'a drink?
Vampire Girl: Yes... I think you can.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, Act Four

Natalie: Now, Sara -
Sandra: Sandra.
Natalie: Sandra, aim for the heart. Hitting elsewhere is good, it softens them up, but it's the heart that you have to aim for.
Sandra: Could I possibly get something that isn't harmful to people? I'm not entirely confident about my aiming in a crowded place.
Harrison: ... Good idea.


Andy: Is that the new boy leaving with a total stranger?
Simon: Already?
Andy: A very pale total stranger.
Simon: Oh.


Milli walks purposefully down the steps from the ballroom door, looking out at the people coming and going.

Three of them notice her and grin evilly.

She nods slightly and strides towards them.

Milli: Now then. You don't want to panic all these civilians, do you?
Scheming Vampire: Not really. But you want to protect them -
Milli: Yeah... but I don't mind panicking them.

She draws her sword.

The two vamps behind the leader turn and run.

Scheming Vampire: ... I hadn't thought of that.

He follows them.

Milli: Come back! Hey!


Thomas looks around, holding two cups of punch.

Thomas: ... Natalie?


Natalie turns slowly and points to a sickly-looking young man skulking through the crowd.

Harrison hurries to intercept him. Sandra struggles with the cap on a bottle of holy water. She finally wrests it free and advances, calling out rather nervously.

Sandra: Going to the bar, are we? Perhaps, ah, perhaps you'd like to wet your whistle?
Vampire Boy: That was the plan.

She flings holy water at him, and splashes his shoes and the floor in front of him.

He steps back and shakes it off his shoe, sidling around it.

Natalie slams into him, knocking him into Sandra. She yelps and scrabbles away as Natalie and Harrison lean on the vampire, pushing his knees into the holy water. He snarls furiously until Natalie pounds a stake into his heart.

Sandra: Oh. Oh my. I feel rather... I'd like to go and lie down. And I have dust in my hair. I can't possibly stay at this party now. No offence, having a lovely time.

Natalie looks up at the crowd by the bar looking at her curiously.

Natalie: ... Party popper.

They nod and go back to dancing.

Thomas makes his way through, a hand in his tux jacket holding a stake.

Thomas: Are you...
Natalie: I got it... This is so disappointing.
Thomas: It seems like monster attacks are part and parcel of the social scene here.
Natalie: But it's my first time organising one...


William and Charlotte sit in the Land Rover, observing.

Charlotte: There goes Milli.
William: Oh? I... didn't see her.

She looks askance at him.

Charlotte: Come on.

He follows her, hefting his axe. He raises a hand to pause, then points to one of the scheming vampire's followers moving stealthily between the parked cars, towards a fresher couple sitting on the riverside.

William goes one way and Charlotte the other. She steps out and trips the vampire up. He runs up and beheads it.


The Scheming Vampire runs towards the river, Milli chasing after him.

Milli: So, how'd you get past the Shield?
Scheming Vampire: Little magic stones.

Milli slows down, glancing around warily.

Milli: ... You're not working for Victoria, are you?
Scheming Vampire: No. I heard you killed her...
Milli: Not me.
Scheming Vampire: Ah well. I was going to avenge her...
Milli: That's fine - I didn't need a personal reason to kill you.

He swings a boot at her head. She ducks under it and elbows him in the knee. He stumbles sideways and springs at her. She slashes, and he jerks to the side, then lunges. She skewers him through the gut, grits her teeth as she presses forwards and pins him to a tree with the sword. He struggles with the blade, snarling.

Scheming Vampire: Aim's a little off, Watcher.
Milli: Yes, but...

She pulls a small branch off the tree and slams it into his heart.

Milli: Close enough.

She tries to pull her sword out of the tree.

Milli: (quietly) Damn it.

She stumbles back as she wrenches it free.


Christopher leads the vampire girl outside for some privacy.

Christopher: So... want to get better acquainted?
Vampire Girl: That's the plan.
Simon: Excuse me.

Christopher looks at him, puzzled. The vampire girl frowns.

Simon: Are you a vampire, by any chance?
Christopher: ... No...
Vampire Girl: He doesn't mean you.

She steps quickly around Christopher and grabs him by the throat, baring her fangs as she does.

Simon: Because one fresher girl coming back from the dead is my limit.

The vampire girl turns slightly as she hears a deep growl from behind her.

Christopher stumbles forwards as she lets go, and looks back at the tearing and screaming, then wipes a spray of dust off his jacket.

Christopher: ... Where'd she go?
Simon: She was a vampire.
Christopher: ... I knew that.
Simon: You keep this up, you're going to die.

He pauses, takes out his flask, and pours it onto the ground.

Simon: I'm gonna go see my sister's okay.

Andy walks past, clapping dust off his hands.

Christopher: ... Finally managed to take your shirt off, then.


The second fleeing vampire runs past a black van. Its driver door swings open forcefully and catches his legs, bringing him to the ground.

Someone jumps out and grabs the vampire, dragging him inside...


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Two, follow-up

Next time on The Watch House:

A wolfish head rising to the full moon - seen through a sniper scope.

The next episode of The Watch House is The Wolf At The Door.


DVD Commentary

Craig: So, yes, we have a freshers' semiformal to organise, a teen Watcher who's never had a chance to buy booze before in his life or to impress girls who weren't Watchers themselves, another teen Watcher who makes Matthew look like the guy I just mentioned... and a vampire cult seeking to murder them.
(Simon stares.)
Craig: Oh, and Simon's sister coming back from the dead.

(Melanie: Nuh-uh!)
Craig: Simon started out as the classic "a loved one was killed by monsters" character. So naturally, I thought it would be funny to mess that up completely...

(Christopher: It's amazing. You can just order drinks and get them...)
Craig: We haven't had a "going to college means you have your own money, an ID that says you can drink, and are supported by lots of people you don't know who are also taking advantage of money and drink" character before. Who didn't have the excuse of being a werewolf, anyway.

(Milli: But, it was like the last thing he changed. The most recent. Everything else was like before he was born and she died after he actually learned to use magic, so it's... probably just that...)
Craig: Does she sound convincing? Or even convinced?
Cat: Not entirely...

(Milli: Yes, I know, normally I'd just storm in and kick him until the answers fell out, but this is a happy day.)
Craig: Attagirl!

(Sandra: So, I should move?
Natalie: Mingle, even.)
Craig: Sandra is just a tad bookish.
Lucy: Not so you'd notice...

(The second fleeing vampire runs past a black van. Its driver door swings open forcefully and catches his legs, bringing him to the ground.)
Craig: A black van, eh? I wonder who that might be...
Cat: The A-Team?
Craig: ... Maybe they should use a white van. Less conspicuous...


Actual Play bit

I checked with Simon's player that he wouldn't mind one of the basic concepts of his character being flipped. It provides angst and plot fodder, having what he wanted but believing its cause, magic, is wrong, and it being thanks to someone he hates, so he went for it.

Craig Oxbrow

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, Pre-Credits

The Watch House 6.03: The Wolf At The Door

Milli: The estranged daughter of two prominent Watcher families, dedicated to fighting to forces of evil and protecting her friends, her city and her world.
William: The son of an academic Watcher family, a skilled researcher and scientist, now beginning a Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering after completing a degree in Mediaeval History.
Natalie: The daughter of Watcher gentry, stung by the events of the previous summer.
Andy: A hereditary lycanthrope in control of the change, but often the worse for his constant struggle.
Simon: His sister Melanie murdered by a demon, he joined the Watchers' hunt for the demonic killer and developed an enmity towards all supernatural forces. And then his sister came back...
Harrison: The nephew of Watcher security officer Richard Chase, apparently dispatched as an advisor to the new fresher intake.

Escher: The Watchers' Invigilator tries to be a good teacher while carrying the guilt of his failings.
Charlotte: William's girlfriend, a civilian, wants to support him, but would rather not have to do so from the front line, or in sight of Milli.
Thomas: The head of the Latin Society at King's College discovered the Watchers accidentally due to his interest in Natalie.

Sandra: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy who seems thrilled by the prospect of becoming a Watcher.
Christopher: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy who seems thrilled by the prospect of meeting girls and drinking.
Melanie: Simon's sister, apparently revived due to magic, as if she had never died.

Sullivan: Half-demon artefact fence and information broker.


Previously, on The Watch House:

Escher: Two new Prentices will be joining us. Christopher Mears, and Sandra Benson-Green. Now, this year we have one subject noted for observation. Oliver Chatterton. Seventh son of a seventh son.
Andy: Which means...?
William: Might be a wizard?
Simon: (darkly) Not another one.

Simon looking down at his sister's body.

Simon: Melanie?

Escher V/O: Simon Williams. Apparently he was involved in a hunt for a Griach in London over the summer... It killed his sister.

Simon: Melanie? You're dead!
Melanie: ... Nuh-uh!

Natalie: Harrison? Harrison Sinclair?
Harrison: Natalie? Alethea's sister?

She nods and averts her gaze shyly.

Travers: Sinclair. You've read her file, I take it.
Harrison: I've read the files on all of the Cambridge Prentices and their associates.
Travers: You know what to do?
Harrison: Sir.

Harrison: So her reports suggest no-one's studied the prophecies surrounding the Watcher's Daughter this year, in situ.
Chase: Perhaps someone should?

Harrison: You know Watchers. We can always find something else to test you on...

A fleeing vampire runs past a black van. Its driver door swings open forcefully and catches his legs, bringing him to the ground...


A figure moves stealthily through the Staircases of the College by night, finally reaching a particular door. He pushes a folded sheet of paper under the door, looks both ways, and hurries off.


Andy picks up the note, then opens the door and looks out curiously. No-one there. He shrugs and closes the door, then looks at the note.


He frowns and furrows his brow.


Andy looks in on the office a tad warily. Simon glances at him and nods slightly without meeting his gaze.

Andy: ... Morning, all.
Natalie: You're up early.
Andy: Yeah... Anything... exciting happening?
Escher: ... Should there be?
Andy: N...o...
Escher: Well then...?
Andy: Coffee?
Milli: Oh, if you're making some.
Andy: Coffee all round?
Milli: Are we celebrating something?
Natalie: Milli, have you considered cutting down the caffeine in your diet?
Milli: ... Don't ask me that.

Andy attempts to place the note in front of Escher surreptitiously. Everyone notices.

Natalie: What's that?
Milli: And why are you trying to hide it?
Natalie: Oh God.

Andy looks at Natalie nervously.

Natalie: It's not your bar tab, is it?

Escher takes it and looks it over.

Escher: Do you know what this is about?
Andy: No. Which is why I wanted you to see it.

Escher nods and hands it to Milli. She shows it to Natalie. They both look at Andy as she sets it down.

Milli: Did you get a scent off it?
Andy: Smells like pen...

Simon picks it up and arches an eyebrow as he reads it.

Simon: Watch your back. Well... it's good advice...
Natalie: But is it meant to be a threat?
Milli: Or something more friendly?
Andy: You have some strange friends. (looks around) Uh... no offence.
Milli: ... Let's ask William.


William looks at the note under a microscope. He turns and glances at Andy.

William: Right-handed. Probably male, judging by the size of the letters and the indentation. Ballpoint pen.
Andy: Told you.

He nods to Milli. William doesn't follow his gaze, but looks back at the letter.

Natalie: Was there a postmark?
Andy: It was shoved under my door.
William: I'll look it over more closely.
Andy: Pub?
Natalie: It's not open yet.
Andy: Oh.


William plugs a fingerprint scanner into his computer with a gaffer-taped cable. He draws it over the letter, then isolates a print.


Escher: So what's Andy doing now?
Simon: Sitting behind his door.
Escher: ...
Milli: What was Plan A?
Simon: Pub.
Milli: Ah.


William logs onto a fingerprint database.

William: Damn it, they keep changing the passwords... Anyone would think they wanted to keep people out.


Natalie: Come on, you. It's getting dark. We have to take the freshers out for a quick patrol.
Andy: But...
Natalie: Everyone else can watch your back.


And cut to the group, sans William or Charlotte, travelling along the town side of the Backs, following the canal paralleling the Cam.

And cut to a wolfish head rising to the full moon - seen through a sniper scope.

A shot echoes and the werewolf falls.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, Act One

Andy wanders along next to Milli at the front of the group, looking around warily.

Andy: Did you hear something?
Milli: Which of us has superhuman wolf hearing?
Andy: ... Sandra?

Milli gives him a look. He smiles weakly.

Then jumps as his phone beeps.

Andy: Hello?
William: Remember Richard Simms?
Andy: No?
William: The mercenary werewolf who tried to make you think your sister had inherited the family curse and then kidnapped you.
Andy: Oh, yeah, vaguely...
William: His prints are all over this letter.


Everyone looks at Andy as he repeats this.

Andy - all over the letter.
Milli: But didn't the Council have him sent to jail?
Andy: Yeah, apparently he served two and a half years and got out for good behaviour.
Milli: ... Bloody Watchers.
Sandra: But -
Milli: Excuse me, I have to go and yell at Chase's nephew.


Harrison: Hi. What's...
Milli: Remember the mercenary werewolf for hire who nearly killed Andy?
Harrison: ... Yes...?
Milli: How did he get out of prison so quickly?
Harrison: Um -
Natalie: Don't we have Watchers on the parole board to prevent this kind of thing?
Harrison: Oh, hello Natalie...
Natalie: Hi. (beams)

She steps back and lets Milli square up against Harrison directly as she receives a call.

Simon: Hi. Are you guys coming back?
Natalie: Oh, come on, let the kids see what a smaller patrol is like. They're all young and enthusiastic.
Simon: No, one of them is young and enthusiastic. The other one is young and petrified.
Natalie: Which reminds me. What are you going to do about Melanie?
Simon: What do you mean?
Natalie: Simon. She knows.
Simon: I don't want her in any danger.
Natalie: And I'm sure she feels the same about you.
Simon: ...
Natalie: You don't have to bring her out on patrol or anything, but she should be able to defend herself.
Simon: Right. Well... What about Thomas?
Natalie: What about him?
Simon: Does he have to defend himself too?
Natalie: Well... he can.
Simon: Hrm...


Melanie squints down the sights of a crossbow pistol.

Simon: Now, you're just aiming for the target. Don't try for the... bullseye.
Thomas: Nice shot.

He looks over as he and Natalie pause between moves, in fencing gear.

Milli leans against the practice room wall.

Milli: So why is Harrison observing us?
Natalie: They obviously don't trust us with their precious freshers.
Milli: I don't think they trust us at all.
William: Actually, I asked them for the file on Simms, not Mister Sinclair.

Milli looks over at him. He doesn't look up from the file.

Thomas looks around.

Thomas: Where are their precious freshers?
Milli: Sandra's in the library. Christopher's probably sleeping in a ditch...


And cut to a body lying in a ditch.


Natalie comes into the office.

Natalie: I spoke to Simms's parole officer. He missed a meeting two weeks ago and hasn't spoken to him since.
Milli: (flatly) Great.
Natalie: He described him as "listless."
Milli: Andy, what would make a werewolf "listless"?
Andy: Um...

As he considers this, Milli turns back to Natalie.

Milli: Did you get an address?
Natalie: And number.
Sandra: Isn't that privileged information?
Natalie: Not to a close relative like I'm not.

Sandra looks appalled.


Sandra looks appalled as Milli forces the door of a small bedsit.

Milli: What? He... left it open...
Natalie: (breezily) That was handy let's go in and take a look around.

Sandra purses her lips indignantly.

Milli: Getting a scent?
Andy: Yeah. He wasn't here recently.
Simon: And he left most of a curry.
Sandra: Hm. Well. What are we looking for?
Natalie: A picture of Andy on a dartboard with I Hate Andy written all over it.
Simon: I dunno...

He points to a chair left by the door, and boards over the windows hidden by closed curtains.

Simon: Looks like he's scared for his own life.
Andy: What are we thinking here?

Everyone looks at him.

Andy: Werewolf hunters?
Sandra: The Watchers' policy on hunting werewolves is to act on a case by case basis...
Natalie: Er... yes. That's right. (nods)
Simon: But there are other groups out there, right?
Natalie: There are...

She walks past a desk piled with papers, including a photo of a black van parked across the street...

Natalie: There's the Hunt Club. But they were supposed to have shut down.
Milli: Yeah... might want to check that out.
Natalie: You would?
Milli: Me? No...
Natalie: Fine.

She takes out her phone.

Natalie: Daddy, hello... I was wondering if...

And as they leave, they pass a black van parked across the street...


Charlotte: So, this werewolf for hire... "Werewolf for hire." I hate our lives sometimes.
William: I know you do.

He smiles at her faintly.

Charlotte: Anyway. Last time he tried to kill Andy, and framed his sister for his attacks.
William: Yeah.
Charlotte: And now he's missing parole appointments.

William nods and loads a dart into a tranquilliser rifle.


And a gloved hand tightens on the grip of a rifle behind the darkened glass of the van as the group leave the bedsit.

Andy: So he hasn't been here for a couple days. And he was at mine that night. And since then...?
Milli: We should look for him.
Andy: I can try and track his scent...

He looks around and takes a deep breath.

Andy: This way. I think. Been a couple days.


The group look down at the body in the ditch.

Milli: Guess you were right...


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, Act Two

Natalie: Maybe we should get out of here.
Andy: He was killed with silver bullets.
Natalie: You can tell?
Andy: (deadpan) I can stick my finger in the massive head wound and see if it burns.
Milli: Or we can get a look at the coroner's report after we report this.

Sandra stumbles back, away from the ditch, with her hand clamped over her mouth.

Natalie: As I was saying. Let's go. You're probably safer at the office.
Milli: They know where it is.
Natalie: Well... probably, yes... but I'd think they're less likely to charge into central Cambridge guns blazing.
Milli: Worth a try...
Andy: Right then. So. I want to be going away now.


Sitting around the group desk, the others listen.

William: So, he was in human form?
Andy: Silver doesn't burn as badly in human form. He probably reverted when the first bullet hit him since he could control the change. (quietly) Like me.
William: I'll look at the crime scene report. See if they find any shell casings.
Andy: Or what kind of car they used. I, uh, smelled petrol fumes.
William: Right.
Milli: We could look for tracks ourselves.

William almost looks at her.

William: The police are more likely to notice a big group. I'll go. Take my analysis kit.

Milli nods slightly as William gets up to leave. Natalie sits beside her and leans in to speak softly.

Natalie: Are things okay with you and William?
Milli: I dunno. You'd have to ask him.
Natalie: You could ask him.
Milli: I would, but he's being kinda weird with me.

Natalie gives her a look. She shrugs weakly.

Natalie: You could always ask Charlotte. Maybe she knows something about.
Milli: It's not that important. He's just been kind of grumpy around me... since the start of term...


William scowls as he looks at a pace meter. He glances across the scrubland between two suburbs towards the backs and the city centre.


Natalie: Well, according to Abigail -
Milli: Who?
Natalie: The niece of the head of the Hunt Club.
Milli: Oh, right... the whole thing with the panther in the woods.
Natalie: That's the one. Anyway, apparently since the Council leaned on the Club to stop killing half-demons and the like, a few members have left.
Milli: Any of them around here?
Natalie: Possibly. A former infantry Sergeant Burridge in Duxford...
Milli: I suppose we could go and talk to him.
Natalie: And if it's not him?


Milli: So we use Andy as bait...
Andy: ...

Everyone looks at him as they stand around the office desk. Then Natalie's phone rings.

Natalie: Hello? Oh, uh... just a moment.

She looks around.

Natalie: It's Abigail. Her uncle's coming to see us.


Lord Spencer-Churchill enters, nodding slightly to Escher, looking sidelong at Andy.

Spencer-Churchill: Ah. Hello all.
Milli: Afternoon.
Andy: Don't mind me.
Milli: To what do we owe the... pleasure?

Lord Spencer-Churchill opens a file and shows the group a photo of a middle-aged man in uniform.

Spencer-Churchill: My man Burridge seeks to kill your lycanthrope.
Milli: Sorry, what?
Andy: Huh? "My man"?
Spencer-Churchill: Formerly. He left the Hunt under a cloud.
Milli: So why does he want to kill our lycanthrope? Who has a name, by the way.
Spencer-Churchill: You've never had a teammate go off on their own recognisance?

Milli cricks her neck.

Milli: Have you actually got any information?
Spencer-Churchill: I can offer a former location, but he hasn't answered calls in the last six weeks or so. And I would point out that he has met some of you and has probably had time to surveil the rest.
Harrison: How up to date is his info? Would he know who I am?
Spencer-Churchill: Hard to say... who are you?
Milli: We wonder this ourselves. Anyway, how do you know he's after Andy? Did he put it in his resignation? "Two weeks notice, off to kill Andy Sampson. All the best..."
Spencer-Churchill: He is a capable silversmith and Mister Sampson would not be the first werebeing in his sights.
Harrison: So he has a record?
Spencer-Churchill: Not a criminal record, of course.
Milli: (flatly) Great.
Spencer-Churchill: One does what one can.

Lord Spencer-Churchill excuses himself.

Simon: So what do we do?
Harrison: Well, if he doesn't know about me, I can put Andy up while you find him.
Milli: And if he's watching us right now?
Harrison: ...
Milli: He can hit us from a long distance -
Andy: What's this 'us' part?
Milli: The 'us' part is that we're at your back protecting you.
Andy: Oh. (quietly) Good. Thanks.
Milli: No problem.
Harrison: Don't stand too near the window.

Andy blanches and sidles away from it.

Milli: William, do we still have that bulletproof vest?

William glances almost in her direction and nods.

Andy: I think this guy might notice if I don't take my vest off when I change.
Harrison: And they shot Simms in the head anyway.
Milli: Can we get him a kevlar hat?
Andy: And if he's out there right now?
Natalie: Um... give you someone else's coat? With a hood or something?
Andy: And a disguise? Don't suppose you've got any bleach in your bag?
Natalie: (offended) Why would I have bleach?
Andy: For your... uh, never mind.

Natalie pats her hair defensively.

Milli: I suppose you could cut it.

Andy pats his hair defensively.

Milli: Hey, it'd grow back!
Simon: Or we could dress you as a bear, as a decoy.
Andy: Or you.
Simon: ... How about I go get you a hat?
Andy: (flatly) Fine.


Simon walks along the lane, hands in pockets, glowering at passing tourists.

Then Burridge steps out as he reaches his flat.

Burridge: Mister Williams.

He keeps his hands in his jacket pockets, with a bulge suggesting a gun in his right hand.

Simon: ... Afternoon.
Burridge: Have you noticed a change in the air?
Simon: Can't say I have.
Burridge: Your friend the wolf can't be tolerated any longer.
Simon: ... Well. Thanks for that delightfully cryptic message. But I wouldn't really call him my friend.

Burridge nods and smiles thinly.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, Act Three

Milli answers her phone.

Simon: Hi. It's me. Uh... I just bumped into Burridge.
Milli: What?
Simon: On my way home.
Milli: Did you catch him?
Simon: No. He just gave me a vague threat and pointed a gun at me.
Milli: Oh.
Simon: Something about the times they are a-changing and Andy can't be tolerated.
Milli: ... Well, we all feel like that sometimes...
Simon: Sounded like he isn't working alone.
Milli: Hm.

Andy looks over as Milli pockets her phone.

Andy: Who was that?
Milli: Simon with a vague threat from Burridge about how you can't be tolerated any longer.
Andy: That's it! I'm gonna find this bastard and rip his throat out!
Milli: ... Not really helping with the "you're no threat to humans" there, Andy.
Andy: ...
Milli: I'm really hoping you won't even meet him at all. We catch him, hand him over to the Council and they send him away...

She looks sidelong at Harrison.

Milli: ... Hopefully for more than two and a half years.

Harrison nods slightly.

Andy paces the office impatiently.


Simon arrives with a black eye.

Harrison: He did that to you?
Simon: He didn't want me following him.
Andy: You took that for me?
Simon: Come on, get changed, then we can get you out of here.
William: Not all of us, obviously.
Andy: Why not?
Milli: If all of us go he'll probably be able to see through the disguise.
Harrison: And then maybe we all get shot.
Andy: Oh yeah...
Harrison: But don't you have any friends outside the group?
Milli: Um...

Andy flips down the hood.

Simon: Who is this handsome fellow, and where's Andy?

Andy gives him a funny look.

Natalie: Maybe we could wear disguises too.
Harrison: Or I could go with him. He might not know about me.
Milli: Assume he does. Too dangerous not to.
Natalie: Then maybe you should -
Milli: No, I don't.
Natalie: But I didn't even say it...
Simon: If Andy's seen with any of us it's useless.
Charlotte: You do realise we're in our HQ, right?
Christopher: How about your sist-
Simon: NO.
Andy: (exasperated) I'll go alone if I have to.

He pauses and looks around.

Andy: But... uh... where am I going?

He looks to Milli for answers. She shrugs.

Milli: Um... hotel?


Sullivan sits in his regular booth at the Boar's Head.

Sullivan: Hi.
Milli: Sullivan.
Sullivan: How was your summer?
Milli: Quiet. Anyway. Looking for a guy.
Sullivan: I could make a comment there... (off her look) But I won't. (smirks)
Milli: ... This is him. Name of Burridge.
Sullivan: What's he do?
Milli: Hunts werewolves. Including our werewolf.
Sullivan: Thrill of the hunt, furs, ritual components, general distaste?
Milli: Distaste I guess... people buy werewolf furs?
Sullivan: If the breed of werewolf stays hairy when it dies. Worth quite a bit... (off her look) So I'm told.

Milli's eyes narrow.

Milli: And he might not stop at werewolves. He might go after half-demons, say...

Sullivan's eyes gleam with a fiery inner light as he leans back into the shade.

Sullivan: (nervously) Right. Well. I'll ask around, then, shall I?

Milli nods and smiles thinly.

Sullivan: Always a delight.


Milli: Okay. Apparently Simms was hiding out in a cave on the edge of town, not far from where we found the body.
William: So what do we do?
Milli: Well, ironically enough, the person best suited to tracking Burridge down is...
Andy: Oh.
Natalie: How about the Hunt Club? It is their passion.
William: No. Knowing our luck he still has friends there.
Simon: And they tend not to think that werewolves are people too.
William: Saving a werewolf by bringing down one of their own...

He shakes his head. Milli nods slightly in agreement.

Escher: We could speak with the Council. If they don't do their best to catch him, we can revoke more of their dispensations to hunt.
Milli: Makes sense. If we can get the Council to do it.
Escher: Mm.
Harrison: Maybe we can apply some pressure.
Milli: You're pretty close to someone high up in the Council.
Harrison: But does he listen to me?
Milli: I'm thinking yes.
William: That will still take some time.
Simon: We can't just sit here for months like Sandra.
Sandra: Do you... (trails off) Never mind.
Milli: Can you call your uncle? Ask him to help?

Harrison nods, retrieves his phone, and steps out into the corridor.

Simon: That must be difficult.
William: One of our friends is marked for death.
Milli: Hopefully he'll be able to do something -


Milli looks at him incredulously.

Milli: Twenty-four hours?
Harrison: That's how it works. It's really Travers's department, but Lord Tone also has to be consulted...
Milli: Andy can't stay here the whole time... (quietly) Should've bought an invisibility potion or something when I saw...

She stops herself as Harrison glances at her questioningly.

Charlotte: Andy? Do you need anything?
Andy: I could go for some comfort food. You know, like pig bits. Bacon. Steak. Pudding. Sausages...
Escher: We only really have a kettle, a teapot and a toaster in here, you know.
Andy: ... I can't stay here! I need to be free! Don't fence me in!
Milli: I suppose we could order a pizza.
Andy: And then I could mug the pizza boy and steal his uniform and escape!
Milli: ... Or... you could have some pizza.

Andy's shoulders slump.

Milli: Okay. Better idea. There are three exits to the corridor. Burridge can't cover all of them.
William: Not on his own, anyway...
Milli: Well then, let's get a decoy.
William: Like what?
Milli: Um... practice dummy? We give it Andy's coat and bundle it into Natalie's car, while some of the others leave with... (looks at Andy) Robert here.

Andy looks behind himself.

Andy: Who?
Milli: Robert.
Andy: Who's Robert?
Milli: You are.
Andy: (slowly) No... I'm Andy...
Milli: Be Robert.
Andy: But I'm Andy!... Did someone change dimensions again?
Milli: No! You're in disguise! I say "hello, Robert," and you say...

She taps his foot with hers as a prompt.

Andy: Why are you standing on my foot? It's Robert you're after! I'm innocent!

Milli makes angry impatient gestures at Andy.

Harrison: Okay. William has the dummy, we're ready to move the package.
Milli: Package?
Harrison: Andy.
Andy: You mean Robert?
Milli: ... Gnaaaa...


Milli opens the door warily and looks out, then sticks her head back in and nods.

William and Simon emerge, carrying the practice dummy in Andy's coat and a baseball cap. Since the practice dummy has no legs and its arms stick straight out, this looks a tad suspicious.

Simon: (projecting) Come on Andy, you've had a few already. Better let us drive you back to your flat, eh?
William: (also projecting) I agree...


William dumps the dummy on Andy's sofa.

William: Right. We'll stay here in case Burridge tries anything.

He looks to Simon for agreement.

William: You head on out. You should still patrol.

He looks vaguely in Milli's direction. She tries to catch his eye, fails, and nods as she turns to go.

He glances at her back as the door closes, then looks away again.


Milli wanders through the old city, hands in pockets and head bowed. She pauses to kick a discarded can across the street, then heads for the Brody.


Milli: Hi, Natalie... yeah, we delivered the package. Wanna meet up at the pub, we can still look around...

She pauses as she feels the barrel of a gun at the small of her back.

Burridge: Miss Blackhurst. Might I have a word?


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, Act Four

Milli raises her hands so Burridge can see them.

Burridge: Put the phone off, there's a good girl...


Natalie: Milli?
Andy: What happened?
Natalie: She just hung up.

They share a look.

Andy: Where was she?


Burridge: Outside...
Milli: So is that a gun pressed against the small of my back or, y'know... pleased to see me...?
Burridge: It can't be both?
Milli: Um... ew.
Burridge: Anyway. It's a tranquilliser pistol. I don't want to kill you.
Milli: Well, good... I don't want to kill you either...
Burridge: I'm only after the dog.
Milli: He's not a dog! He's a person. (quietly) And hey, dogs have feelings too...
Burridge: I know. But we're at war, Miss Blackhurst.
Milli: And he's on our side.
Burridge: Is he?

Milli grabs Burridge's wrist and twists it. He yelps as he drops the gun, and she turns, forcing his arm behind his back.

Milli: I'd rather have him at my back than you.
Burridge: Well. I hope you don't live to regret that...

Milli looks up as Andy leads Natalie and Harrison through the bar towards them.

Andy: You okay?
Milli: I got him.
Burridge: This time.

Burridge glares contemptuously at Andy, who scowls back.


And outside, someone watches through a telephoto lens, seated in a black van. The window rolls up, and the van speeds away.

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