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Burning OotS, or Too Much System on the Brain

Crazy Jerome

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I went to the BurningWheel web site, got thrown by their little tease, found my way to their forums, read more teases -- and then, with the powder blue and other comments, jumped through a series of associations so silly that even Elan would blush. The stopping point was the idea of Burning Order of the Stick.

I'm not sure whether I like the idea or am repelled by it. Or both. I must be repressing stick figure issues. I figured if I had to make my sanity check, I'd share. :D:eek:

Jason D

was just here
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If Luke isn't hinting at Burning Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girls RPG, I will be very disappointed.


The Butcher of Barovia
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I can totally see it, actually. Reading OotS made me want to run some old-school epic fantasy, which BW does well.
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