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Hey guys,

I'm building an online PBP roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series for anyone interested.
  • Primarily storytelling-based, will be great for PBP roleplaying writers.
  • Freeform / forum-based. i.e. no dice involved.
  • Original characters are allowed, but canons can be played too.
  • Setting is Dragon Age: Inquisition - Post-Trespasser. Game spoilers on my site, just an FYI.
The game isn't ready just yet, as I have a lot of coding to do still and I haven't finished ironing out game mechanics just yet. Where the latter is concerned, skills will take more of a backseat to the collaborative narrative overall, but you can check out what I'm building to get a better idea of the format - http://thedasandbeyond.com.

I'm still adding content including written descriptions of areas, and graphics like maps, etc.

Just wanted to send the invite out, for those interested in taking part in early stage world-building stuff. I'll definitely need moderators as well as general players, eventually.
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