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[Burning Empires] - Prometheus Chained


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My group is having a great time with Burning Empires. The game is based on the Burning Wheel rules system by Luke Crane, and Chris Moeller's comic series Iron Empires.

The game is fun, the system is great, and the book is a beautiful full color masterpiece. But this is about the play, so let's talk about play.

I've got a great group of guys that I've gamed with for the last 4-5 years, and with Burning Empires, we've hit our stride. We support each other to create a fun atmosphere and a great experience at the table. The only complaint I have is that our weekly sessions are too short! But that's what happens when you get older and life gets in the way.

Let's hear the play.

Here are two podcasts I put together, highlighting session two and session three of our game. Give it a listen, if you like, and hear Burning Empires being played!

Session two has the combat system, called firefight. Session three has the social combat system, the duel of wits. Anyhow, hope you enjoy it.


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Maneuver Four was recorded last night, and is now available! Again, we have two locations for the podcast, to account for some problems people have been having on one or the other. Here is the file on Archive.org here, and the same file on Media fire here.

I provided some timer notes below on major events and quotes in game.

04:07 – Cesar Leon Color

11:27 – Markus Building.

20:57 – "...using computers and wireless and shit! Go Future!"

24:17 – Markus Interstitial

31:45 – Hammond Building

38:01 – Jacques Desant Building

40:46 – "We're twelve!"

49:07 – Jacques Desant Color

50:56 – Ivo Ker Martin Interstitial

54:35 – "and I don't ... the Hand of Prometheus doesn't want him free.."

59:48 – "And it completely blows up in his face." "Literally."

1:02:48 – Ivo Ker Martin Building

1:15:15 – "Too little, too late, Mr. Martin! Too little, too late!"

1:16:11 – Taurus Color Scene

1:17:48 – Maneuver Roll

1:19:18 – "As close to torture without going over, 'Price is Right' style."

1:26:12 –Artha Awards

1:33:27 – After game discussion

1:34:00 – "Did we do the maneuver right?"

1:35:59 –The Sequel for Maneuver 4

1:40:24 –Next game discussion
After some wrangling with the file, I finally managed to get Maneuver 5's Podcast ready and available to download. I'm including some timing notes for the juicy bits, as well as a summary of events in game.

The file can be found in two places, as per usual.

Here's the file on Archive.org
And here's the same file on Mediafire.

Hope everyone enjoys it! For pure hilarity, skip to 1:25:10, where we have two duelling Kerrn accents.

0:00 – Previous session housekeeping.

Jaques Desant’s beliefs are updated, plus the consequence of a 9 month downtime is added to skills. I ended up cutting about 20 minutes from this beginning piece, it was mostly silence as people busily took their practice times and used it to gain tests. This was the main culprit in eating into our available time to play. But the result was good, the players now have the skills needed to participate in more maneuver rolls!

2:00 – Maneuver discussion

The players go with a Take Action vs. the Kerrn colonists! Their intent is to get the Kerrn people on their side, against the corrupt members of the Council.

3:25 – Taurus Color Scene

Some details are added to the Atlas Dig Site, the recently uncovered ruins now claimed by the Department of Defense.

5:40 – Markus Color Scene

Markus ignores his lieutenants and stares at the news telecast, where they are interviewing Alexander Taurus about the Dig site. Next to Taurus is Jessica Ares, and Markus’ attention is focused on her.

7:50 – Jacques Desant Color Scene

Jacques goes over recruitment logs in the Vault, and then goes over a satellite photo of the Atlas Dig site and begins to draw in gun emplacements, troop movements, in preparation to attack.

8:49 – Ivo Ker Martin Interstitial

Ivo meets with John O’Callaghan in the prison yard, where John is pumping iron. John looks and acts much different, he has grown up and filled out, and has even gained some allies and hangers on. John looks to Ivo for moral support, seeing him as a father figure. Ivo acts the part, all the while manipulating John’s affection to his own ends.

16:49 “You are manipulating people like crazy!”

17:36 – Taurus Building

Taurus circles up a group of Scientists to unlock the secrets of the Atlas Dig site. Unfortunately, all of them are working for the Keepers of the Vault or the Hand of Prometheus, while giving lip service to Taurus.
The defenses are solidified around the Dig site, but some blown tests result in some shoddy equipment; a military atmo craft without armor or weapons, and the world’s most inaccurate squad support weapon.

24:07 “Sampson is just ... Sampson. That’s all he is. There is no other.”

35:30 Markus Building
Markus liquidates some of his holdings, and gains his Stentor Paul’s assistance to resource up a potent Interfereon, which not only masks his conversations, it modulates his voice. Some secret funding from Ivo and Jacques allow the roll to be successful.

56:55 – Ivo Color Scene

A small listening device is planted under Lewis Hammond’s desk by one of the Department of Regulated Labor work crew.

1:00:45 – A brief discussion on direction of play

There’s a strange relationship between Jessica and Markus. Here I speak to Dan about how far we want to push the relationship, is she the real mother of John O’Callaghan? From Dan’s feedback, we decide to keep it ambiguous.

1:02:58 – Taurus Interstitial

Jessica Ares and Ivo Ker Martin have a brief meeting, Jessica requests a copy of John O’Callaghan’s medical and psychological profile, in exchange for information on Alexander Taurus. As an interesting aside, the Interfereon causes some discomfort to those that bear the Bright Mark.

1:13:55 – Jacques Desant Intersitial.

Jacques speaks to Markus about coordinating an assault upon the Atlas Dig site. They agree to have both organizations work together, and begin to share tactics and intelligence on the Dig site troop movements and complement.

1:18:36 – Cesar Leon Building

John O’Callaghan contacts a soon to be released member of the Hand of Prometheus (with some quiet assistance by Ivo Ker Martin) named Tommy O’Toole. John tries to persuade him to send a message on to his father. When that fails, he hits him with a dumbell and asks again while he’s spitting blood on the ground. This is more effective.

“Tell my father that I’m ready to take his place. The O’Callaghans need to be leaders, not Terrorists.”

1:25:10 – Markus Interstitial

Markus, disguising his voice as a Kerrn, speaks to Haansman. After reviewing the tape a few times, I think Haansman agrees to aid the Hand of Prometheus. Our accents are so over the top, it’s hard to tell!

1:27:38 – Desant Building

Jaques busies himself with investigating the complement of the Atlas Dig site, with Markus and Ivo Ker Mertin assisting. He then uses the data on the Dig site to identify the purpose of the site. It is an ancient terraforming facility, and is the second of its kind. The Keepers of the Vault had found another one on a different part of the planet.

1:38.45 – Hammond Conflict (DOW)

Felix O’Grady and Jane James approach Jacques Desant and demand that he testify against John O’Callaghan.

1:50:47 –
Felix: “he’s killed one of our own.”
Jacques: “Can we prove that?”
Jane: “We have strong evidence that ties him to the Omerta syndicate.”

In the end, Jacques agrees to prepare a written statement, to be logged in evidence. The statement is a factual account of John Callaghan’s actions, and lacks the punch of his in person testimony.

1:55:50 – Manuever Roll

Both the player’s take action against the Kerrn, and the Vaylen assess against the enemy disposition succeed.

2:00:30 – Sequel

Jane James is reviewing comm chatter intercepted from the Security office and its destination, a reputed location of the Hand of Prometheus. In addition, there is some disturbing financial transactions discovered by Jane linking the Department of Regulated Labor to agents of the Hand of Prometheus. With these two pieces of information in hand, she enters into a meeting with Hammond and Taurus. They are displeased.
Meanwhile, the Kerrn are in open revolt, striking in their mining work in protest against the Council. The Department of Regulated Labor refuses to intervene as the Kerrn are not under their administration.

2:06:10 – Artha Awards

John O’Callaghan managed to complete a few of his beliefs, but Markus, surprisingly, did not! Next maneuver will definitely change this.

It was an exhausting maneuver, which went way over our normal running time. As Dan said, next week there’s no downtime to process, no beliefs to go over, we’ll get straight into the game and finish at an earlier time. Maybe we’ll even someday hit our goal of a two maneuver session!
And at long last, I have our Sixth maneuver podcast finished! It took a little longer to edit this sucker, it's a beast at over 3 hours. I'll include the usual links via archive.org and mediafire, depending on which one is to your preference.

Timings are below. Hope you enjoy listening!

00:00 – Choosing the maneuver
00:50 – John O’Callaghan’s new beliefs
04:30 – “No stacking dice!”
04:55 – Brief discussion on the Dread RPG.
05:53 – “crap, I’ll take money from anyone!”
06:21 – “A hole Jenga’s fun too.”
07:21 – “Do you even look at these papers afterwords?” “No, I throw them out.”
08:00 – Alexander Taurus Color

At the Atlas Dig site, the Scientists break into a domed room, showing a scale model of the planet’s northern Hemisphere. Several strange symbols are etched into various locations, one of which co-incides with the hidden Vault.

10:24 – “I told you, Taurus Color!”
11:25 – “I brought my beating boots!”
12:08 – “Screw this hacking crap, I’m going to borrow it.”
12:15 – “I’m the Occulus Network Repair guy!”
13:01 – “It’s all about intents.”
15:25 – Ivo Ker Martin Interstitial

Ivo agrees to help Jacques Desant acquire an Interfereon. Ivo also asks Jacques to relay a message to Markus, to help him in his preparation to attack the Dig Site.

16:31 – “It’s all about the Tranny fanny.”
18:48 – “... our trench coated friend, who has a tendency to blow things up..”
19:30 - “... really burns my biscuits!”

24:13 – Markus O’Callaghan Color

Markus makes an impassioned speech to his fellow Hands of Prometheus, to attack the dig site. There is some grumbling at his change of attacks, a few shout out “what about the planet, the mines?”
But Markus sees a chance to give Taurus a black eye, and is intent on taking that opportunity.

26:52 – Cesar Leon Color

A news broadcast about John O’Callaghan’s “24 hour run” to raise awareness of those addicted to the Black.

27:19 – Cesar Leon Building

John has an interview to raise awareness of the plight of those addicted to Black (Conspicuous) and though he fails to run the full 24 hours (Physical Training), he get the attention of his father’s Stentor, Paul MacDougall, who visits him in jail (Circles Test).

34:16 – Cesar Leon Interstitial

John has a short discussion with Paul, expressing his regret at his wayward life, and hoping that Paul would help train him in the ways of being a noble.

35:05 – “I took a hard road to learning, and now my eyes, my ears, and my heart is open.”

36:18 Alexander Taurus Interstitial

Jessica Ares and Ivo Ker Martin meet. Ivo wants access to the Occulus Network, and in exchange, Jessica wants information on Markus O’Callaghan. Jessica offers a connection to Ivo, in order to prevent a paper trail. Ivo accepts.

39:48 – “but this method leaves no evidence.”
43:19 – “This is REALLY creepy.”

45:14 – Ivo Ker Martin Color

Ivo reveals a recording device, which plays back a recording of Jessica Ares using her Bright Mark upon Ivo.

47:30 – Ivo Ker Martin Building

Ivo attempts to smuggle out some of the stripped armor plating from the Icarus Interceptor, and unfortunately is stiffed by the notorious smuggler, Jack the Spiv! He then uses some creative accounting to help his final acquisition of the control codes for the Occulus Network.

1:03:35 – Jacques Desant Building

Jacques liquidates his holdings and, with Ivo and Markus’ help, creates an Interfereon. He then assists in the final attack on the Dig by investigating the Security surrounding it.

1:14:00 - Hammond Interstitial

Lewis Hammond and Cesar Leon are eating dinner at Room with a View. They agree to pay off the judge, the jury, and ensure those who refuse a bribe are given a visit by Bruno.

1:23:20 – Markus Interstitial

Markus leaves a message on Taurus’ personal voicemail, hidden by an Interfereon. “Taurus, I’m coming for YOU!”

1:24:50 – Markus Conflict (Firefight)

Markus, in full Iron, along with Jacques Desant and a force of Hand of Prometheus, Kerrn and Keepers of the Vault, assault the Dig Site. Alexander Taurus and Jessica Ares are there with a force of 20 ground troops.
Jessica is injured, and the Dig site is taken over, but not before Taurus and Jessica escape with a copy of the map found within the ruins.

2:56:01 – Maneuver Roll.

The Humans successfully Assess the enemy, and the Vaylen side takes action against the Humans, reducing their disposition by two.

3:07:36 – Artha awards
And another Podcast in the can! This time round, we added an opening to the Podcast, we used fellow player Dan's song "Fallout" for music, and added in sound bites from last maneuver as a "previously on..." Big thanks to Dan for helping me out with the opening piece!

Anyhow, the Mediafire Link is here, and those who like the Archive.org site can go here.

And underneath, the record timings.

00:00:00 Previously On...
00:02:06 “Player X here...’’
00:02:58 “That’s a gamble!”
00:04:41 “But what if we give you a fraction that makes no sense?”
00:05:57 “Wow the Mask is beautiful!”
00:06:08 “Was there Aliens in Speed Racer?” “What?”
00:06:27 “Making fun of people in the past is funny.”

00:06:37 Maneuver Six Recap

00:08:03 “Could we call him PlaX?”
00:09:18 “Not gay, Not Gay! Oooh Gay.”
00:09:38 “And that’s the magic of radio folks”
00:10:10 Sick burn on D&D
00:11:09 “I like to write the names over and over again, it makes me feel important!”

00:11:14 Taurus Interstitial

Using the Voxxcom Public Kiosk, Jessica Ares contacts Ivo Ker Martin regarding information on Markus O’Callagahn. She expresses her suspicions that the terrorists have an informant in the council, as the attack had superior intel on the site.

00:11:54 “Unfortunately Cox was not the best suggestion...”
00:13:18 “I pretend to write it down.”
00:14:27 “she can read your mind!”
00:14:56 Hammond Color

Jane James along with a small group of security forces step off in the Gaia’s Branch Plateau, near the O’Callaghan estate. The plateau is covered in the toxic gasses from the trenches, and the entire group is wearing EVA suits. Jane retrieves a soiled painting depicting the O’Callaghan family, and leaves the location.

00:15:58 Markus Color

Samson let’s Markus know that the security sensors around the O’Callaghan estate were tripped, and Markus views a video of Jane retrieving the painting.

00:16:16 “yet another burnt out refinery!”
00:17:36 Ivo Ker Martin Color

Ivo is going through a number of zoomed in satellite shots of the Dig Site, separating the photographs into piles. He flips through John O’Callaghan’s file, and puts it down, the noble crest of John’s family matching up with one of the photos of the figure in Iron at the Dig site.

00:18:35 “Fucking Hand Hats.”
00:20:00 Discussion with Player X on what to do next, establishing his character.
00:22:18 Titus Color

Two Large gunships, the Phobos and Damos pop in above the planet, followed by the Ares, a large Cruiser. Following them are support craft, transport vessels, and civilian craft. A smaller transport leaves the Ares and heads to the Epimetheus Plateau. The Ares begins to launch fighter craft, which patrol the area.

The transport decends, and Titus steps out with Scouris, his second in command. Scouris uses his psychologist abilities to spot a hidden danger in a nearby building, which is quickly destroyed by an orbital bombardment.

00:27:12 Titus Interstitial

Alexander Taurus meets with Titus after landing on Epimetheus, and debriefs him on the situation on planet. Taurus complains bitterly about Ivo Ker Martin, the Hand of Prometheus, and the department of Internal Security.

Titus tries to bring up the ever present threat of the Vaylen, and tries to find out more of the motivations of the Hand of Prometheus. Taurus isn’t much of a help.

00:32:15 “They’re environmental zealots. They want us to eat granola and walk barefoot.”
00:34:03 “Which means this planet becomes nothing more than a raisin in space. Useless, disgusting, unappetizing.”
00:39:14 Cesar Leon Building

A documentary is shown of John O’Callaghan trying to recover from his marathon attempt (Physical Training, failed), in an attempt to foster more public support for his case, (Oratory, Failed).
Unfortunately, the documentary is pre-empted by footage of the Atlas Dig site attack and explosions as the site is blown into the trenches.
In desperation, John contacts Paul, Markus’ Stentor (circles, success) with a message to his father. John need his dad’s help to get out of this trial alive.

00:44:43 We interrupt this broadcast...”
00:47:40 Cesar Leon Interstitial

John has a heart to heart with Paul. He’s scared, he’s proud, and he breaks down and tells Paul that he needs his father’s help. Paul agrees to pass along the message.

00:48:35 “discombobulated”
00:49:59 “My dad is an ass, but he can not be defeated.”
00:50:32 “Wasn’t I Scottish at some point and time?”
00:51:01 INTERFERON picture! I’m all excited and high pitched.
00:53:35 Markus Interstitial

Markus contacts Haansmann and convinces him to take arms against the Council, entering into open strikes and revolts, shutting down their support for the mining.

00:55:01 “You went a little Rastafarian for a second.”
00:55:48 There is some discussion on what Markus could do during his building scene.
00:58:06 “wow, that’s a dark road!”
01:02:11 “I don’t know about the ducks, but whatever.”
01:06:40 Markus building

Markus takes the blame for the murder of Agent Ramirez as an enemy of Prometheus (successful Propaganda vs. test, FoRKing Signals) and derides the Department of Security through an intercepted TV transmission.
He then circles up Samson to kidnap the Judge’s daughter (circles fails), but Samson refuses to do it, bringing Markus from the brink of a dark path.
Finally he uses explosives to send a warning to the Judge. (failed explosives) The Judge accidentally arms his alarm while still in the car, killing him in the resulting explosion.

01:15:53 “blow shit up!”
01:17:05 “I am not going to kidnap a little girl, and neither are you sir. You’re better than that!”
01:22:34 Titus Building

Titus contacts Cesar Leon (Criminal-Wise linked to Circles, both successful) and through Cesar, builds a fund to draw upon by allowing him to transport Black off planet. This fund is quite expensive for all involved (Resources Failed, 2 tax incurred).

01:24:53 “From Player X to Doctor Claw!”
01:29:14 Dave Arrives!
01:36:30 Ivo Ker Martin Interstitial

Ivo and Jacques meets with Titus, and there is a strained conversation regarding the superiority of Anvil vs. Hammer. It leads to a tentative agreement to assist one another, but it’s clear the two men are at odds with one another.

01:39:27 “I find that in my position that sometimes it works best if you stand back and let others do their jobs and you monitor from a distance.”
01:43:59 “Until the planet can get an actual government, the Council’s the best thing for it.”
01:46:48 “I think it sounds like a lot of people have their own best interests at heart.”
01:52:07 Ivo Ker Martin Building

Ivo sends over the information to Jessica (Administration success), and then uses the Hammer Lord to assist him in making his department more efficient. He uses this efficiency to try to manage the Tax on his resources, but fails (failed Resources).

1:56:58 -1:55:20 “Just like Wing Commander” And there’s a brief Wing Commander discussion.
2:07:50 “Fuck this Tax Bullshit!”
2:09:01 Lewis Hammond Interstitial

Lewis and Cesar meet again at the Room with a view, and discuss the death of the Judge, who was Lewis Hammond’s brother. He asks Cesar to take the stand and testify against John, and will act as Judge.
2:13:35 Maneuver Roll

Vaylen reveal a Gambit, spending 3 disposition to halt the Flak in its tracks. However, with only one success, their disposition is not touched. (Cesar’s Food Services skill)

While the court case is happening, an opening of the trade routes allow the Black to become more widespread, leading to a call for it’s decriminalization.

2:19:09 Artha Awards
2:19:23 “The Index is really good.”
2:28:56 “Yeah yeah, Vaylen. They’re a problem.”
2:31:39 “This is what it’s all about, Artha is all about Props.”
And here we have Maneuver 8, with an opening piece of music "Funktastic" composed by fellow player Dan.

This particular maneuver was after a 2 week break, and everyone got down to business pretty quick. We started and finished 21 scenes, awarded Artha (kind of like experience points) and made a few trait votes in 2 hours and 41 minutes. It was dense, it was hardcore, it was funny, and it was awesome.

The two options of getting this sucker include:
Mediafire or Archive.org

Timing notes follow below!

0:00:00 Previously On... Featuring more of Dan’s great tracks!
0:02:00 Maneuver Planning
0:04:45 There’s a brief mention of a disastrous D&D game here.
0:06:18 There’s an update on a few changed beliefs
0:07:15 Back to the maneuver planning!
0:10:15 “you would knife fight a man for a frozen hamburger patty!”
0:11:32 Political Commentary!
0:12:58 “there’s a waiting list for black helicopter abductions!”
0:16:38 The players decide on the Maneuver, based on their goals.
0:18:17 Cesar Building

Streetwise forking in criminal-wise, helped by Bruno, finds out that the Lady Midnight is available to hire. Cesar then resources up some funding to pay for his assassin, and gets help from Hammond. He circles up Lady Midnight successfully, who’s a competent (exponent 4) assassin.

0:18:21 “Under A... for assassins!”
0:25:03 “Lady Stabitty-stab-stab-stab”
0:25:34 Cesar Color

Lady Midnight takes position on a catwalk above the courtroom, sighting with a pair of opera glasses and taking refuge in a janitor’s closet.

0:27:28 Taurus Color

It’s established that there are 5 major plateaus, two are named thus far, Epimetheus and Gaia’s Branch.

0:27:53 Titus Interstitial

Titus meets with Taurus at the Department of Defense Headquarters. Titus asks to take on the problem with the Hand of Prometheus and be given license to deal with the problem. Taurus agrees, but has Jessica stay with Titus as a liaison between him and the Hammer Lord.

0:34:25 A digression into Dune, especially David Lynch’s version.

0:35:20 Cesar Interstitial

John O’Callaghan asks Ivo to find Jacques Desant for him. When Jacques meets with John, he asks him for help. John tells Jacques to find Sybil Danning, and convince her to talk about why her hand was injured. Jacques is intrigued, and agrees to help.

0:41:20 Markus and Titus Color

Markus is speaking with the lieutenants about their hiatus on violent action, asking them to find out dirty dealings by the Council and expose them to the People, in hopes of an uprising. As he finishes this, one of the members runs up with news. “The Hand of Prometheus” has claimed a massive attack upon several refineries, and used military assets to attack them.

0:44:35 Titus Building

Titus gets intelligence on Cesar’s Rival Black producers and their facilities. However a miscommunication leads to a few stray bombs on other targets. His Artillery strike is successful, but in the process the Demeter 11 prison is hit, and inmates stream out of the shattered walls. Finally a successful propaganda roll leads to the blame being placed on the Hand of Prometheus.

0:51:21 Jacques Color

Titus asks Jacques to arrange a meeting with Markus, and Jacques makes the arrangements.

0:58:35 “I would give the order to Nuke me in a second.”

1:00:02 Markus Interstitial

Titus and Markus meet in a moving vehicle, and Titus offers Markus a chance to work with him. When the time is right and Titus has assumed control over the department of defense, he will ask Markus to surrender himself and the Hand of Prometheus, and then Pardon all of them. Markus will be assigned a position to regulate the flow of the Extract, and ensure it’s within safe ecological levels.

Markus agrees, that if this “fantasy” happens, he’ll go along with it. Titus leaves him with a cache of weapons and supplies as a gesture of good faith.

1:06:20 “This will never come to pass.”
1:08:01 “I’ll have to use small words and speak very slowly.”
1:08:26 “I will agree to your fairy tale.”

1:08:59 Cesar Color

The escaped criminals have a running gun battle through the Kerrn compound. In the carnage, the Laboratory power is severed, and several Naiven are freed.

1:10:02 Ivo Interstitial

Ivo calls Jacques in a rage over one of his prisons damaged. He yells at Jacques to tell their “terrorist friend” to stop blowing crap up! Before Jacques can respond, Ivo cuts the connection.

1:11:50 Hammond Interstitial

An emergency council meeting is held, and a livid Hammond attempts to push through legislation for Taurus to use military assets upon the Hand of Prometheus. A joint initiative between the Department of Defense and Security is proposed. This leads directly to a Duel of Wits between Ivo and Hammond.

1:15:10 Hammond Duel of Wits

After 3 short exchanges, both bodies of argument are shot down, and major concessions are given. The Joint Initiative between the Department of Defense and Security is created, but it is Titus, not Taurus, that leads it.

1:17:40 Statement of Purpose
1:21:10 Volley One (Point vs. Point)
1:25:38 Volley Two (Point vs. Rebuttal)
1:28:46 Volley Three (Dismiss vs. Point)
1:37:50 Markus Building

Markus has Samson collect the offered military cache. However, unknown to Markus, he takes several boxes puts them aside. (failed circles)
Markus gets to work on training his people. He does a little preparation, researching the best methods of improving his men. (successful Rebel-Wise). He proves a natural leader, and puts them well on the way to expertise (Successful Beginner’s luck Instruction). This awards him the affiliation of the Promethean Guard.

1:50:36 Ivo Building

Ivo makes a big speech regarding the escapees of the prison at Demeter 11, and linking them to the insidious influence of Black. John O’Callaghan diligently offers his help, telling his sad tale. (Oratory test)
He uses a Propaganda test to attempt to shuck the reputation as a Ruthless Tyrant, but ultimately fails, and people are cynical of his efforts.

1:59.14 Taurus Building

Taurus quietly builds up a small fund with Cesar Leon’s help, entering into the Black trade. He uses Signals to listen into the Joint Initiative communications. He fails, and Jacques is alerted to an intrusion attempt. Lastly, he practices his physical training by attacking a person dressed as Ivo Ker Martin, but injures his hand in the process.

2:05:05 Jacques Building

Jacques gains the assistance of everyone to find the mysterious Sybil Danning. He first Investigates the name, with everyone putting out feelers through their respective organizations (Investigative Logic – Success). He then uncovers an interesting fact: Sybil was a senior member in the Department of Regulated Labor until she left, protesting the rampant corruption. (Corporate-Hierarchy wise success). From there, he is able to rather easily locate her (Circles test success, with linked test advantage dice).

2:20:00 Jacques Interstitial

Jacques has a meeting with Sybil Danning. Sybil reveals Cesar Leon as the leader of the Omerta Syndicate, responsible for the setting up a Black refinery on her property. Jacques promises her that Cesar will taste justice, and protect her from harm.

2:22:12 “For what I said, I won’t live the week. But you know what? I don’t care.”

2:23:32 Maneuver Roll

Vaylen: Take Action - Cesar Leon uses Forgery to further Damn John O’Callaghan, with Hammond and Taurus assisting his efforts.

Humans: Take Action – Jacques Desant uses Investigative Logic to dig further into the Underworld and getting closer to what’s happening on the planet.

Sequel: While attention is being diverted away from the Kerrn compound, several of the prisoners, injured in the firefight, leave the laboratory. Many have missing eyes or skull fractures. All of them are hulled by the worms, freed from the laboratory. The Vaylen have arrived.
While cleaning up nearby the compound, Jacques pulls out a cylinder with a Naiven inside of it, which attacks the glass, trying to get at him. Jacques shows it to Titus, both looking grim.

2:31:30 Artha Awards and Trait Votes.

3:32:21 Discussion of Sheva’s War – “That guy totally looks like Mark Hamill!”

2:43:35 “Adorably Naive”
The next podcast is ready to listen! A courtroom drama, a sudden attack, an assassin strike! And ... cabbages.

Click here to download.

Timings and scene summaries below:

00:00 – Previously On…
02:21 – Maneuver Planning
04:03 – “Let’s start this fucking game!”
06:17 – “GOAL!!”
09:32 – “Like Enemy Mine. And then you had a kid.”
10:42 – “So what’s your maneuver, for fuck’s sake?”
23:25 – Cesar León Color

Doctor Cavanaugh goes through his appointment list, and circles a name, that of Jane James. He puts some hulling equipment onto the table.
Meanwhile, the Janitor’s mother interrogates her son to find the escaped brother, while the son cries out “you’re not my mom!”

26:08 – Vaylen’s Kryptonite: Cabbage
28:28 – Fahrenheit to Centigrade conversions
29:44 – “Somebody better do something next because I’m going to start hulling everybody!”
30:35 – Cesar León Interstitial

Cesar meets with Ivo Ker Martin at the Room with a View Restaurant. He asks Ivo for permission to ship his cargo through the Department of Regulated Labor Starport, which is not subject to quarantine. Ivo agrees, in exchange for a heavy tariff to look the other way.

39:28 – Markus Color

Sampson, disguised as a janitor, observes and maps the interior of the courthouse. He watches for guard changes and security points. He uses the Interfereon Cellphone to contact Markus and fill him in.

41:31 – Hammond Interstitial

Jacques Desant is approached by Felix O’Grady and Jane James. Felix puts Jacques on a new case, with Jane as his partner. This case is an investigation on Ivo Ker Martin’s dealings with the Kerrn colony. There is some question of corruption. Jane mentions her doctor’s appointment, but skips it to go for dinner with Jacques Desant.

48:51 – Markus Interstitial

Markus talks with Sampson regarding the attack on the courthouse. He’s suspicious of the lack of security within the building, and believes it to be a trap. Markus presses forward anyhow.

54:40 – Taurus Color

The frozen Charon Plateau on the North Pole of Prometheus is visited by Alexander Taurus. Green ice crystals line the sides of the deep trenches. Taurus plants a survey device as the remainder of his forces land. He radios “This is it”.

Below him is a vast frozen city, shattered to rubble.

59:08 – Jacques Desant Interstitial

Jacques contacts Ivo Ker Martin and warns him about the open investigation against him. Ivo wants Jacques to find something, so as to make the Department of Security look more effective. He suggests that the undercover agent ‘discover’ some planted Hand of Prometheus items on a Kerrn ship. Ivo then blames the Kerrn, and everyone comes out looking like roses.

1:08:50 – Taurus Interstitial

The most annoying scientist ever tells Taurus of the ancient city within the ice. A 10 year old tunnel leads to it. All ancient technology has been stripped, but there’s some beautiful Archways and Friezes.
In a rage, Taurus throws that scientist down the tunnel, and then seals it up. He then orders the other scientist, the one that pointed him to this location, found immediately.

1:13:11 – Ivo Ker Martin Interstitial

Ivo meets with Jessica Ares. She has misgivings about her post with Titus. Ivo asks her to keep an eye on Titus. Ivo hands Jessica some more information on John O’Callaghan, and requests that she attend the trial. She mentions that her father is on the Northern Charon Plateau.

1:22:26 – Ivo Ker Martin Color

Ivo shows Jessica a photo, taken by the Occulus network, of Taurus strangling and throwing the scientist into the frozen tunnel. He then warns her to try to do something about her father’s madness.

1:27:32 – Jacques Desant Building

Jacques contacts Sampson (Circles test, success), and has him infiltrate the Department of Regulated Labor. He then researches methods of detecting Vaylen infection, but instead discovers and old laboratory test. Two bodies were placed in a room with Naiven, one infected with something like Black, and one that wasn’t. The bodies had open access to the brain. In every case, the Naiven hulled the non-Black infected. Unfortunately, the same research revealed that Naiven forcibly hulled into black infected perform normally. All it shows is that the Naiven instinctively prefer Black free Hosts. (research test, failed). Finally, Jacques attempts to track down the remaining escaped prisoners, and manages to track them down to Cherry Wood Estates. Though they came to the estates, no one has seen them leave. (Investigative Logic, success)

1:45:49 – Ivo Ker Martin Building

Ivo researches past cases in preparation for the upcoming trial, discovering a few useful loopholes. (League Court-Wise Test, success) He then observes Hammond as he works in council affairs, to find any weaknesses; referencing the bug he put in Hammond’s office a few maneuvers ago (Observation Test verses Hammond’s Falsehood, Failed), but doesn’t find out anything useful. Finally, he has an interview on a news telecast, using the time to strongly make his case for John Callaghan’s innocence. (Rhetoric Beginner’s luck, success).

1:56:49 – Markus O’Callaghan Building

Markus contacts Paul and has him and the Promethean Guard prepare for the attack on the courthouse. (Circles, Success) He then smuggles weapons into the courthouse (Smuggling, Success). Finally, Markus slips in the courthouse, unnoticed by any security (Inconspicuous, Success).

2:13:11 – Cesar León Building

Cesar helps add to the evidence against John O’Callaghan through a complex web of lies (Falsehood, Success). Cesar then finds one of the Jurors (Circles, Success) and threatens that juror with violence unless he gives the guilty plea (Intimidation, Success).

2:18:40 – Lewis Hammond Duel of Wits

The trial begins. Cesar León, Jessica Ares, Jane James and Jacques Desant are there. Markus O’Callaghan, Paul, Sampson, and the other members of the Promethean Guard are there, incognito. Ivo Ker Martin and Lewis Hammond face off against one another, as John stands in the accused box, awaiting his verdict.
Above, hidden in the upper chambers, Lady Midnight is assembling her weapon, in preparation to assassinate John O’Callaghan.

The statement of purpose:

Lewis Hammond: John will fall to the Assassin’s bullet.
Ivo Ker Martin: I will look like good while defending John O’Callaghan.

Ivo Ker Martin won, but with a major concession that the Assassin gets a shot off. The shot misses, and is largely ignored as the Hand of Prometheus takes over the courthouse!

3:22:30 – Maneuver Roll

Vaylen side – Pin, Human Side Take Action.

As Taurus uses all his assets to explore the location found on the Atlas Site map, the Keepers are stretched thin trying to stay one step ahead. Cesar and Hammond push all attention to the trial.

3:30:00 – Sequel

Markus strides to the front of the courthouse, and knocks down Lewis Hammond with the butt of his rifle. He calls out to the cameras and live broadcast "I am the leader of the Hand of Prometheus, and I will be heard."

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Doctor Cavanaugh is standing over a covered body. It’s a child, with a knife wound in his chest. He looks at the mother and says “Well this is problematic. You should probably be Grief Stricken at this point.” The mother replies “I’m going to enjoy it!”

3:37:42 – Artha Awards.


Retired User
At long last, I've gotten Maneuver 11 done and posted! This maneuver was plagued by technical problems, and I'm happy to finally have it done and out for people to give a listen to. It was a lonely Maneuver, with just Dan, Wil and myself playing.

I completely blew this maneuver. I forgot the cardinal rule for getting help as GM, the other FONs just have to appear in an Interstitial. Yes, boo on me. But to be fair, several maneuvers ago the players did the same thing with forgetting to help each other.

You can find it on iTunes, and for those not into the Apple software, you can grab it from archive.org.

Recording Timings are below!

0:00 – “Previously On...”

03:32 – Maneuver Planning

11:45 – Cesar Color

The Vaylen-infected Keeper of the Vault is downloading the Atlas Dig site map from the Keepers of the Vault computers. Someone comes into the room and asks what he’s doing.

“Maintenance. Just making sure everything is in perfect working order.”

13:21 - Markus Color

The Hand of Prometheus quickly rounds up the people of the courtroom, disarms the security, separates the men and the women, the VIPs from the normal people. Hammond, Jane, Jessica, Jacques and Ivo are separated from the remainder of the crowd.

Markus unlocks the manacles chaining his son. He then approaches a struggling Jacques Desant and hits him with the rifle butt in the stomach, then across the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out.

17:38 - Hammond Color

A bullhorn from outside sounds as the Security forces arrive and surround the courthouse. O’Grady bellows out “We’re sending a comm device, do not fire!” A comm device is thrown to the door, and then pulled in by the Hand of Prometheus.

18:38 – Hammond Interstitial

O’Grady and Markus begin to speak via a comm device. After having Markus show him the hostages, he asks Markus to surrender. Markus makes several, increasingly irrational demands, including Hand of Prometheus Day, past and future pardons to all the members of the Hand, and the resignation of Alexander Taurus and Lewis Hammond. He then demands to speak to someone “more important”.

26:04 – Cesar Interstitial

John speaks to Markus, and then Ivo. John is sarcastic towards Markus, scornful of his ability to turn John’s own trial to a Markus show.

John then speaks to Ivo, and after finding out Ivo’s only plan is to play along, helps the rest of the hostages and sees to their needs.

32:38 – Markus Interstital

Markus speaks to Jessica Ares. After a warning that “if the bright mark flares, shoot her in the head”, Jessica proceeds to show Markus that Psychology is more than psychic tricks. She psychoanalyzes his motives of terrorism “for the planet”, is it an act of justice, or a bid for vengeance? Uncomfortable and upset, Markus sends her away.

42:52 Alexander Taurus Interstitial

The Comm unit blinks, and this time Markus speaks to Alexander Taurus. After some threats against each other, they sign off. Taurus gives Markus an hour before he begins to rain hell upon the courthouse.

50:59 Markus Building

He then makes a rousing speech about his intentions regarding his daring raid upon the courthouse and rallies the people (Propaganda, success).
Markus uses an explosive charge to blow open a hole in the ceiling for his escape route of himself, his men, and a few key hostages. (Explosives, Failed) Unfortunately, in the resulting chaos, debris injures Jane James.
As he escapes on the stolen Icarus Interceptors, Markus attempts to evade capture by jamming his signals, and slip away undetected. (Signals, Failed) Unfortunately, they get a trace on the escape vehicles, and track them to the Hand of Prometheus hideout.

1:19:53 Ivo Interstitial

Ivo and Markus loudly argue, at length, at the actions in the courthouse. As Ivo agonizes over the consequence of Taurus possibly gaining Emergency Powers, Markus assures him that that’s exactly the idea. Without Hammond as a go-between, Taurus’ destructive madness will be

1:37:02 Ivo Building

Ivo calms the other hostages, and tries to gain the trust of his captors, in the hopes of moving everyone to the Regulated Labor starport. (Persuasion, success)
With the support of his captors, Ivo has Markus agree to this, and then devises a method to get into the Department without getting discovered, after watching the troop search patterns. (Tactics, success)
Finally, Ivo attempts to move everyone into regulated labor Starport (Smuggling, failed), but loose talk amongst his personnel leaks their location to the Department of Defense.

1:59:07 Taurus Building

The Council is hostile towards Taurus returning from his sabbatical (Faction-wise, failed).
In an attempt to clear the air, Taurus appeals to the council to side with him in declaring a state of emergency (Oratory, success).
Finally, with the support of the Council, Taurus brings in emergency powers and begins a combination of curfews and ground troops. (Logistics, failure) However, the people have rebelled, and there is unrest in the streets, making the process of controlling the populace even more difficult.

2:11:38 Maneuver Roll

Vaylen 3/3 Flak Vs. human 5/3 Flak. Taurus Oratory vs. Ivo’s Oratory, the Humans get 4 successes on attack, the Vaylen get 1 success on defense, and no successes for attack.
End result reduces Vaylen to 8, and humans to 18.

Massive unrest directed at Taurus and his troops is causing property damage, the first throwing the flaming bodies are the Hands of Prometheus. Agents of the Hand are escalating violence, rabble rousing, fomenting dissent, and fanning the flames of revolution.

2:23:43 Artha Awards, Trait Votes
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