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I'll note that Descent miniatures are a smaller scale than typical 28mm stuff, so if you're looking to bulk out a rpg miniatures collection, this game probably a wrong fit


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CMON board games are also great. Higher quality board game miniatures in all sorts of styles and flavors. I just picked up Zombicide: Black Plague for ~$65 USD, excellent for a horde of fantasy zombie figures and comes with 71 miniatures total. I've been eyeballing Blood Rage (49 figures for ~$60), and Massive Darkness (75 figures for ~$100), as well as the other Zombicide games. I wanted some pirate themed miniatures, so I got Rum and Bones 70 figures for ~$75.
You're not wrong there.

I'm still painting my way through Rising Sun, and they're amongst my favourite minis from any game. Great quality sculpts for not much money at all.

I also have a love of painting old toys that are more or less mini-sized. Monster in My Pocket, Muscle Men, and so on. Of course, not sure if you can pick those up cheap easily, I just have a load from when I was a kid, and painting them is more affordable to me than buying minis.
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