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Bug report: Watch list not jumping to new posts


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Whenever a thread I'm watching goes idle for a long time and then has a new post, it jumps to the top of my "watched threads" list as usual. Good. But then when I click on it, my browser doesn't go to the new post - it goes to the first post in the thread. It's as if after a certain time without activity in a thread, the board forgets my place in it.

Here's an example, with 1 month between the second latest post and the latest post:



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Just by way of corroboration - I do not have the Voodoo Home for Ungamed Characters thread on my watch list, but I'm in the MetaPBP forum daily, so I see when it gets a new post and I go look at it, and if the thread has been inactive for awhile I experience the same issue JoeNotCharles JoeNotCharles is describing above. The title link takes me all the way back to the first post rather than the latest post.


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That's likely to be more of a cookie issue, something that's outside of our scope as it's probably something native to XF.


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As a workaround, if you hit the "jump to new" button at the top of the thread, it will take you to the newest post.
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