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(Buffy Actual Play) The Watch House Season Six

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Three, follow-up

Next time on The Watch House:

Milli blinking back tears.

Milli: What is going on?

William stumbling away.

William: I can't...

The next episode of The Watch House is Breaking Point.


DVD Commentary

(Richard Simms.)
Craig: This week on The Watch House, obscure continuity shoutouts.

(Natalie: Well, according to Abigail -
Milli: Who?)
Craig: See what I mean?

(Andy: Huh? "My man"?)
Cat: I love that that's the bit you ask about...

(Andy: Who?
Milli: Robert.
Andy: Who's Robert?
Milli: You are.)
Craig: Sometimes these scenes just happen...


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I smell a conspiracy!

Also - APPROVED. Especially "Who's Robert?"


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Yay! More good stuff. Andy especially had good lines.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes (and what Simon's role in it is...)


Brave New World
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I've really been enjoying the latest of the Watch House - nice to see Andy & Simon get some more screen time, and some great lines this time. William had one of my favorites, but everyone had choice things to say. There's something satisfying when everyone gets a zinger.

And just waiting to see what happens to poor Charlotte (and Millie, and William...) Nice rachetting tension on that triangle.

Most SO's seem to end up dead or vamped. Helen got lucky. Perhaps a Vengence demon this time round? Merely speculations on my part, but I'm thinking this relationship's crash'n'burn wouldn't be at all pretty. Even if Charlotte somehow manages to stay 1) alive and 2) human.

Ah, the Watch House...you all seem to have a great time playing and putting the characters through the wringer. (And we love it so.)

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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, Pre-Credits

The Watch House 6.04: Breaking Point

Milli: The estranged daughter of two prominent Watcher families, dedicated to fighting to forces of evil and protecting her friends, her city and her world.
William: The son of an academic Watcher family, a skilled researcher and scientist, now beginning a Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering after completing a degree in Mediaeval History.
Natalie: The daughter of Watcher gentry, stung by the events of the previous summer.
Andy: A hereditary lycanthrope in control of the change, but often the worse for his constant struggle.
Simon: His sister Melanie murdered by a demon, he joined the Watchers' hunt for the demonic killer and developed an enmity towards all supernatural forces. And then his sister came back...
Harrison: The nephew of Watcher security officer Richard Chase, apparently dispatched as an advisor to the new fresher intake.

Escher: The Watchers' Invigilator tries to be a good teacher while carrying the guilt of his failings.
Charlotte: William's girlfriend, a civilian, wants to support him, but would rather not have to do so from the front line, or in sight of Milli.
Thomas: The head of the Latin Society at King's College discovered the Watchers accidentally due to his interest in Natalie.

Sandra: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy who seems thrilled by the prospect of becoming a Watcher.
Christopher: A new arrival from the Watchers' Academy who seems thrilled by the prospect of meeting girls and drinking.
Melanie: Simon's sister, apparently revived due to magic, as if she had never died.

Sullivan: Half-demon artefact fence and information broker.


Previously, on The Watch House:

Escher: Two new Prentices will be joining us. Christopher Mears, and Sandra Benson-Green. Now, this year we have one subject noted for observation. Oliver Chatterton. Seventh son of a seventh son.
Andy: Which means...?
William: Might be a wizard?
Simon: (darkly) Not another one.

Simon looking down at his sister's body.

Simon: Melanie?

Escher V/O: Simon Williams. Apparently he was involved in a hunt for a Griach in London over the summer... It killed his sister.

Simon: Melanie? You're dead!
Melanie: ... Nuh-uh!

Natalie: Harrison? Harrison Sinclair?
Harrison: Natalie? Alethea's sister?

She nods and averts her gaze shyly.

Harrison: So her reports suggest no-one's studied the prophecies surrounding the Watcher's Daughter this year, in situ.
Chase: Perhaps someone should?

Harrison: So why are you here?
Milli: Mostly to ask you the same thing.
Harrison: To spy on you.

A fleeing vampire runs past a black van. Its driver door swings open forcefully and catches his legs, bringing him to the ground.

The same black van sitting outside Andy's flat...


We open on two young men trying to force the door of a car.

Andy: Need a hand there?
Car Thief: Uh, n-no... we got it...
Milli: Have you?
Harrison: What's the licence number?
Car Thief: Er...
Milli: (disapprovingly) I really don't think this is your car.

Milli idly aims her crossbow at them. They look at it, at her, at Andy, Harrison and William standing around them.

Milli: Whose turn is it to call the police?... Harrison, your turn.

Harrison nods and retrieves his phone.

Harrison: Well, guys, I... Hello, yes, police please...

They run. Milli chases after them.

Harrison: They really should have waited for the cops...
William: So is there a reason we're hunting common thieves now?
Andy: Well, we shouldn't really let this sort of behaviour go unpunished, should we?

Milli elbows one in the stomach as she sweeps the other's legs out from under him.

Milli: Someone sit on that one, I'll sit on this one... William?

William glances at her and looks away.

Milli: ... Andy?

Andy nods and looms over the second car thief.

Milli: Stop squirming... Want me to knock you out?
Harrison: Don't overdo it.
Milli: I know. These are people. Stupid criminal people, but still people.

She looks down at the one she has pinned.

Milli: So, first time, or do you make a habit of this?
Car Thief: Getting caught by punk vigilante girls?
Milli: No, the whole "crime" thing.
Andy: Perhaps you should consider an honest job. There are a variety of services to get people with a record back into gainful employment, as I'm sure your parole officer will be happy to tell you.
Milli: ... Andy's brain contains all the knowledge in the world. It's all just hidden away very well.
Harrison: ... It's a very clever hiding place. No-one would think to look there.

Milli smiles slightly at this. Harrison grins.


They watch the police van pull away.

Harrison: Been quiet lately, hasn't it?
Milli: Worryingly so. There haven't even been any vampires since Freshers' Week...

Sullivan steps out of a darkened side lane and smiles thinly as they go.

Sullivan: There is actually a reason for that, young lady...


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, Act One

The group reach the Brody, to find Christopher already there.

Harrison: Oy. Christopher. Where have you been?
Christopher: ... Here...
Harrison: Right. You get one warning. Next time, we'll send Milli in here to drag you out by your ear.
Christopher: Hmmm...
Harrison: Or Andy.
Christopher: ... Right.
Harrison: How many have you had already?
Christopher: Why?
Harrison: I'm your Watcher.
Christopher: Hmph.

Milli looks sidelong at Harrison as he returns.

Harrison: Yes, yes, it all supports the theory that I'm spying on you.
Milli: It's not really a theory so much as a stated fact, though, is it?
Harrison: Ah, but have I been reporting my findings?
Milli: ...

Christopher joins the group, hands in pockets.

Christopher: So... how much is Sampson drinking?
Andy: I'm allowed.
Harrison: He has a letter from his mother. Whereas you need to be alert.
Christopher: Hey, you saved me from that vampire girl, which was... the last time anyone's seen a vampire around here...
Milli: Hrm. I know the Highmore Club cleared a lot out last year... and there was the... year before...

William glances at her. She turns to look at him, and he returns to looking at his glass.

William: I rather appreciate the quiet times.
Milli: Quiet times make me suspicious. Usually means something far worse is coming.
Harrison: ... Darts?

Andy shrugs and gets up to follow him.

Milli: So... uh... where's Charlotte this evening?

William glances at her momentarily.

William: Meeting me here. I'll go and check.

Milli watches him go and her head droops.

Harrison: Penny for your thoughts?
Milli: Oh, uh, um... turnips.
Harrison: What?
Milli: I was thinking about... turnips... They can... be used to repel demons around Hallowe'en, but not the rest of the time... what's up with that, eh?
Harrison: ... What's going on with you and William?
Milli: What? Me? William? What? Me and what?
Harrison: He's -
Milli: Meeting up with Charlotte. There she is. He and Charlotte seem fine. Together.
Harrison: ... Yes... I heard that you were really good friends -
Milli: I thought we still were...
Harrison: You don't act like it.
Milli: Well, um, he's... he feels bad about putting himself in danger, so, um, he likes to stay focused, he just seems... (sighs) ... kind of... off with me.
Harrison: Do you want me to have a word?

Milli looks over at William and Charlotte.

Milli: ... No.
Harrison: Are you sure? You seem really down about this.
Milli: I'd have thought the Watchers would be happy about that. Being professional and detached and all that.
Harrison: Not really.
Milli: Hm.

She looks at her glass.

Milli: Tried talking and it hasn't worked, because he... won't really talk to me.
Harrison: I can just ask him as an outside observer -
Milli: Don't say I asked you to or it came from me or I was involved in any way at all.
Harrison: Another cider?
Milli: Uh... no.

He nods, and heads over to the bar.


Charlotte: Car thieves? Well, I suppose I'm relieved.
William: Yes, but we're really not supposed to be vigilantes.
Harrison: Yes, well, an apocalypse every night would just get boring.

Charlotte excuses herself.

Harrison: William...
William: What is it?
Harrison: I can't help noticing... I mean, this is nothing to do with me, of course... but you and Milli are, or at least you're supposed to be, good friends.
William: We... um...
Harrison: You were always playing together while you were growing up -
William: Well, only really during the summer...
Harrison: And now you're barely speaking to her.
William: Well, uh... that was... things... change... People, y'know... they... change. Sometimes they come together. (blanches, quickly) And - and I mean sometimes they go their separate ways.
Harrison: But neither of you are leaving, are you? You're just not speaking.
William: Well, ah, I suppose it might seem that way to an outside observer -
Harrison: It does.
William: Well, ah, why does this, did, did she say something?
Harrison: No.
William: (suspiciously) You were talking to her.
Harrison: People do that. Speaking generally.

William looks intently at the bottom of his glass.

William: Did you... hear about... what Matthew did?
Harrison: Which time?
William: Warping reality to... uh... get us off his trail.
Harrison: A little bit.
William: About how Milli and I... were a... couple.
Harrison: Oh.
William: Yes. So, ah, things are perhaps a bit different. We need some time to adjust.
Harrison: Do you want to discuss it?
William: She said not to talk about it.
Harrison: And you're taking her advice literally?
William: Erm.
Harrison: Well. I could... act as an intermediary. To iron out problems like this.

He looks at the bar.

Harrison: Drink?

Sandra hurries up to them.

Sandra: Sir -
Harrison: You don't have to call me "sir", Sandra.
Sandra: No sir. But I was looking at recent reports of vampire activity in the borough, and there seems to be a pronounced downward trend.
Harrison: So you ran in here to tell me there aren't many vampires around.
Sandra: Yes sir. It's most irreg-
Harrison: We'll look over your findings in the morning. Go out, have some fun.
Sandra: Sir?
Harrison: That's an order.
Sandra: ... Yes, sir.

She turns and slopes off, head drooping.

Sandra: Most irregular...


And as she leaves, we see her being observed through a night vision scope.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, Act Two

Andy: You're totally wrong, Milli.
Milli: No I'm not.
Andy: Cornflakes are way better with honey!
Harrison: Ahem. Andy. Take this fiver. Get some drinks.
Andy: ... Okie doke.

Milli looks at Harrison suspiciously.

Milli: Did you just buy Andy off?
Harrison: Seemed like the most effective way to defuse the argument.
Milli: You could spend a lot of money doing that.
Harrison: ... Yeah.

He sits down and sets a pint of cider in front of her.

Milli: I didn't want one...
Harrison: I spoke to William.
Milli: Oh.

She looks at him glumly.

Milli: What is going on?
Harrison: I asked him about you two.
Milli: Is it about him getting hurt? Because I -
Harrison: He thinks it's about the spell Matthew cast. The changes he made. Where you and he were...
Milli: Oh. But... I don't understand...
Harrison: He said you were involved -
Milli: We were engaged.
Harrison: Ah.
Milli: So, um... I didn't want to talk about it.
Harrison: Right.
Milli: But, but I didn't mean not to talk about anything else!
Harrison: What do you remember?
Milli: Well, um... the false memories are all kinda like something I read, but the two days that really happened...
Harrison: ... Really happened.
Milli: Yeah.
Harrison: And you...
Milli: We did.
Harrison: Ah.

Milli picks up the pint and takes a gulp.

Harrison: William and Charlotte have been together for a long time now.
Milli: Yeah.
Harrison: But you've known him a lot longer.
Milli: Yeah, but not like that!
Harrison: Not till now.

Milli grimaces.

Harrison: Look, talk to him.
Milli: (whinily) Don't want to.
Harrison: You have to.
Milli: What am I supposed to say? We were both under a spell and it was bad and wrong and wrong and bad and it's William and we... um... oh God...
Harrison: If you're that discomfited -
Milli: Why should we both be that uncomfortable?
Harrison: Because you have to talk about it. Because you have to work together. Because other people have to put up with you two.
Milli: Well... (struggles for words) You don't!
Harrison: ... I'm buying a bottle of tequila. Maybe that'll help.


Charlotte: So what's going on with that Harrison guy?
William: I wouldn't want to hazard a guess. You know what Watchers can be like.
Charlotte: ... Yes. Yes, I do...
Harrison: Hi. Mind if I borrow William for... well... Watcher business?
Charlotte: (sighs) How long'll it take?
Harrison: Could be a while.
Charlotte: ... Fine. I have some papers to look at anyway.

She kisses William on the cheek. He smiles at her glumly as she goes.

Harrison: It's about Milli.
William: I knew it. She did tell you talk to me!
Harrison: Never mind. Come on, I've got tequila, we're going to sort this out.
William: But -
Harrison: Don't argue. Come. Tequila. Sort.

William follows, glowering.

Milli looks up. William lowers his gaze.

Harrison: Okay you two. Drink. Talk.
William: Fine. (sighs) Apparently we're here to solve a problem.
Milli: What's the problem?
William: What did he say the problem was?
Milli: I'm not talking to him, I'm talking to you.
William: ...
Harrison: So talk back!
William: And say what?
Milli: Say things with... words.
William: You're drunk.
Milli: That aren't having a go at me.

William sits down wearily.

William: Okay. What do we have to talk about?
Milli: I just said not to talk about that.
William: But it's... hard to talk to you now.
Milli: Why? I'm always around. Or, y'know, in the practice room.
William: Well...
Harrison: I can go if you prefer.
Milli: Right.
William: Yeah...

Harrison nods and steps back.

William: ...
Milli: ...
William: So, talk about this tomorrow when you're less drunk?
Milli: I don't wanna talk about it at all. Let alone when I'm less drunk.
William: ... Okay. So, you would rather...?
Milli: Do what?
William: Talk?
Milli: Tomorrow? Or now?
William: That's why we're here.
Milli: Harrison went away.
William: He's right over there.
Milli: Oh. Okay then.
William: So...
Milli: You're not looking at me.
William: Well...

He trails off.

Milli: Is it because you've seen me naked?

William spits out half of his shot.

William: ... Yes.
Milli: Oh.
William: I mean... I'm with Charlotte.
Milli: Yeah, I know.
William: And -
Milli: I didn't think it was that strange when I saw -
William: (stammering) At-ut-buh-
Milli: Erm, well, anyway. Wasn't really me. Just... physically. And, y'know, I didn't have this - (points to the cross tattoo on her arm) - or this. (taps the stud in her nose). And the circus taught me a lot... About acrobatics. So it's not like it was like really sleeping with me...
William: But... still... it was...
Milli: Yeah, kinda...

They both reach for their glasses.

Milli looks at her phone as it rings, and presses to take the call.

And cut to Natalie, Simon and Thomas, following Sandra through a cemetery on the edge of the city.

Natalie: We're going to -
Milli: Natalie! You're like my best mate -
Natalie: Um -
Milli: ... Even if you are a total girly... girl... person.
Natalie: Well...
Milli: Boys like that.
Natalie: ... Yes...
Milli: Boys're rubbish.

Natalie looks at her phone as it beeps to show "end of call".

Natalie: ... I think we'd better make a short sweep.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, Act Three

Milli looks at her glass thoughtfully.

Milli: It's... kinda like being an ex.
William: Is it?
Milli: Yeah. Now we remember being a couple. And seeing... things. And, um - (drinks) y'know.
William: But... Charlotte's the only...
Milli: Oh God, now you're comparing?
William: (quickly) No!
Milli: You are!
William: No. But... just saying... it's... odd.

He refills his shot glass.

Milli: Okay. Well... Jake was kind of the only boyfriend I've ever had, so I don't really know what it's like having an ex. And it doesn't really count since it's just a thing that happened and wasn't real and I am going to strangle Matthew if I ever see him again. I mean, surely if he was going to send me to Happyland he'd just have...

She chews her lip thoughtfully.

William: Look, we have to work together. And we're supposed to be friends.
Milli: Well, we've always been friends. And I want us to always be friends.
William: But this thing happened and we remember it...
Milli: Oh. You're not... doing that now, are you?
William: No!

Milli quickly folds her arms over her chest.

William: Er, well, anyway -
Milli: So you have flashbacks?
William: No...
Milli: Really?
William: Do you?
Milli: Well, um... I... um...
William: No?
Milli: Well, at the time, it seemed like it was going really well... It was... (quickly) but I was very different.

She points to her tattoo and nose stud again.

William: Right. Yes. Obviously.
Milli: Not that I ever thought about you like that before.
William: Right. Obviously. Yes.
Milli: Or. Y'know. Since.
William: Obviously. Yes. Right.

They both drain their glasses.

William: I can't...

Milli nods.

William: I hate alternate realities.
Milli: Hey, I'm from an alternate reality?
William: ... Not so much. Just a bit...
Milli: Hmph.
William: But, um, anyway.
Milli: And you're still good with Charlotte. That's... right.
William: Yeah, it's... nice.
Milli: Nice?
William: Um -
Milli: Were we better?
William: At-ut-buh -
Milli: Well?
William: It was - different!
Milli: (rolls eyes) Tchuh, "different"...
William: Well... was... no, I don't wanna know.

He drinks again quickly.

Milli: So, erm... whoa. So what does this mean, then... For... us?
William: Um...
Milli: You're... still with Charlotte...
William: Of course. Tha's no' even a question.
Milli: Yes. Not at all. No question. No.
William: But we're able to talk about this issues.
Milli: This issue.
William: Yeah. Cause we're friends. Nothing between us.

He leans over the table.

Milli: Wuh. Oh. Um. No. No indeedy.

She leans away.

Milli: So we're still... close?

William props himself up on his elbows.

William: We're always close, Milli. As... we ever were. Be like we were before.
Milli: Right. Good.

William pours more drinks.

William: To us.

They link arms to drink. Their eyes meet, inches apart.

Milli: I... need some fresh air.

She glances back at him as she reaches the door. He meets her gaze and gets up to follow.

They head around the side of the pub into a dark alley.

He puts an arm around her and kisses her.

She returns the kiss.

And a vampire lunges at them.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, Act Four

Natalie: So, this theory about how there aren't many vampires around...

She raises her crossbow and advances on a dark corner of the cemetery.

Sandra: Well, it would seem that even considering the attacks by the Highmore Club and the disorganisation of the species following the departure of the Valdermar woman, we should still be seeing thirty-two per cent more vampire activity than we are.
Natalie: So what are you saying?
Simon: Maybe they've finally learned to stay away from us.
Sandra: I would like to believe that, but I suspect some other factor is more likely...
Natalie: Like what?
Thomas: Isn't this a good thing? Less vampires?
Sandra: Possibly. But it might mean more opportunistic attacks...


The vampire grabs William. Milli opens her eyes as it pulls him away.

Milli: Hey! That's my... friend who... I was kissing... ohgod.

The vamp snarls and bares its fangs at her, dropping William and advancing on her. She flails for the strap of her backpack, which is still inside, and then pats down her jacket pockets.

Milli: Sure I had a stake in here somewhere...

She sighs, grabs the bin by the kitchen door and smacks the vampire across the jaw with it.

Milli: Oh, hey, there you go.

She retrieves a pencil and jams it into the vampire's heart.

William crawls over and tries to climb up her, accidentally creating a gender-reversed restaging of a Conan cover as he clings to her leg and she stands proud, weapon in hand.

Harrison steps outside and looks at them.

Milli: We were... fighting a vampire.

William struggles to his feet, then leans against the wall.

Charlotte: What's going on?

She looks in from the end of the lane.

William: There was a vampire.
Charlotte: And what else?
Milli: Oh it was Harrison he did it blame him. I'm a' go home now I can get all way home standing up by myself.
Harrison: You live that way.
Milli: Get my bag.
Harrison: Andy can -
Milli: And my Andy. (frowns) No, wait. Not my Andy. I not with any boy in the group. Nuh-uh.

She manages not to look at William as she says this.

Milli: Talked. Slightly better. (pauses) Don't feel better. Home now.
Harrison: Come on.
Milli: I'll make it.
Harrison: ... Andy, make sure she gets home.

He turns to Charlotte.

Harrison: Charlotte, can you...?
Charlotte: Yeah. I got him.

William smiles at her faintly.

William: Yeah. You got me.

Harrison watches them go, then glances after Milli.


Milli pauses and looks back for a moment, and we see her eyes glistening as she turns back and carries on.


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The Watch House Season Six, Episode Four, follow-up

Next time on The Watch House:

Sullivan standing in front of Natalie, and another Sullivan appearing beside her.

Andy in werewolf form rocking a caravan back and forth.

A large, scaled monster looking at the group curiously.

The next episode of The Watch House is All That Glitters.


DVD Commentary

(Sullivan: There is actually a reason for that, young lady...)
Craig: This we call foreshadowing. I'm just not entirely sure what it relates to in this episode, though...

(Milli: I don't wanna talk about it at all. Let alone when I'm less drunk.)
Cat: Note how she doesn't say "sober".
Dave: Milli's a realist.
Cat: ... Not really, But I suppose in this case...

(Milli: And the circus taught me a lot... About acrobatics.)
Cat: It's a fair point!

(Milli: Well... Jake was kind of the only boyfriend I've ever had...)
Cat: I thought this needs more emphasis.
Craig: Poor Milli. We're so horrible to her.

(William kisses Milli.)
Lucy: Woohoo!

(A vampire lunges at them.)
Cat: Oh thank God!
Craig: With an exclamation mark?
Cat: I think there was probably enough relief to justify an exclamation mark...
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